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Vitamin E Oil For Lips | DIY Recipe For Cracked Lips

Lips are the most attractive part of our faces. So we need to take care of them just the way we do for skin and hair. Have you ever thought of trying natural ways to make your lips more pink and juicy? A lot of times, heavy lipsticks and balms make our lips chapped.

Vitamin E Oil For Lips

It's always advisable to go for natural products that are harmless and leave no side effects on the lips. Vitamin E Oil for lips is amazing as it hydrates them completely and makes them look more pink. Lets us know more about Vitamin E benefits for lips below in the blog.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil For Lips

Vitamin E oil has enormous benefits when it comes to using it for lips. No matter if you have chapped, dry or cracked lips, Vitamin E has qualitative properties that will help make your lips look hydrated and juicy. Let's check out the benefits of the oil below.

Vitamin E Oil For Lips Benefits
  • Moisturizing: Vitamin E oil is an amazing moisturizer on the lips. It helps in restoring skin hydration and keeps the lips soft and supple. It is totally ideal for dry and cracked lips. In addition, the oil makes your lips softer and enhances overall moisture content.
  • Softening: Vitamin E for lips shows evidence of boosting the overall blood circulation and generating new skin cells. This helps in making your lips softer and supple. In addition, the oil has nutrients that naturally make lips juicier and pinkish.
  • Protecting: The lips are vulnerable to environmental impurities and damage. Vitamin E oil helps in protecting the lips as it has a restorative powder to revitalize skin cells. The oil strengthens its natural defensive barrier and protects lips from harmful UV rays of the sun too.
  • Repairing: Vitamin E oil has anti-inflammatory properties to help to soothe and heal the damaged chapped lips well. If you have swollen or inflamed lips, then Vitamin E oil helps to repair the damaged skin and fights bacteria.
  • Anti-aging: Often, our lips become thinner and wrinklier as we grow old. Vitamin E oil has extremely powerful antioxidants that can help to reverse age-related skin damage caused by free radicals. In addition, the oil smoothes the texture of lips and makes them look juicy naturally.

Does Vitamin E Oil Good For All Types Of Lips?

Vitamin E oil is an outstanding oil that suits all skin types. There have never been any side effects of this oil on any skin type. The oil is versatile in its properties and makes your lips hydrated.

  • Vitamin E Oil For Pink Lips: Vitamin E oil has antioxidants and rich nutrients that help to make your lips look pink in color all naturally. You don't have to invest in expensive lipsticks to make your lips plumped or pink in color. Vitamin E does its job wonderfully to make your lips pink all naturally.
  • Vitamin E Oil For Chapped Lips: Vitamin E oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps to combat the condition of chapped lips very fast. The oil promotes cell regeneration and prevents further irritation on the lips. Vitamin E oil is best for lips as it has no further side effects.
Vitamin E Oil For Dark Lips
  • Vitamin E Oil For Dry Lips: If you are suffering from dry lips and haven't found the correct solution to combat this yet, then Vitamin E oil is what you need today. The oil helps to lock the moisture content in the lips. As a result, vitamin E oil makes your lips completely hydrated and softer in texture.
  • Vitamin E Oil For Cracked Lips: Often, it becomes difficult to repair cracked skin or lips. A lot of products make the situation worse. Vitamin E oil is what you need today as it repairs the skin cells well, and antioxidants help to naturally make your lips look pink and juicy. Vitamin E oil makes your lips plumped too.
  • Vitamin E Oil For Dark Lips: Vitamin E oil has the tendency to get rid of any pigmentation on the lips. If you have dark lips, then Vitamin E oil is one such instant solution to get pink lips faster. The oil makes lips juicy and lightens dark lips naturally. It is one such oil that nourishes the lips as well.

How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Chapped & Cracked Lips - DIY Recipe

The recipe to apply Vitamin E oil on your lips is very easy and involves some easy steps. All you require are some natural ingredients only. Let's check out the recipe below to get rid of chapped and cracked lips faster.

Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil



In a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil along with 2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil. Mix them both, and then add a few drops of lavender essential oil as well. Stir the mixture well and apply them gently to the lips.

How To Apply:

Simply use your fingertips or a cotton swab to apply the mixture to the lips and keep it on the lips for the next 15-20 mins. You may also leave the mixture on the lips overnight for better nourishment.


Vitamin E oil for lips is amazing to use and has no side effects. The oil makes lips pink and juice without any side effects. This oil has enormous benefits and can be applied to the lips with some easy and vital steps. VedaOils provides natural vitamin E oil that is safe and pure to use. Go and checkout with amazing discounts today.

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