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Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil

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How is Brahmi Oil useful to us?

Brahmi oil is one of the traditional herbs that has been used in the ancient medicinal practices of Ayurveda by our sages. the usage of Brahmi oil is multipurpose. starting with medicinal usage, Brahmi oil has been used since ancient times to accelerate hair growth. It is also a nervous tonic for the brain and the nervous system when massaged onto the scalp. Brahmi oil offers many powerful health benefits too. people suffering from insomnia are generally advised to take a head massage with brahmi oil before going to sleep. it is also believed that inhaling Brahmi essential oil helps in relieving anxious feelings. Brahmi oil is strongly anti-inflammatory. One can apply it to alleviate pain and inflammation in a joint, or in other parts of the body.

We are Manufacturers and Wholesale Supplier of Brahmi Oil, Brahmi Oil, Natural Brahmi Oil, Pure Brahmi Oil in New Delhi India. We supply Brahmi Oils to various industries such as flavoring, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

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Our Brahmi Oil is 100% pure cold pressed and food safe.

Botanical Name : Bacopa Monnieri

Aroma : sweet

Origin : India

Extraction Method : cold pressed

Color : natural greenish brown color

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