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Aphrodisiac Essential Oils | Best Sensual Essential Oils

Want to set the mood right with love in the air? Yes, essential oils are the finest way to induce love with your partner and set the mood right for some intimate moments like none other. No wonder they are widely accepted as the best aphrodisiacs that bloom love with just a sniff of fragrance!

aphrodisiac oils

Like any other aphrodisiac, certain essential oils create excitement, passion, and sexual desire, and they stimulate the senses and boost hormones that can spark your love life without much effort. If you thought candles, romantic music, and a cozy space were all to kick some passionate feelings, then we give you better and more natural ways to spruce up your relationship.

Top 10 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils For Men

Widely used in aromatherapy, essential oils not only have the power to heal but also soothe our senses and arouse deep, passionate feelings through their mystic fragrances. Well, what better way than fill the space with some warm love blooming fragrances from our list of the top 10 aphrodisiac essential oils.

1. Aphrodisiac Lavender Essential Oil

Boost your mood with the calming and soothing effects of lavender essential oil in your bedroom. Calming and soothing the stressed muscles and nerves brings relief to your mind with this essential oil.

Aphrodisiac Lavender Essential Oil

It not only helps you leave stress, anxiety, and nervousness at the door but also gives you a fresh kick of confidence and self-belief that can make your lovemaking experience more satisfying. Lavender essential oil promotes inner peace that makes you and your partner feel safe, secure, and wanted and in each other's company.

2. Aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Often scattered on the bed of newlyweds, the ylang-ylang flowers have a sweet and floral aroma that can instantly create excitement. Ylang Ylang essential oil is known to arouse the senses, boost confidence, and dispels insecurities.

Aphrodisiac Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The exotic aroma of the ylang-ylang essential oil subdues anxiety and boosts libido, instantly transforming you into picture-perfect love land. A gentle massage with this essentail oil or simply inhaling its aroma through a diffuser can accentuate your sexual energy and enhances your relationship giving you a fulfilling experience.

3. Aphrodisiac Patchouli Essential Oil

If you and your partner love the earthy and rustic smell of earth, try a few drops of Patchouli essential oil before embarking on a lovemaking journey. It can make you feel more aroused and less inhibited in your bedroom space.

Aphrodisiac Patchouli Essential Oil

The essential oil makes you feel instantly connected to your partner, strengthening the bonds of intimacy and naturally bringing you both closer to each other. Inhaling the aroma of patchouli essential oil brings about emotional balance, reduces stress and anxiety, and stabilizes your mood.

4. Aphrodisiac Frankincense Essential Oil

Experience the calmness and comfort of the mature scent of frankincense essential oil that brings added warmth to your relationship. The oil helps release tension, stress, and daily anxiety by promoting restfulness and serenity.

Aphrodisiac Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil has a deep, rich, and woody smell from the precious wood from where it is derived. Decreasing fatigue and increasing focus help to strengthen the bond and intimacy between partners. It appeals to most men and women and is perhaps one of the best essential oils for sex and intimacy.

5. Aphrodisiac Jasmine Essential Oil

A natural storehouse of energy for men, jasmine essential oil not only uplifts the mood but also increases energy levels. Its natural floral aroma gives men an extra kick helping combat problems of frigidity, impotence, and premature ejaculation. It generates positivity and security between the partners.

Aphrodisiac Jasmine Essential Oil

It energizes the endocrine system, instantly exciting and preparing you for a joyful lovemaking session. A few drops of jasmine essential oil bring about feelings of general well-being, uplift the mood and reduce depression. It detoxifies the body, removing toxins and making you more sexually attractive.

6. Aphrodisiac Sandalwood Essential Oil

With its sacred smell and mesmerizing aroma, sandalwood essential oil can transform you and your partner into an all-new wonderland where there is no stress, anxiety, and complete inner peace. It arouse passion and a deep connection with your partner.

Aphrodisiac Sandalwood Essential Oil

Increasing physical sensuality and calming the heart, sandalwood essential oil has the power to increase libido. It can accentuate your physical touch making intimacy joyful and a spiritual experience where you and your partner devour your inhibitions and immerse yourself in mutual trust.

7. Aphrodisiac Clove Essential Oil

With a warm, stimulating smell, Clove essential oil acts as a strong aphrodisiac that increases blood circulation in the body and sex organs. It helps increase the male erection time, improving sexual performance and giving a more satisfying experience.

Aphrodisiac Clove Essential Oil

It is widely used to increase sexual activity and improve male sexual disorders. This essential oil helps in relieving stress and anxiety, leading to better mental peace, a more focused mind, and a satisfying experience. Clove essential oil helps fight impotence in men and improves sex drive in both men and women.

8. Aphrodisiac Rose Essential Oil

Synonymous with love, the rose flower instantly sparks off deep, passionate feelings amongst lovers. Rose essential oil works similarly, igniting love and feelings of romance. It increases blood flow in the genitals and arouses sensuality, preparing both partners for the excitement ahead.

Aphrodisiac Rose Essential Oil

Balancing hormones and reducing stress makes the environment calm, soothing, and full of a magical fragrance that can transform your mundane bedroom into cupid's playground. While rose essential oil relaxes the mind and soothes the senses, it rekindles romantic feelings bringing partners closer and increasing intimacy, restoring relationships that have lost their spark.

9. Aphrodisiac Eucalyptus Essential Oil

With a strong and sharp smell, Eucalyptus essential oil or Nilgiri oil acts as a strong aphrodisiac creating excitement and positivity in your love life. Inhale a few drops of the eucalyptus essential oil or massage your legs and arms with this cooling oil.

Aphrodisiac Eucalyptus Essential Oil

see how it transforms you and your partner into a world of tranquility and calmness. With its cooling and healing properties, Eucalyptus essential oil works well for female reproductive organs, increasing cervical mucus and protecting against uterine and cervical infections.

10. Aphrodisiac Bergamot Essential Oil

Feel good about yourself and your partner with the magical citrus smell of the Bergamot essential oil. It has a sunny sweet aroma with a note of tartness, reminding you of all the ups and downs that you and your partner have crossed hand in hand in this journey of life.

Aphrodisiac Bergamot Essential Oil

Acting as a natural aphrodisiac helps uplift your mood and removes all negativity from your bedroom. Reminiscent of summer romance, it builds confidence amongst partners, cementing their trust and bonding. Bergamot essential oil brings about an air of freshness and vitality in your relationship while stimulating energy and joy in lovemaking.

DIY Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend Recipe Diffuser

In the mood to get closer to the love of your life but wondering how to spark those feelings? We share with you a sure-shot DIY recipe for an aphrodisiac essential oil blend that you can use in a diffuser and instantly set the mood in your bedroom. Try this holiday romance diffuser blend that combines the goodness of Bergamot, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Rose essential oil to create the perfect exotic and erotic experience of a lifetime.

DIY Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Blend Recipe Diffuser


  • Bergamot Essential Oil - 2 Drops
  • Patchouli Essential Oil - 2 Drops
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 2 Drops
  • Rose Essential Oil - 5 Drops


Step 1: In a diffuser, blend all the essential oils and give it a gentle shake to mix well.

Step 2: While Bergamot essential oil uplifts your mood and gives you confidence, the Patchouli essential oil controls your inhibitions and gives you energy.

Step 3: Ylang Ylang essential oil keeps your sex drive active, and Rose essential oil sets the mood right with romance blowing in the air.


While love between you and your partner largely depends upon the chemistry you share, aphrodisiacs like essential oils can accentuate the lovemaking experience on a romantic night. Whether you use them in a diffuser or allow them to soothe your skin with a gentle massage, they work wonders in relieving stress and creating the excitement that fills your night with the inherent scent of passion and deep desire.

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