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How to Make Cyclomethicone Room Spray? Complete Guide

Essentially, room sprays are perfume for your home. These can be sprayed all around the rooms you've selected, not simply to get rid of odors but also to completely freshen the air. One spray can completely transform the mood of your room, giving joy and happiness while igniting the senses with an invigorating perfume.

Cyclomethicone Spray

Certainly, room sprays give your house one more flourish of elegance. Room sprays are quite easy to make and also make wonderful presents for loved ones. In our step-by-step guide for beginners will walk you through the procedure, explain your options, and demonstrate how easy it is to create your own Cyclomethicone room spray.

4 Easy Steps to Make Cyclomethicone Room Spray

Read on for our written tutorial and find out more about creating your own room sprays at home if you want to get started right away. We'll demonstrate in our guide how simple it is to make a delightfully fragrant fragrance that can be utilized in every part of the house:

4 Easy Steps to Make Cyclomethicone Room Spray
Material Needed
  • Spray bottle- 1
  • Measuring cup (100 ml)- 1
  • Funnel- 1
  • Kitchen roll- 1
  • Gloves- 1 pair
  • Apron- 1
  • Face Mask- 1


Taking the Cyclomethicone's Measurement- In your measuring cup, pour 95ml of cyclomethicone. Pour this carefully into your spray bottle, either directly from the cup or through the funnel.

Taking the Cyclomethicone's Measurement

Add Fragrance Oil- Measure out 5ml of Oceanic mist fragrance oil using the same measuring cup. Once again, use the funnel or to directly pour this into the bottle from the cup.

Combine the Ingredients- Once the base and fragrance oil are added to the spray container, then secure the pump and the cap. Allow the fragrance oil and base to blend together by shaking for around 90 seconds.

Spraying Your Room- The room spray you made is now ready for usage. All you have to do is point the spray nozzle toward the center of the room and press the pump. Your room will smell beautiful for hours with just a few sprays. For the greatest results, we suggest letting the prepared room spray sit for 24 to 72 hours to allow the fragrance oil and base to completely bind.

Things that Works Best for Cyclomethicone Room Spray Recipe

When making your own Cyclomethicone room spray at home there are definitely some things that you must keep in mind. Your choice of material can vary upon your requirements and taste, here is how you can make the best out of it:

Things that Works Best for Cyclomethicone Room Spray Recipe

1.) Base for Making Room Spray

Room spray bases come in two different varieties. One is a silicone-based product called Cyclomethicone, and the other is a product made of alcohol called Perfumer's Alcohol. The base and fragrance oil are the only two materials needed for both bases.

As Perfumer's alcohol uses a base that easily evaporates, it merely leaves a light mist of fragrance oil in the air. Perfumer's alcohol, on the other hand, is categorized as a hazardous base, so any room sprays made with this base would require a new CLP to be expertly calculated.

Cyclomethicone, on the other hand, is a silicone foundation and as such, it has the potential to leave a small residue or make hard surfaces slippery. Nevertheless, it is categorized as a non-hazardous base.

2.) Fragrance Oils for Making Room Spray

There is no correct or incorrect scent you should choose from, and in our opinion, scents are so individualized that using the proper one is a matter of personal preference. Given the great potency of fragrance oils, it is suggested using 3% to 5% of the product.

Fragrance Oils for Making Room Spray

Because the potency of each oil varies, certain fragrances will work better at a lower proportion while others will profit from using a larger percentage. It would depend on the size of the spray bottle used and how much mixture you would need. Simply be sure you use the same measurement for your base and fragrance oil to ensure accuracy.

Types of Bottle Using for Room Spray

Room spray bottles come in a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, and even aluminum. Some of them are also available in a variety of colors and even special effects like frosted, matte, or gloss.

The best option will depend on personal preference. Glass has a more upscale look, especially to those who prefer not to use plastic, despite the fact that plastic bottles are frequently more cost-effective. Additionally, aluminum bottles can also be customized.


We genuinely hope you enjoyed this guide and discovered how simple it is to create your own scented room spray. Browse extensive selection of fragrance oils to choose the next scent for your upcoming room spray project only from the website of Vedaoils at some amazing discounts. They are a leading manufacturer of essential oils, carrier oils and other raw materials for beauty products.

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