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Can I Use Shea Butter on My Baby Skin?

Babies are exposed to the stressors and impacts of the environment when they are born. They are now required to experience life outside of the safety of the womb. Naturally, this has a negative impact on their skin. This alteration often causes dryness and, in rare cases, eczema on newborns' skin, which causes concern among parents.

Shea Butter For Babies

Shea butter emerges as the best option for treating their skin condition owing to its moisturising and healing capabilities, but because of their delicate skin and the need for products free of all kinds of chemicals, parabens, and artificial colours, neonates, Shea butter for babies comes out as the best option.

Is Shea Butter Safe For Baby’s Skin?

The main ingredients in this natural skincare product are saturated fatty acids such palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidonic acid.

Shea butter is regarded as safe for topical application to infants. It's regarded as an excellent moisturiser for dry yet extremely sensitive skin. Additionally, the butter has skin-beneficial vitamin E.

Benefits Shea Butter For Babies

Here are six ways shea butter can naturally preserve sensitive skin in babies and infants, whose skin is particularly delicate and frequently has dry or rough spots.

Benefits Shea Butter For Babies

1. Shea Butter For Newborn's Hair

Shea butter may also be used as a leave-in moisturiser for your baby's hair and scalp, which is another advantage for your child. Some newborns get severe scalp eczema as soon as they're born for unknown causes. It has also been demonstrated that shea butter is helpful in treating it.

2. Shea Butter For Baby's Face

Shea butter is a superb moisturiser that not only helps to get rid of dryness but also owing to its emollient nature prevents additional moisture loss and restores the skin's natural moisture barrier due to the presence of vitamin E and several helpful fatty acids. It is used to soften and smooth out rough spots of skin

3. Shea Butter For Baby Allergies And Bites

Environmental exposures can occasionally produce skin irritation, rashes that may be brought on by allergic responses to certain substances, or even occasionally, insect bites.

Shea Butter For Baby Allergies And Bites

Shea butter is efficient and safe to use as an anti-inflammatory therapy to lessen skin irritation and potential itching in infants since it contains anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants.

4. Shea Butter For Baby Rash

Shea butter promotes the development of collagen, which may help to relieve rashes, and protects the skin from irritants.

Shea butter has been shown to be useful in treating eczema and atopic dermatitis in several trials. With its emollient qualities, shea butter is thought to act as an occlusive barrier that keeps moisture in the skin.

5. Shea Butter For Baby’s Uv Protection

If you're going to be outside for more than 30 minutes, we advise applying a little shea butter on your baby's skin to avoid getting a sunburn.

Shea Butter For Baby’s Uv Protection

Shea butter gives infants some UV protection since it is naturally high in cinnamic acid and Vitamin E. However, keep in mind that shea butter only provides around SPF 4.

6. Shea Butter For Baby Eczema

The skin of infants is also susceptible to eczema sometimes because of various environmental variables and changes in living situations.

In comparison to other creams containing hyaluronic acid, skin-repairing proteins, and even ceramides, research and studies have shown that the use of Shea butter enriched treatments as recommended by paediatricians and dermatologists has proven to be significantly more effective in treating eczema.

How To Use Shea Butter For Newborn Baby?

You can warm up a tablespoon of shea butter in the microwave and then use it to massage your infant, just like you do with solid coconut oil. Make sure you check the butter's temperature before using it; it should feel comfortably warm but not scorchingly hot.

How To Use Shea Butter For Newborn Baby?

(Also, keep in mind that a baby's skin is more delicate than yours.) Rub the baby's body gently, focusing on a single spot at a time, using the tips of your fingers dipped in the liquid butter. Avoid touching the baby's eye region and genitalia while applying shea butter or any other oil.

Diy Recipe Of Shea Butter For Baby Dry Skin

Making your own baby lotion at home might first seem difficult, but if you have a few essential ingredients, it's really easy to whip up a batch. This handmade baby lotion is creamy and thick, with a mild aroma. It effectively protects sensitive skin without feeling oily.


  • Shea Butter - 1/2 Cup
  • Coconut Oil - 2 Tablespoons
  • Jojoba Oil - 2 Tablespoons
  • Beeswax Pellets - 2 Tablespoons
  • Essential Oil Of Your Choice - 15 Drops

How to Make And Use

Diy Recipe Of Shea Butter For Baby Dry Skin
  • Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and jojoba oil should all be melted in a double boiler. Stir everything together until it has melted completely.
  • Once melted, remove the pan from the heat and allow the mixture to cool. In order to expedite this process, you can place the dish in the freezer. The texture should be stiffened yet still pliable.
  • After the mixture has cooled, add your preferred essential oil.
  • To make the baby lotion fluffy, whisk it with your mixer.
  • Scoop it into a glass airtight container using a spoon. It’s ready!

Precautions for Using Shea Butter For Babies

As shea butter is derived from a tree nut, it’s possible that allergies might be a problem. However, shea butter allergies have never been scientifically shown to exist.

Precautions for Using Shea Butter For Babies

Even so, it's recommended to try the product on a tiny patch of skin before applying it to your infant all over. Choose a substitute that doesn't include shea butter if the test area becomes red or irritated.

3 Best Shea Butters For Babies

Now that you know how amazing shea butter is for babies, we are sure you can’t wait to try it out for yourselves. But with so many options in the market, which one should you go for? We’re here to help - below are the top 3 natural shea butters available.

1. VedaOils Shea Butter

VedaOils provides organically produced Unrefined & Refined Shea Butter that is derived from natural and plant-based components and is of the highest quality.

VedaOils Shea Butter

Since no artificial perfumes, synthetic preservatives, or chemicals are utilised in its production, their Pure Shea Butter is safe and good for you and your baby's skin.

2. Amala Earth Shea Butter

Shea Butter, like all of Amala Earth's other butters, can do wonders for your baby's skin. The vitamins and minerals in it assist in keeping skin moisturised and hydrated by locking in moisture

3. Purensa Shea Butter

Purenso's 100% Natural Shea Butter is thought to be high in vitamins and minerals because it is unprocessed. It has a strong natural scent that is typically lost in the manufacture of soap. At room temperature, it has a creamier consistency than other shea butters and is an ivory tint.


Parents are always searching for natural remedies to treat and safeguard dry or rough patches since infants and newborns have very sensitive skin. Shea butter for babies is a fantastic substance for skin protection that is natural. Ensure that the shea butter you use is pure, unrefined, and organically certified - just like the one sold by Veda Oils!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shea Butter For Babies:

Can I Use Shea Butter On My Baby Skin?

Q.1 Can I Use Shea Butter On My Baby Skin?

Ans: Yes. Shea Butter Is Fortunately Thought To Be Safe For All Skin Types, Even The Most Sensitive And Young. Additionally, Pure Shea Butter Is Free Of Additional Chemicals, Sulphates, Parabens, And Preservatives, Unlike Many Store-Bought Baby Lotions And Creams.

Q.2 Is African Shea Butter Good For Babies?

Ans: Cradle Cap Can Be Relieved By Massaging Shea Butter Into Your Baby's Hair And Scalp. It Can Also Be Used To Small Insect Bites. Cinnamic Acid, Which Is Present In Organic Shea Butter, Promotes Cell Regeneration And Healing.

Q.3 Which Shea Butter Is Good For Baby Skin?

Ans: Since It Doesn't Include Chemicals Like Sulphates, Parabens, Or Preservatives, Raw Shea Butter (Organic) Is Optimal For Topical Usage In Infants And Toddlers.

Q.3 Can You Put Shea Butter On A Newborn?

Ans: Yes, Shea Butter Can Be Effectively Used On Baby Skin.

Q.4 Is Shea Butter Good For Newborn?

Ans: Shea Butter Contains No Harmful Chemicals And All Chemicals Present In It Are Beneficial For Babies.

Q.5 What Can I Mix With Shea Butter For My Baby?

Ans: Shea Butter Can Be Mixed With Coconut Oil And Applied On Your Baby’s Skin As A Moisturizer.

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