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DIY Orange Hand Wash Recipe for Super Clean and Fresh Hands

Do you find washing hands boring, especially amidst the pandemic that calls for this frequent exercise to keep the virus at bay? We make things a little exciting for you with this DIY recipe of Orange Hand Wash that comes with the goodness of orange and a kick of citric scent.

Orange Hand Wash Recipe

Our orange hand wash recipe gives you the smell of freshly peeled juicy oranges and leaves your hand super clean and fresh. The DIY recipe is easy to make and naturally free from toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances. The lovely and natural-smelling orange wash recipe only tempts you to wash your hands, again and again, bringing you the double goodness of freshness and hygiene.

Benefits of Homemade Orange Hand Wash

Making your own Orange Hand Wash at home gives you the liberty to mix and match your favourite ingredients and explore the many benefits of orange-the heavenly food. While orange essential oil is the key ingredient in most recipes, you can also play around with orange-based ingredients like orange peels or orange powder to give your hand washes a unique texture, aroma, and feel.

Benefits of Homemade Orange Hand Wash

Our recipes of the orange hand wash offer you a rich and moisturizing lather that keeps your hands soft and smooth. Its gentle cleansing removes germs and dirt from your hands without robbing them of moisture or leaving them dry. The rich and sweet fragrance of oranges leaves a lasting freshness that awakes your senses.

DIY Recipes of Homemade Orange Hand Wash

Try out these easy orange handwash recipes and transform your handwashing experiences into a fun-filled and refreshing activity.

1. Orange Lavender Foaming Hand Wash

Try this wonderful combination of lavender and orange blossom to refresh your hands with the most amazing aromas and health benefits.

Orange Lavender Foaming Hand Wash



Step 1: Place the funnel on the foaming bottle and add the castile soap to the bottle.

Step 2: Now add the Vitamin E oil.

Step 3: Next, add the Essential Oils to the castile soap mixture.

Step 4: Now fill the bottle with orange blossom flower water.

Step 5: Leave some space at the top of the foaming pump. Now place the cap of the pumping bottle and give it a gentle shake.

Your foaming orange lavender hand wash is ready for use, giving you plenty of lather with just a half teaspoon of castile soap.

2. Orange Vanilla Foaming Hand Wash

Combine the scents of orange, citrus and vanilla to get this interesting hand wash that cleanses your hand and uplifts your mood.

Orange Vanilla Foaming Hand Wash



Step 1: Place a funnel on the foaming soap bottle and pour in the unscented castile soap, vegetable glycerin, and all the essential oils.

Step 2: Next, gently swirl the bottle to mix the ingredients, ensuring that the glycerin, soap, and essential oils blend well.

Step 3: Add the distilled water and place the cap on the foaming soap bottle. Gently shake the bottle to give it a good mix.

Your Orange Vanilla hand wash is good to go. Just pump a few drops of the hand wash and rub between the palms to create a lather and clean your hands thoroughly. Wash off with lukewarm water.

3. Orange and Aloe Vera Gel Hand Wash

Pamper your hands with this simple DIY foaming Orange and Aloe Vera Gel recipe that keeps your messy hands clean and is the most natural alternative to chemically loaded hand washes.

Orange and Aloe Vera Gel Hand Wash


  • Liquid Castile Soap - 1/3 Cup
  • Aloe Vera Gel - 1 Teaspoon
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil - 10 Drops
  • Distilled Water - 1 Cup
  • Witch Hazel - 1 Tablespoon
  • Foaming Soap Bottle


Step 1: Add the distilled water, liquid castile soap, witch hazel, and orange essential oil to the soap dispensing bottle.

Step 2: Now add the aloe vera gel.

Step 3: Place the cap of the bottle and give it a gentle shake.

Your DIY hand wash is ready to use. You can use this hand wash for about 3-4 weeks without worrying about its freshness, as witch hazel keeps the distilled water sanitized for a long time.


With so many DIY hand wash recipes under your belt, it is time you say goodbye to market brought expensive hand washes that only steal the moisture from your hands, leaving them dry and rough. Opt for these orange-scented homemade hand washes loaded with the all-natural goodness of oranges, keeping your hands clean and refreshed until your next wash.

So, why wait? Follow these recipes and make your Orange Hand Wash that turns hand washing into a fun-filled and refreshing activity.

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