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White Vinegar Brands in India - Choose Your Best Brands

White vinegar is made by fermenting ethanol. Though used mainly as a cooking ingredient, it can also be used for household cleaning due to its powerful disinfectant properties. Its cleansing properties also make it a key ingredient in many DIY skincare products and cosmetics.

To use white vinegar in DIY skincare projects, you must select high-quality and chemical-free white vinegar. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 white vinegar brands in India that offer pure and high-quality white vinegar. By going through these top 7 white vinegar brands, you can decide the white vinegar brand that is suitable for your DIY projects.

Here Are The Top 7 white Vinegar Brands in India:


VedaOils is the wholesale supplier of organic ingredients and products. You will get white vinegar at affordable rates on their website. Their white vinegar is unadulterated and can be used for both skincare and hair care purposes. It can be used as a key ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos, anti-ageing creams, skin detox recipes, and more.

Its powerful exfoliating properties make it a key ingredient in skin cleansers. It eliminates dead skin cells and other toxins from your skin to detoxify it completely. VedaOils offers high-quality cosmetic grade white vinegar which is only recommended for external application. Therefore, you can use it for your DIY skincare and hair care projects.

2.Green Gobbler

Green Gobbler offers high-quality and concentrated white vinegar which contains 30% acid content. It is mainly used for home cleansing and gardening jobs.

Green Gobbler

You must dilute it when you want to use it for home cleansing purposes. The white vinegar from Green Gobbler is only meant to be used for simple cleaning chores and not meant to be consumed internally.

3.OrganicMatters Industrial Vinegar Concentrate

The white vinegar from OrganicMatters is six times stronger than regular white vinegars that you find in the market. Kosher Certified, it is formulated to be used as a cleaning agent.

OrganicMatters Industrial

The powerful formulation allows you to use it for heavy duty industrial cleaning purposes. You may also dilute and use it for household cleaning purposes.

4. Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

Heinz is a renowned brand when it comes to food grade products and ingredients. It offers high-quality distilled white vinegar that can be used in salad dressings, marinades, and other recipes.

Heinz Distilled

It is prepared from sun-ripened grains and distilled water. Therefore, it is totally pure and concentrated. These features make it one of the top 7 white vinegar brands in India. Heinz also offers another variant of white variant that is specifically meant for cleaning purposes.

5.Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar

Member’s Mark offers premium-quality distilled white vinegar that contains 5% acidity. It can be used for household cleaning, cooking, and laundry cleaning purposes.

Member’s Mark Distilled

Though it is a high-quality product, some users find it to be more expensive than other white vinegar brands in India. Yet, as it is a multi-purpose distilled white vinegar, we have included it in the list of top 7 white vinegar brands in India.

6.Mira Leaping Leopard Distilled White Vinegar

Mira Leaping Leopard offers high-quality distilled white vinegar that is formulated for cooking purposes. It can be used in salads, marinades, sauces, and other food recipes.

Mira Leaping Leopard Distilled

It contains 5% acidity and is suited for those who prefer vegan and gluten-free diets. We have featured it in our list of top 7 white vinegar brands in India because it contains 0 calories. Therefore, it is completely healthy for internal consumption.

7.Iberia All Natural Distilled White Vinegar

The natural and pure white vinegar offered by Iberia is suited for household cleaning and cooking purposes. It has a rich flavour and comes at an economical price point.

Iberia All Natural Distilled

Made in the USA, it contains 5% acidity and is completely safe for cooking. Its versatility makes it a worthy contender in our list of top 7 white vinegar brands in India.


These were the top 7 white vinegar brands in India. Most of these brands are meant for cooking and cleaning purposes. VedaOils  proves to be the ideal one if you are looking for white vinegar for cosmetic, hair care, or skin care purposes. They also offer white vinegar at wholesale rates and you can order bulk quantities of white vinegar from their portal for commercial uses.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q1: Are there different quality white vinegar?

Ans. Yes, different qualities of white vinegar are available. For instance, you get different qualities of white vinegar for cosmetic purposes and the ones formulated for cooking and cleaning purposes can possess different qualities and their properties may also vary.

Q2: What is high-quality vinegar?

Ans. High-quality vinegar is the one that is most concentrated and does not contain any fillers or additives.

Q3: Which brand is good vinegar?

Ans. VedaOils is the best brand if you wish to use white vinegar for cosmetic or skin care purposes. For cooking purposes, brands like Heinz could be perfect.

Q4: What percentage of White vinegar is best?

Ans. White vinegar that contains 5% acidic content is considered to be safe for cooking and cleaning purposes. The white vinegar that is meant for industrial i.e. heavy duty cleaning can be more concentrated and contain up to 30% acidic content.

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