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DIY Peppermint Bath Salts Recipe

This refreshing Peppermint Bath Salts recipe is simple and enjoyable to make! A natural, handcrafted gift for friends, loved ones, or oneself. The Peppermint essential oil used in Peppermint Bath Salts has been shown to eradicate harmful microorganisms, reduce muscle spasms, disinfect and soothe inflamed skin, and relieve muscle tension.

Peppermint Bath Salt

It's also wonderful for relieving headaches and cleansing the sinuses. We adore homemade beauty items like sugar scrubs and this DIY peppermint foot soak! We also offer a really calming recipe for Lavender Bath Salts. This blog will discuss the benefits of peppermint bath salts and how to manufacture and utilize them.

Peppermint Bath Salts Benefits

Peppermint bath salts provide a refreshing and invigorating experience by mixing the calming effects of bath salts with the fragrant smell of peppermint. Their advantages include relaxation, stress alleviation, better circulation, and potential relief from muscle aches and pains. Indulge in a rejuvenating soak to recharge your body and mind.

  • Relaxation: Peppermint bath salts soothe the mind and body, offering relaxation after a long day. The pleasant aroma of peppermint, combined with the warm water, produces a relaxing ambience that relieves tension and stress.
  • Improved Circulation: Peppermint's cooling impact might increase blood flow when absorbed through the skin during a bath. This improved circulation can assist in relieving discomfort and improve overall cardiovascular health.
Improved Circulation
  • Stress Relief: The pleasant fragrance of peppermint has been proven to alleviate tension and anxiety. Using peppermint bath salts can provide a spa-like experience, allowing you to unwind and decompress from daily stresses.
  • Muscle Pain Relief: Peppermint contains menthol, which has analgesic effects that can aid with muscle aches and pains. Soaking in a bath with peppermint salts can provide calming comfort for tight muscles and joints.
  • Skin Nourishment: Bath salts often contain minerals like magnesium and potassium, which can nourish the skin and keep it hydrated. Additionally, peppermint has antibacterial and antifungal qualities that may help with skin health and blemishes.

How To Make Peppermint Bath Salts

Homemade peppermint bath salts are an ideal holiday present for friends and family. While you're bottling it for gifts, keep some for yourself. After all, nothing beats a relaxing bath to relieve the stress of a busy holiday season. Try different bath salts, such as lavender, jasmine, or rose.

How To Make Peppermint Bath Salts


  • Epsom Salt - 2 Cups
  • Dried Mint - 1/4 Cup
  • Dead Sea Salt - 2 Cups
  • Baking Soda - 2 Tablespoons
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 20 Drops


Step 1: Dry the mint. After the mint has dried, macerate or cut it.

Step 2: In a medium bowl, combine the Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt. Stir the salts together.

Step 3: Slowly add the peppermint essential oil. Make careful to whisk in the peppermint oil until all of the salt comes into contact with it.

Step 4: Allow the salts and oils to dry completely before adding the dried peppermint and transferring the bath salts to the glass jars.

Step 5: Once the salts have dried, add the chopped peppermint and swirl to incorporate.

Step 6: Next, assemble the bath salt jars. Place the salts and peppermint in the jars and close the lids.

Step 7: Add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of peppermint bath salts to your bath and relax!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy the relaxing comfort of peppermint bath salts. These salts are expertly prepared from high-quality ingredients to deliver a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. The following are some commonly asked questions to help you make the most of your pampering routine.

Q1: What Are Peppermint Bath Salts Good For?

Ans: Peppermint bath salts are useful for a variety of reasons. They assist in quieting the mind and body, allowing for relaxation after a busy day. The cooling impact of peppermint enhances blood flow, which improves overall cardiovascular health. The refreshing aroma relieves stress and anxiety, creating a spa-like sensation and much more.

What Are Peppermint Bath Salts Good For?

Q2: How To Use Peppermint Bath Salts?

Ans: You can use peppermint bath salt using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Start with filling your bathtub with warm water. Add a handful or two of peppermint bath salts to the water.
  • Step 2: Start by filling your bathtub with warm water. Sprinkle a handful or two of peppermint bath salts into the water.
  • Step 3: Stir the water to dissolve the salts. Step into the bathtub and soak for 15-30 minutes. Enjoy the calming effects of the peppermint aroma, as well as the salts' soothing characteristics. After washing, pat your skin dry and apply your usual moisturizer.


This recipe for rejuvenating Peppermint Bath Salts makes an excellent homemade gift for friends, loved ones, or oneself. It takes only a few ingredients and can be prepared in less than 10 minutes! VedaOils offers the best Epsom salt and peppermint essential oil at an affordable price. Visit to receive discounts on your first purchase.

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