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Top 6 Best Body Butter for Glowing Skin - Homemade DIY Recipe

Applying body butter daily on your skin helps to prevent it from dehydrating. It also adds a beautiful glow to your face by improving the complexion naturally. There are various body butters obtained from different natural sources.

Best Body Butter for Glowing Skin

All these ingredients improve your complexion and help to get rid of skin dryness. By using some of these body butter along with ingredients like essential oils, you can achieve faster results for your skin. In this article, you will get an idea about the best body butter for glowing skin along with some DIY body butter for glowing skin recipes.

Is Body Butter good for skin?

Body Butters are obtained from fruits, seeds, and other natural parts of different plants. Therefore, they are completely safe for your skin. As they contain essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, they prove to be healthy for all skin types. They nourish your skin and maintain their elasticity and condition. As a result, you must use them for skin care purposes.

Top 6 Best Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Each body butter has some speciality and unique properties. By comparing these properties you can choose the best body butter for glowing skin as per your skin type. We have found some best body butter for glowing skin that keeps your skin healthy and flawless. Go through their details and choose the best body butter for your skin.

Cocoa Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Obtained from Cocoa, cocoa Body Butter contains essential fatty acids that repair damaged skin. Therefore, if there are any cracks or gaps in your skin, they will get healed after the application of this body butter. It contains powerful antioxidants that restore the natural glow of your face by making it healthy. Cocoa Body Butter makes your skin look flawless by taking care of ageing symptoms like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles.

Orange Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Orange Body Butter is rich in vitamin C that has skin lightening properties. It protects your skin during harsh weather conditions by creating a protective layer on the skin. It also revitalizes your skin and prevents it from appearing dull. Orange Body Butter can also be used for treating flaky, cracked, and dry skin. All these reasons make it the best body butter for glowing skin.

Mango Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Mango Body Butter is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that rejuvenate your skin deeply. It also adds a healthy glow to your skin and makes it look flawless. Your skin texture can also be improved by including it in your DIY skincare recipes. It reduces the dark spot appearance and soothes your skin. Moreover, it cleanses your skin and brightens your complexion naturally.

Turmeric Body Butter for Glowing Skin

Turmeric Body Butter contains compounds that result in skin brightening. Therefore, it is often added in face creams and skin care lotions. It contains strong antioxidants that tackle free radicals and prevent your skin from getting damaged. Turmeric Body Butter is considered to be one of the best body butter for glowing skin because it keeps skin hydrated and prevents it from appearing listless and dull.

Shea Butter for Glowing Skin

Obtained from Shea Trees found in the African continent, Shea Butter is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. They improve skin health, resolve premature ageing signs, and add a stunning glow to your skin. Your skin becomes soft, supple, and smooth after applying Shea Butter on it. You can also mix it with the above mentioned body butters for making them more effective. It is also lightweight which means that it does not weigh on your skin.

Best Body Butter Recipes for Glowing Skin

While using organic body butter directly on the skin can help improve skin tone and texture, mixing it with other natural ingredients will expedite the process. Here are some homemade DIY recipes to make the best body butter for glowing skin that can help you give a spotless glow to your skin:

Mango & Cocoa Body Butter Recipe for Glowing Skin

Mango Butter enhances your skin glow whereas Cocoa Butter keeps it fresh, clean, and rejuvenated. Together they will provide a radiant look to your skin and is especially recommended for face care purposes. Use the right proportions as mentioned below to get faster results.

Mango & Cocoa Body Butter Recipe for glowing skin

  1. Mango Butter - ¼ cup
  2. Cocoa Butter - ⅛ cup
  3. Vitamin E Oil - 3 drops (optional)
  4. Lavender Essential Oil - 5 drops
  5. Jojoba Oil - 1 tbsp.
  6. Coconut Oil - ¼ cup
  7. Arrowroot powder - 1 tbsp.
  8. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 5 drops
  • Slice the Cocoa and Mango Butter into small pieces and heat them in a double boiler.
  • Turn off the heat and when the mixture cools down and reaches a semi-solid state, add the oils and arrowroot powder.
  • Whisk it nicely by using a hand mixer for at least 3 to 4 minutes. Store the solution in an airtight bottle.

How to use it?

  • Clean your skin and apply the whipped body cream on it. Massage it gently using rotating motion.
  • Let the ingredients get absorbed in your skin completely. Therefore, you don’t have to wash your skin after applying this cream.
  • Store the mixture in a glass or metal container in a cold and dry temperature for making it last up to a year.

Shea and Orange Butter Recipe for Glowing Skin

Both Shea and Orange Butter add a sparkling glow to your face. They also heal and rejuvenate dry skin. Together, they work perfectly especially when blended with ingredients like Jojoba Oil. See the ingredients and read more about the recipe below.

Shea and Orange Butter Recipe for Skin Whitening

  1. Shea Butter - ¼ cup
  2. Jojoba Oil - ¼ cup
  3. Orange Butter - ¼ cup
  4. Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10 drops (optional)
  5. Arrowroot powder - 1 tsp.
  • Heat the Shea Butter and Orange Butter after cutting them into small chunks. Use a double boiler method to heat them.
  • Turn off the flame and add the oils and arrowroot powder. Whisk the ingredients properly by using a hand blender.
  • Let the mixture cool down before transferring the content into an airtight bottle.

How to use it?

  • Wash your face and body nicely. Apply the whisked body butter all over your body and face.
  • Allow the ingredients to soak into your skin completely. For best results, apply the mixture overnight and wash your body directly in the morning.
  • Store the ingredients in a metal or glass container and place it in a dry and cold place for maintaining the effectiveness of the whisked body butter.


By now, you might have figured out the best body butter for glowing skin. You can try both the above DIY recipes to check which one works better for your skin. Use only natural and chemical-free ingredients for skin care and face care purposes. Apply whisked body butters on your skin and get a stunning glow on your face and skin!

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