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Mica Powder For Candles | How To Use Pigment Powder For Candle Making

If you like creating candles to use as home décor, presents, or to sell to others, you probably hunt for new components to enhance their beauty regularly. While many people concentrate on scent-related elements, you can also improve your candles by adding decorative materials like mica powder.

mica powder for candles

Let's face it, why wouldn't you want to add some shine or sparkle to your homemade candles? Mica-based pigments appear to be a wonderful alternative for giving your wax creations that "wow" factor because they are non-toxic and have an unmatched glass-like luster. So, in this blog, we will talk all about mica powder for candles. Read on!

How Is Mica Unsafe For Use In Candles?

Mica, a coloring ingredient, travels through the wick with your wax. But because it didn't completely dissolve, you run the danger of blocking your wick. The flame will stop burning healthily when the wick becomes obstructed, preventing the wax from rising to the top to evaporate.

How Is Mica Unsafe For Use In Candles?

Because of this, most people avoid using mica as a candle coloring additive. However, you may still add shimmer by rubbing mica around the top or edges of a jar candle or pillar candle without endangering your health.

Using Pigment Powder For Candle Making

There are two ways to include mica powder in your candles: tinting the melted wax before pouring and sprinkling these glimmering pigments on your candles' exterior or top surface. Below, we'll outline both solutions along with their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Mica Powder For Coloring the Wax

When using mica powder to color your candles, the trick is to add only a small quantity of mica to the overall amount of wax to decrease the wick-clogging effect. Depending on your preferences, you can add more or less, but a reasonable rule of thumb is 1/16th of a teaspoon for every 2 cups of the base.

candle making with mica powder

Ingredients List:


Step 1: Put your wick in the candle mold after trimming it to the right height.

Step 2: Make sure the metal candle wick base is flat on the mold's bottom, and secure it with tape if required.

Step 3: Cross the aperture of the candle mold with a pencil or wooden skewer.

Step 4: To keep the wick firmly in position and erect, tape it to the pencil or wood skewer.

Step 5: Open the package or container of mica powder if you're using a common color and have it on hand. If you combine several shades of mica powder to create a bespoke shade, add one drop of rubbing alcohol for every three tablespoons of dry powder and swirl well to mix thoroughly.

Step 6: Add a bit more rubbing alcohol, no more than one capful, if the mixture is too dry to blend thoroughly. If the liquid is flowing, slowly whisk in a little more mica powder until the desired color, and light gravy texture is obtained.

Step 7: Melt the candle wax according to your recipe or the package's instructions. While the wax is still hot and liquid, add the mica powder (either dry flakes or a combination of rubbing alcohol and mica powder) and thoroughly mix.

Step 8: Add any essential oil, herbs, or other decorations according to the directions in your recipe.

Step 9: Fill your molds with the candle mixture, and then cure the candles as directed in the recipe.

2. Mica Powder For Cooled, Set Candles

Using mica powder to embellish the candle's outside is one method to have the best of both worlds. It significantly lowers your chances of fouling the wick, allowing you to continue lighting the candle and having fun while making lovely designs.

mica powder for candle making


  • Mica powder of your choice
  • Brush for dusting the powder


Step 1: Before pouring the wax into candle molds, you can use a brush to coat the molds with mica powder.

Step 2: Once the wax has cooled, mica powder will adhere to the surface of your candles giving them an iridescent and vibrant appearance. However, the wick should be clean because the inside wax is clean.

Step 3: After the candle has cooled, add the mica to the wax and gently rub it with your finger. When the flame melts the top layer of your wax, you may get a glossy top surface and a small amount of that endearing effervescence in this manner.

Step 4: The exterior of the candle can be painted with mica powder diluted in alcohol. It could be fantastic to create lovely designs down the side.


Mica powder is still a useful alternative to adorn the exterior of your candle, as indicated above, or to create décor candles, even if it isn't the most advised colorant for candles owing to the wick clogging issue. In either case, micas will provide the zing to your desired wax products.

The most crucial advice for mica powder in your candle-making is deciding when to use it and understanding how to do it safely throughout various stages. If you are wondering where to get some amazing candle-making supplies, you should check out VedaOils!

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