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How to Use Olive Oil for Body Massage - DIY Recipe

Olive oil has a long history that stretches back to the ancient times. The historic Greeks utilised it as medicine to cure a variety of medical issues and regarded it as the greatest gift God had ever given to mankind.

olive oil for body massage

Various skin conditions and disorders were also treated with it as an essential oil. So, it only makes sense to use olive oil for some amazing body massage benefits. In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 benefits of body massage with olive oil. Read on!

1. Eliminate Chronic Pain from Injuries

There is a good likelihood that many people may continue to have pain at the site of an injury even after an operation. Olive oil is nutrient-rich and aids in the healing of surgical scars. Additionally, it relieves the chronic discomfort you were experiencing. Also, it aids in the muscles' internal repair so you may get rid of the discomfort that causes you so many issues. Eliminating muscular discomfort will help you prevent numerous ailments that are brought on by it.

2. Improves Circulation

Using olive oil to massage your body helps create heat, which in turn rubs the nerves and blood vessels under the skin. In this approach, olive oil assists in enhancing the body's blood circulation. This type of blood pumping enhances skin texture, supports healthy internal organ function, and helps the body get rid of pollutants. You must improve your blood circulation if you want to live a healthy life.

3. Increases Flexibility

Your muscles are stretched when someone gives you a precise pressure massage with olive oil, which tones them. That enhances the body's general functionality as well. Your muscles become toned over time, which is another benefit of this situation. For anybody, whether they are young or old, maintaining their body's flexibility is crucial. You will quickly accomplish this aim if you massage using olive oil. Try it out today!

4. Fights Depression

For those who have never tried it, massaging your body with olive causes the production of certain hormones that reduce stress, quiet the mind, and prevent depression. Additionally, who doesn't like a relaxing head and full body massage after a hard day's work? Massaging with olive oil can help release these stress busting hormones in your body and relax you out completely.

5. Reduces Body Pain

Massaging body with olive oil has a significant impact on the body's muscles and nerves. It therefore aids in reducing minor to severe bodily aches and pains. Additionally, improved blood flow and the release of feel-good hormones contribute to relaxation and reduce discomfort.

6. Reduces Risks of Colds and Infections

Include massage with olive oil in your armoury for battling the flu and colds. According to doctors, an olive oil massage boosts numbers of immune-supporting cells known as "killer cells" for their capacity to fend off potentially harmful germs and viruses. Another way that olive oil body massage can keep you from falling sick is by reducing stress. Keep in mind that an olive oil massage lowers stress levels, and stressed-out people are more susceptible to sickness.

7. Assists in Falling Asleep Faster

We are not saying that you will fall asleep on the massage table when getting an olive oil massage. But according to doctors, it does indirectly aid with sleep. Receiving an olive oil massage relieves muscular tension, calms the heart, lowers blood pressure, and lessens stress. These several responses work together to slow down your system as a whole. As a result, when you're ready to retire for the evening, you're more likely to fall asleep and receive a good night's sleep.

8. Reduce Carpal Tunner Pain

You run the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you work a lot with your hands in repetitive motions, such as typing on a computer keyboard, which causes discomfort, tingling, weakness, or numbness when the nerve between your forearm and wrist is pinched. If this sounds similar, massage your wrist and arm muscles with olive oil to combat it. Doctors claim that a few minutes of massage many times a day will ease symptoms. A finger or knuckle massage will work very well.

9. Reduce Cigarette Cravings

A small research of young adults revealed that those who self-massaged with olive oil three times per day for a month were able to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoked each day. The study was published in the journal Preventive Medicine. Additionally, they had reduced withdrawal symptoms and anxiety from smoking. Give olive oil massage a try if patches, medications, or chewing gum alone haven't worked for you in your attempts to stop.

10. Reduces Headaches

Chronic tension headaches, the sort that cause pressure anyplace on the head or a dull, all-over throbbing, are the worst since they drastically reduce productivity and quality of life. According to doctors, olive oil massage may ease the suffering and help you reclaim your life. Research supports this: Researchers discovered that two 30-minute head and neck massages per week for a month decreased the incidence and length of tension headaches.

How to Use Olive Oil for Body Massage

You can easily get a massage that calms the body, eases aching muscles, and induces general relaxation with extra virgin olive oil. A discussed, this oil is also helpful for easing sore muscles and mending dry skin. Here’s how you can use it.

How to Use Olive Oil for Body Massage


  1. Olive Oil - 250Ml
  2. Your Favourite Essential Oil - 8Ml

How to Make Step By Step

  • Add the olive oil and essential oil to a bowl and mix together.
  • You can select a rosemary oil, mint oil, or any other aromatic sort of oil as the essential oil.
  • Once the two oils have been fully combined, warm them just enough to make handling them more comfortable.
Someone will have to give you this massage and follow these instructions:

Rub the massage oil onto your hands by dipping your fingers in it. Apply strong pressure with your hands while positioning them in the centre of the massage recipient's lower back. Your hands should be raised and directed toward their neck. Move your hands toward the shoulders and then drop them down the lower back after you have reached the base of the neck. Repeat this procedure, lubricating your hands with extra oil as required.

Work from the bottom of the thighs up toward the upper legs, then down once again, while you massage the arms and legs. Apply extra olive oil as necessary and carry out this action with the arms as well.

Apply mild pressure as you massage the abdomen. Place your hands on the lower belly and massage in a clockwise, circular manner upward.

Use lots of oil while applying mild pressure to the hands and feet.

After the massage, give the recipient some time to relax—about ten minutes. After this time, tell them to take a warm bath or shower to finish the relaxing process and remove any extra oil from his skin.


There are several advantages of using olive oil. The potent anti-inflammatory components in olive oil reduce arthritic pain, heal inflamed tissues, and protect the skin from infection. A nourishing olive oil massage helps to relieve tight muscles and strained joints. If you are wondering where you can get authentic and 100% organic Virgin olive oil then look no further than Veda oIls. We are sellers of the most authentic olive oil on the market. Check us out now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can i use olive oil for body massage?

Ans. Yes. Olive oil absorbs into the skin extremely slowly, making it perfect for a mild massage. You can seal in moisture and calm your muscles with this oil. Additionally, it improves blood flow and reduces pain, inflammation, and muscular spasms.

Q.2 Which olive oil is used for body massage?

Ans. Virgin olive oil is the best when it comes to full body massages.

Q.3 Which olive oil is best for baby body massage?

Ans. The finest olive oil is virgin olive oil.which is produced without the use of chemicals. Compared to other types of olive oil, it also has more nutrients. If you sometimes apply olive oil to your baby's skin and hair, keep in mind that virgin olive oil should always be used.

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