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Dried Rose Petals For Confetti | Making Rose Petal Confetti Easy

Dried rose petal for confetti is the solution to your wedding or any other occasion decoration. Many venues only permit the usage of biodegradable confetti since it decomposes quickly and prevents pollution. When using dried rose petals for confetti on your special day, no material is better for the environment or looks more lovely than these.

Dried Rose Petals For Confetti

It is 100% natural, ecologically friendly, and, most importantly, stunningly beautiful! Did you know that making your confetti at home is quite simple? So continue reading if you're seeking a lovely handmade confetti DIY!

How To Make Dried Rose Petals Wedding Confetti?

You can easily make dried rose petals for confetti. You may prepare it over time because dried petals survive up to a year if kept in a cold, dry environment. It's also another excuse to be frequently gifted lovely bouquets!

dried rose petals for confetti

Take a stroll through the garden to see what catches your attention. Roses are a given, but you should also think about daisies, buttercups, and sunflowers, to mention a few. Some petals could adapt to drying better than others, so it takes trial and error. Some herb leaves, like sage or basil, would be welcome.

Best Way To Dried Rose Petals For Confetti

This is the most fun part. That's the beauty of making your dried rose petals for confetti - it creates a beautiful result and is an enjoyable process!

1. Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Oven Method

Grab a baking sheet and line it with baking paper that is grease-proof. On it, spread the petals out, so they are not in contact with one another. Then, place it on the oven's hot bottom shelf to dry.

Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Oven Method

The time required for this may vary depending on the temperature of your oven and the petals you use. You can leave it on for about 15 minutes. Take them out of the oven to cool after you are satisfied with their appearance. You'll notice that they have a somewhat altered color.

2. Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Petal Dehydration

If you have a dehydrator, you may use it to dehydrate your petals. Observe the directions on your dehydrator, and constantly check to see they're not getting too dry.

Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Petal Dehydration

When you dry individual petals naturally, instead of using an oven, they only take a few days to dry. Nevertheless, if you're drying the entire bloom, you'll need to let it take two to three weeks to dry thoroughly.

3. Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Air-Drying

Try air drying if you don't mind waiting a few days for the petals to dry. Spread your petals on a baking sheet covered with tissue or kitchen paper. Afterward, store them somewhere warm to dry, such as an airing cupboard.

Dried Rose Petals For Confetti - Air-Drying

Your dried rose petal confetti is now ready. Where petals will be kept dry, such as paper bags or plastic containers, should be used for storage. Then, on the Big Day, arrange the petals in cones or baskets or whichever you choose to display them, and invite your visitors to shower you with affection!

Best Flowers For Dried Confetti

Choosing your natural flower confetti seems overwhelming with such wide varieties. But worry not! We have created a guide to assist you in selecting the best petals. Read on to learn which flower petals would complement your special day. Each flower petal has its unique charms.

1: Dried Rose Petals

The petals' fragility and shape make them look lovely in a basket left by the church door. Dried Rose Petals are a terrific option for dispersing down the aisle, forming petal paths, and beautifying your location.

Dried Rose Petals

Blackcurrant is ideal for winter weddings, while golden yellow is lovely for spring weddings. Soft colors like pink and cream suit a gorgeous and romantic wedding.

2: Dried Lavender Petals

A fantastic aroma is added to a confetti mixture of tiny grains of English lavender. Dried Lavender Petals looks and smells terrific when combined with petals from wildflowers or delphiniums.

Dried Lavender Petals

A bohemian bride or a vintage or country garden wedding would look great with lavender confetti.

3: Dried Hydrangeas Petals

Dried Hydrangea Petals are pretty lovely and like little flowers in themselves. Mix and combine different colors for beautiful confetti that would complement a modern wedding.

Dried Hydrangeas Petals

The pastel colors are delicate and pleasant and harmonize with our cones and petal bags. Or two popular and traditional wedding color schemes are baby pink and blue.


So, how do you like dried rose petals for confetti? We hope we have helped you make your dried rose petals confetti for your big day. If you need more time till your wedding to make your confetti, you can get some beautiful dried rose petals from here - at VedaOils!

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