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Bentonite Clay For Eczema - Benefits and Recipe

Natural Clays like Bentonite Clay are being used for treating several issues of skin and hair. Bentonite Clay is formed by the slow decomposition of volcanic ash. It contains powerful absorbent and antibacterial properties that can prove to be useful for treating skin issues like eczema.

Bentonite Clay for Eczema

Eczema is a painful skin condition that creates patches of itchy and cracked skin. It is usually caused due to stress, environmental issues, or genetics. The nourishing properties of Bentonite Clay make it useful as one of the ingredients for treating eczema.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Eczema

A clay mask consisting of Bentonite Clay can be effective in reducing the eczema caused due to environmental triggers. It may also help with other forms of eczema due to the wide range of nutrients and vitamins it contains. Let’s get a deeper look into the benefits of Bentonite Clay for Eczema now:

  • Reduces Itchiness: Eczema can result in severe itching of skin due to the allergic reactions. Bentonite Clay when mixed with other natural ingredients like essential oil can promote skin health while keeping the itchiness or irritation of skin at bay. It also heals redness of skin and can be used for healing diaper rashes as well.
  • Heals Skin: Eczema often results in damaged and broken skin. Bentonite Clay can boost the immunity of your skin by promoting skin regeneration. It also heals the skin and proves to be effective in treating skin allergies and wounds. It also heals the scars and marks created due to damaged skin.
Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Eczema
  • Nourishes Skin: Eczema makes your skin dry, rough, and aggravated. Making a Bentonite Clay mask for eczema can be a good option to nourish and moisturise the skin that has become rough and dry due to eczema. Therefore, it helps to restore the skin health that is affected due to eczema.
  • Absorbs Fluid Secretions: Sometimes, a fluid can ooze from the eczema affected part. This phenomenon is called weeping eczema. Using Bentonite Clay for weeping eczema treatment can come in handy due to its powerful healing and absorbing properties. It absorbs the fluid secretions and helps to maintain the skin health.
  • Treats Blisters: Dermatitis can also be dyshidrotic i.e. can result in sudden formation of rashes and blisters on the skin. The bactericidal and healing properties of Bentonite Clay can be used for treating dyshidrotic eczema. It soothes the aggravated skin and revives the skin health to prevent further formation of sudden blisters.

Bentonite Clay for Eczema Recipe

You can use Bentonite Clay for Eczema treatment because of its several skin benefits. However, you need to be careful while choosing the ingredients as the wrong choice might cause unwanted skin issues. Here is the Bentonite Clay for Eczema anti-itch lotion recipe that we have brought for you!

Bentonite Clay for Eczema Recipe



Follow the below instructions to make anti-itch cream for eczema with Bentonite Clay:

  • Heat Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in a double boiler.
  • Once they have melted, add dried Calendula and heat it in the blend for about 20 minutes.
  • Strain the liquid and start heating the oil again. Now turn the heat low and pour honey. Blend the ingredients nicely and turn off the heat.
  • Now, add the other ingredients with Bentonite Clay and mix them nicely until a creamy mixture is formed. Let it cool before applying it on your skin.

How to Use

  • Apply the cream over the affected area gently. Let it get absorbed in the skin and the itching sensation will subside slowly. Perform a small patch test on your skin before applying to know whether it suits your skin or not.


We hope that you liked this recipe. To make effective DIY recipes with Bentonite Clay for eczema then you need to choose only the organic and pure ones. VedaOils offers natural and pure ingredients on its portal at cost-effective rates. You can also order bulk ingredients from there and get great deals and discounts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Bentonite Clay For Eczema!

Q.1. Is Bentonite Clay good for eczema?

Ans. Yes, Bentonite Clay is good for eczema when used with the right ingredients and in a proper way.

Q.2. Is Bentonite Clay safe for eczema?

Ans. Yes, Bentonite Clay is safe for eczema when used in moderation.

Q.3. Is Calcium Bentonite Clay good for eczema?

Ans. Yes, Calcium Bentonite Clay can prove to be good for treating eczema as it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

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