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Homemade Mica Powder Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath bombs have truly become our best friends, and one cannot live without them, especially if you are a die-hard skin lover. It is one great innovation in the form of a bath product that tends to be super moisturizing, and basking in a tub with them leaves your skin soft and supple. Especially if you make your bath bombs using some special ingredients.

mica for bath bombs

Mica powder is a special ingredient you can trust to make bath bombs. This colored powder is made from a natural mineral and has a naturally shimmering property. It is one popular ingredient for crafting soaps and candles to give them translucent polymer clay. Let's discuss in detail mica powder for bath bombs.

Is Mica Powder Safe For Bath Bombs?

Yes, mica powder is safe for bath bombs, and you can use it for your DIY recipes too. You can use mica powder as an added pigment by sprinkling it into your bath bombs or molds.

However, they are not properly soluble in water so you can add them to the pigment. Mica powder is not harmful to the skin; thus, you can use it for basking in with your favorite bath bombs without any worries.

DIY Bath Bombs With Mica Pigment Powder

Home bath bomb production is a reasonably simple process. This bath bomb doesn't require the addition of color. Here's how you can make DIY Bath Bombs With Mica Pigment Powder.

DIY Bath Bombs With Mica Pigment Powder

Your dry components and liquid ingredients must first be combined separately before being combined. To prevent the mixture from becoming activated, it's crucial to add the liquid gently and stir it often.

Ingredients List:


Step 1: Take a large bowl and combine baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salt.

Step 2: Mix grapeseed oil, water, and lavender essential oil in a small cup.

Step 3: Slowly pour the liquid into the dry mixture and keep stirring the mixture frequently.

Step 4: Use a spatula to mix thoroughly. Scoop the mixture into bath bombs and firmly press closed.

Step 5: Allow the bath bombs to dry overnight. Next, remove them from the bath bomb mold.

Step 6: After that, add black mica powder and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol in a cup.

Step 7: Pain the bath bomb using this mica powder mix and then allow it to dry before storing it in any container.


So, this is how you can easily make your own DIY mica powder bath bombs and use them for your special bathing sessions. Time to make your bath bombs using mica powder and bring in the sparkling magic to your bath sessions.

Just remember that humidity is a factor that can interfere with the bath bombs making process. You can even paint your bath bombs using cosmetic mica powder by mixing it with isopropyl alcohol. Whatever you wish to draw or paint, you can do it easily with this super amazing powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Mica Powder For Bath Bombs:

Is Mica Powder Safe In Soap?

Q: Is Mica Powder Safe In Soap?

A natural mineral known as mica powder is prized for its iridescent qualities. Micas are among soap's most effective and secure colorants because of their naturally metallic sheen.

Q: What Is Mica Powder Used For In Bath Bombs?

Compared to mineral pigments, coated micas provide brighter, richer colors. Before adding the bath bomb combination, this substance can be put into the mixture as a powder or mold to highlight certain details.

Q: How Can We Make Colored Bath Bombs?

The simplest approach to color bath bombs is to incorporate them while they are still liquid. To make this work, your colorant must be water-soluble. Since micas and oxides are not water soluble, dyes work best for this. You can use mica powder as a natural colorant.

Q: Do Mica Powder Bath Bombs Leave A Stain In Bathtubs?

Children like vivid colors, but you should avoid using clays, charcoal, or mica powder in excess because they can all stain if not used correctly.

Q: Is Mica Powder Good For Bath Bombs?

Because micas are simple to incorporate into your bath bomb recipe, they are a fantastic choice for adding color to bath bombs. Before filling the bath bomb mixture into the mold, you can use the mica as an additional finishing touch by dusting it inside the form.

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