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Your Easy Guide to Making Paper Soap at Home

Traveling light is every backpacker's dream but keeping minimalistic luggage isn't easy unless you opt for some planning and ditch the age-old ideology of packing everything that you need on your trip. While you can mix and match your clothes to reduce the load of apparel what do you do to reduce the score of toiletries that you need to carry?

Paper soap at home

Well, using and packing paper soaps on your trips is the ideal way to reduce your weight of toiletries while keeping them light, handy, and well organized. Here, we not only share with you the different uses of paper soaps but also give you an easy recipe to make your paper soaps that are light, fragrant, and refreshing.

Why Use Paper Soaps?

Because they are handy and light to carry. Yes, unlike soap bars that are heavy, messy, and occupy a lot of space in your travel bag, paper soaps are super light and easy to use. Carry them in your handbag, or wallet, or simply tuck them in your denim they can find a place anywhere.

They are easily soluble in water and give you the feel and freshness of your regular soaps without compromising on the cleansing qualities. With the benefit of one-time use, they are super hygienic as there are no worries of others using the same soap strip or multiple hands touching the same soap.

How To Make Paper Soap at Home

Making paper hand soaps is as easy and fun as using them. Just follow a few simple steps and instructions and you can boast of making these handy toiletries that easily take the load off your baggage.

How To Make Paper Soap at Home

In this homemade recipe of paper soaps, we share with you a method that uses simple everyday items easily available at home. All you need to do is bring them together and follow the instructions of the recipe. So, let's get started.

Materials Required For Paper Soap

  • A4 size paper sheet
  • Oil for greasing
  • Cotton swabs
  • Tissue paper
  • Water
  • Liquid Handwash
  • Liquid color
  • Thick paper
  • Stapler
  • A small mixing bowl

Directions To Make Paper Soap

Method of Paper soap making

Step 1: Preparing the Paper For the Base

Using a cotton swab dipped in oil grease the A4 size paper. Grease both the front and backside of the paper till it becomes translucent.

Step 2: Preparing the Soap Solution

In a small mixing bowl add a generous amount of hand wash, little water, and the liquid color.

Step 3: Absorbing Excess Oil From The Paper

Using the tissue paper absorb all the excess oil from the A4 size paper. Gently rub the tissue paper properly on both sides of the paper so that there is no excess oil on the A4 sheet.

Step 4: Spreading the Soap Solution

Using a fresh cotton swab spread the colored soap solution evenly on the greased paper. Ensure that both sides of the greased A4 sheet are covered with the soap solution.

Spreading the Soap Solution

Step 5: Making Soap Strips

Once the greased sheet is coated with soap solution let it dry thoroughly. Then fold the paper into 8 equal parts and cut along the folds.

Step 6: Packing the Strips

Take a set of 8 cut soap strips and cover it with a piece of equally cut thick paper. Staple the strips from one end.
Your homemade soap strips are ready for use.

How To Use Homemade Paper Soap?

To use the paper soap never place them under running water as it can easily dissolve even before you realize that it is gone. Instead, wet your hands and place a strip of paper soap between your palms. Gently rub them and see how it lathers well. Wash and rinse your hands as you would do with normal soap.

How To Use Homemade Paper Soap?

Tips & Tricks

Always store your homemade paper soap strips straight either between thick paper as we recommended above or in small boxes to avoid cracks on them. Placing them directly in pouches can cause them to be crushed and cracked.


With an easy recipe of homemade paper soap, you are now ready to pack your bags for the next hiking, camping, or road trip without worrying about heavy toiletries or increased luggage load.

Your homemade paper soaps will take care of all your hygiene worries as you get close to nature and mess up your hands during the trip. Handy, lightweight, and super functional, they are every backpacker's ideal travel partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Homemade Paper Soap!

Which is the best paper to use?

Q1. Which is the best paper to use?

Ans. While you can make paper soap with any regular paper, ideally water soluble paper is used to prepare paper soaps. It dissolves easily with water giving you a rich lather and soap-like feel with no residue.

Q2. How to add fragrance to the paper soap?

Ans. You can add any fragrance to the paper soap like rose, lavender sandalwood, or lemon by simply adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the recipe shared above. These oils impart a soothing and rich fragrance to the paper soap, increasing its freshness.

Q3. Which soap base is best for paper soap?

Ans. Any melt and pour soap base or a simple liquid hand washes soap base can be used to prepare the paper soap strips. They give similar results and dissolve well with water.

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