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Mica Powder For Resin | Pigment Powder For Epoxy Resin

Mica powder is the best ingredient when creating artistic epoxy resin. This is so because mica naturally lends iridescent brilliance and vibrantly rich color. Crafts and pours of resin instantly transform when mica powder is used because it creates swirl patterns and natural sparkle.

mica powder for epoxy

How much mica should be used in the resin? A question you have if you're new to coloring epoxy resin using mica. How soon should you combine the mica and resin? The good news is that it's easier than you may assume, even though it's relatively simple. Let's examine the top 7 mica powders for resin and their applications.

Top 7 Mica Powder For Resin

Using simply a few different shades of color and some epoxy glue, let's add some brilliant color to your surroundings with amazing art and craft. Color represents and influences our emotions. The best seven mica powders for making resin are as follows.

1. Matte Violet Pigment Powder

violet mica powder

For different epoxy resin art and craft forms, violet oxide pigment powder makes an ethical, natural, and brilliant color choice. Matte violet pigment powder diffuses into a lighter shade of violet or lavender when suspended in tap water at room temperature. When used with other colors to create beautiful resin art and craft, violet pigment powder is fantastic.

2. Titanium Dioxide Powder

best white mica powder for resin

Since titanium dioxide has a high light scattering capacity and is regarded as the best whitening agent in the world, using titanium dioxide pigment color will enable you to create an epoxy resin craft base that is completely white. When floated freely in tap water at room temperature, this non-toxic, highly robust chemical disperses into a permanent white color.

3. Matte American Red Oxide Pigment Powder

red mica powder for epoxy resin

This red oxide pigment powder blends seamlessly into the creation of epoxy resin artwork and provides a vivid pastel red color. Its pure tonality can also deepen the tone of other colors if they are present. This color has the wonderful ability to create matte and depth effects in various forms of art and craft, especially when making epoxy resin. Additionally, the red oxide powder blends well with other hues.

4. Matte Woodland Green Pigment Powder

using green mica powder in resin

The beauty of your epoxy rose painting is improved by the fine and deep colors of matte woodland green pigment powder. Due to the effectiveness of this pigment powder, it is possible to produce epoxy resin, soap, candles, cosmetic care products, DIY projects, and art and craft supplies. It is non-toxic, safe to use, and moral. Mica green pigment powder comes in various shades, from a matte light forest green to a very dark matte green.

5. Matte Maroon Oxide Pigment Powder

maroon mica powder in resin

With matte maroon oxide pigment powder, you can acquire a distinctive, functional, and lovely color that can improve the visual appeal of these hues on your epoxy resin. In addition to the items mentioned above, you may incorporate matte maroon oxide pigment powder into your homemade body, bath, and skincare products. It is because it is chemical-free and devoid of artificial colors and flavors. This color blends beautifully with others to produce lovely artwork and crafts.

6. Yellow Oxide Pigment Powder

best yellow mica powder for epoxy

In DIY projects like cold process soaps, homemade soaps, and other cosmetic products, yellow oxide pigment powder can provide a dazzling, bright yellow hue. An additive and natural colorant called mica yellow oxide powder are insoluble in the product or formulation to which they are applied. This material, rich in oxide and mica and does not bleed or fade, is ideal for epoxy resin.

7. Matte Brown Oxide Pigment Powder

brown mica powder for resin

A natural, mica-enriched colorant is matte brown pigment powder. It is reddish brown and has a luscious, matte feel. When used in conjunction with other colors, matte brown oxide pigment powder can deepen the hue of other colors. Brown Oxide Pigment Powder can help you give your epoxy rinse a woodsy and earthy tone. Utilize this superb coloring powder to create wonderful works of art and color combinations.

How To Use Mica Powder In Epoxy Resin?

Focus on your artistic style and use this straightforward method to combine colors and create epoxy resin to express yourself through art and craft. We'll now examine the utilization of mica powder in epoxy resin.



Step 1: One color can be produced with just 30 grams of colored powder and 60–150 grams of epoxy resin. While a 1-to-5 ratio will produce a more transparent appearance, a 1-to-1 ratio will produce a deeper, more opaque tint.

Step 2: Create multiple shades using the aforementioned method.

Step 3: A mixture of many colors to get the desired effects, followed by the addition of epoxy resin in a ratio of color powder to the epoxy resin of 1 to 5, is all that is necessary to create a distinctive color shade.

Step 4: Let your creativity go wild and create colorful masterpieces like dishes, clocks, tables, etc.

Creative Ways To Use Mica Powder:

Here are some techniques to incorporate mica powder into epoxy resin.

Stir-In Method:

You can manually stir mica into the resin with a mixing stick or use a drill bit designed for mixing paint. Combine well. The mica powder should be distributed uniformly throughout the resin.

Pre-Mix Method:

For smaller-volume applications, pre-mixing the mica with less resin can be useful. Apply a small amount of resin to a tiny cup or wax surface. Until it is all dissolved, stir the mica powder into the mixture. Then include this into your primary epoxy solution.

Mixing Many Colors:

Mixing two batches are necessary if you wish to swirl two different mica colors in resin. Divide the resin and hardener mixture into two more manageable containers after mixing (or more if you want to swirl three or more colors). Stir vigorously after adding your colors.

As soon as you're prepared to pour, begin with your base color. The color with the highest volume will be this. After that, apply each additional color. The colors can then be slightly stirred with a toothpick before the epoxy cures.


Mica powder for the resin is a fantastic hobby, especially for making wonderful, bright epoxy resin art and craft. It took talent and high-quality materials to make unique things. VedaOils offers discounted prices on the best mica powder available. See for yourself by visiting VedaOils.com.

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