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Rose Whipped Body Butter - How to Make Rose Body Butter at Home?

If you are allured by the fragrance and exotic texture of the rose flower then this DIY recipe of the perfect rose whipped body butter is the best skincare treat you can give your skin. Enriched with the natural goodness of rose, the rose whipped body butter gives you the double benefits of floral fragrance and the smooth, creamy pampering of the body butter without the greasiness that can make your skin oily.

Benefits of Rose Whipped Body Butter

While we all know that body butters can help restore the natural oils of skin by combating dryness and offering optimum nourishment, imagine what wonders it can do when combined with the magic of the exotic rose flowers. Yes, rose whipped body butters are the perfect solution to treat multiple skin problems like skin darkening, aging and dullness caused by sun exposure and environmental pollution.

Rose Whipped Body Butter Benefits

Here are some major benefits of rose whipped body butter for all skin types and how it can act as the wonder ingredient game changer in your skincare regime.

1.) Rose Body Butter for Dry Skin

In its natural form rose has high antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties both of which help in reducing skin infections and rashes caused by skin dryness. It makes the skin soft, supple and super hydrated with its high water content. The moisturizing properties of rose soothe itchiness and redness caused by dryness.

2.) Rose Body Butter for Oily Skin

Both rose water and rose essential oils are known to balance the skin’s natural pH levels combating excessive dryness and reducing pore size. By restoring the skin’s sebum balance they prevent excessive oil secretion and prevent acne and breakouts. The antioxidants in rose remove oil and dirt from the pores and leave them unclogged.

3.) Rose Body Butter for Skin Whitening

Rose extracts and rose essential oil is loaded with the richness of vitamin C that acts as a natural sunscreen. It removes skin tanning and reduces dark spots and pigmentation thus leading to skin brightening and whitening. It removes skin imperfections by giving you flawless and clear skin free from blemishes.

4.) Rose Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Rose extracts help in collagen production that reduces the flaws of the skin and impart a natural glow. It lightens dark patches and enhances skin complexion by unclogging the pores. Clear skin appears to be brighter and gives you a fresh and hydrated look thus increasing the face glow.

5.) Rose Body Butter for Anti-Aging

Packed with antioxidants, rose has been traditionally used to fight the signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and freckles. The presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C act as a natural collagen booster that smoothens the appearance of fine lines leaving you looking younger and brighter.

How to Make Rose Whipped Body Butter at Home?

With so many benefits of rose whipped body butter it is time to formulate your version with this simple DIY recipe that nourishes your skin from inside and leaves you refreshed outside.

Rose Body Butter Recipe



Step 1: In a double boiler or microwave melt the shea butter till it is fully dissolved.

Step 2:In the melted shea butter add the coconut oil and vitamin E oil. Stir well.

Step 3:Transfer the mixture in a glass bowl and let it cool.

Step 4:Now add the rose essential oil, frankincense essential oil and arrowroot and mix well.

Step 5:Using a hand mixer mix well for 2-5 minutes till you get a creamy texture.

Step 6:Pour in a wide mouthed container from where it is easy to scoop and use the body butter.

This easy to prepare DIY rose body butter is super nourishing and easy to use on all skin types. Regular use of the body butter shows substantial results in a few days.


The soothing and therapeutic uses of rose as a skincare product since centuries cannot be underestimated. When combined with body butter in the form of rose essential oil, rose water or clay it imparts increased goodness and enhances the overall impact of the skincare product making the entire experience simply divine.

For best results try using organic and high quality rose essential oil like the one offered by VedaOils that is easy to purchase and super convenient to use.


Q. What texture should be the rose body butter?

A. The texture of the rose whipped body butter should be smooth and creamy just like whipped cream.

Q. How long does rose whipped body butter last?

A. When stored in an air-tight container, homemade rose whipped body butter can last up to 3-6 months.

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