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Brahmi Powder Brands in India 2024

In the Sanskrit language, the word Brahmi means the energy derived from Lord Brahma. Therefore, the herb symbolises spiritualism, wisdom, calmness, and many more. In modern days, this Ayurvedic herb is used to cure several neurological disorders. It is considered to regulate the heart muscles and nerve impulse.

Top 8 Brahmi Powder Brands in India

Brahmi powder can be consumed through water or milk to improve the concentration, memory, and overall brain power. It balances the tri-doshas i.e. vata, pitta, and kapha of your body. In this article, we will learn about the top Brahmi powder brands in India that offer high-quality and effective Brahmi powder.

List of Top 8 Brahmi Powder Brands in India 2024

Several brands offer Brahmi powder through offline and online channels. Yet, all of these brands cannot be trusted when it comes to purity and quality of the products. Now, let us look at the brands that offer some of the best Brahmi powder in India:

1.VedaOils Brahmi Powder

VedaOils is the leading provider of organic products and ingredients in India. The pure and chemical-free Brahmi powder offered by them is strictly meant for the external use. This powder is manufactured to provide nourishment to your skin and hair. It can be used as a hair cleanser and it also boosts hair growth and provides relief from dandruff. Its cleansing properties can also be used to make DIY face washes and scrubs. It supports cell regeneration and ensures that your skin becomes soft and youthful.

VedaOil’s Brahmi Powder

Its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from insect bites. It has a calming effect on your mind and proves to be a memory booster. All these properties and benefits make it one of the best Brahmi powder brands in India.

2.Bixa Botanical’s Brahmi Powder

Bixa Botanical’s Brahmi powder is meant for internal consumption. It promotes healthy brain function by regulating the blood flow to the brain. It also supports the development of vocal cord tissues which has a direct influence on your voice quality. It possesses triterpenoids which soothes neurological problems and maintains smooth functioning of the nervous system.

Bixa Botanical’s Brahmi Powder

3.Econbio Root’s Brahmi Powder

Econbio Root’s Brahmi powder is specially meant for hair care purposes. It enhances hair shine and makes your hair roots stronger. It nourishes your scalp and prevents dandruff. You can also use this powder for tackling hair fall and other hair issues. Therefore, it proves to be one of the best Brahmi powder brands in India when it comes to hair.

Econbio Root’s Brahmi Powder

4.Khadi Natural’s Brahmi Powder

Khadi Natural’s Brahmi powder is also formulated to provide hair related benefits. It resolves issues like split ends and regulates the formation of sebum. It can be used to treat dandruff and scalp irritation. It also cures hair loss and gives you natural shiny hair. Due to these reasons, we have included it in this list of top 11 Brahmi powder brands in India.

Khadi Natural’s Brahmi Powder

5.Holy Natural’s Brahmi Powder

Holy Natural also offers high-quality Brahmi powder that offers numerous benefits to your hair. It conditions your hair deeply and boosts the hair growth rate. It can be used to reduce hair fall and control dandruff. It is made from 100% fresh Brahmi leaves and therefore, it is totally safe for your hair and scalp.

Holy Natural’s Brahmi Powder

6.Treesara Organica’s Brahmi Powder

Treesara Organica’s Brahmi powder is meant to be taken with warm water or milk. It is a 100% organic product that controls anxiety and provides memory boosting benefits. It also regulates blood pressure and provides relief from issues like sleeplessness or insomnia. Due to these benefits, it is certainly one of the best Brahmi powder brands in India.

Treesara Organica’s Brahmi Powder

7.Natures Root’s Brahmi Powder

Natures Root offers organic Brahmi powder that can be consumed internally and used externally for its skin and hair care benefits. It strengthens hair roots and nourishes scalp to solve issues like dandruff. When consumed internally, it boots memory and provides mental clarity. It proves to be stress-busting and promotes a balanced and calm state of mind.

Natures Root’s Brahmi Powder

8.Vehgro Shop’s Brahmi Powder

The organic Brahmi powder offered by Vehgro Shop can be consumed internally with yoghurt, tea, or water. It balances your tri-doshas and improves brain memory and metabolism. As it is one of the purest forms of Brahmi powder, we have included it in our list of top 11 Brahmi powder brands in India.

Vehgro Shop’s Brahmi Powder


These were some of the top Brahmi powder brands in India. Always get natural and organic powders for health, skin, and hair care purposes as they do not cause any side effects. VedaOils is the best place for getting herbal products and ingredients as it offers them at cost-effective rates. The pure and chemical-free process of manufacturing the products and procuring the ingredients make it one of the best brands in this segment.

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