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Olive Oil For Tattoo Aftercare

Olive oil is an amazing, versatile oil. It is used for various purposes. The oil is perfect to use on the skin to eliminate any issues. If you have tattoos or planning to have one, remember to use olive oil as it is wonderful on the skin and combats all bacterial issues.

olive oil for tattoo aftercare

If you have been struggling to find a good oil for some time to use on your tattoo skin, then olive oil is the one. Grab the benefits of this oil on the skin as it is anti-inflammatory and soothes skin very well. Let's know more about virgin olive oil for tattoos and how to use it on the skin below in the blog.

Why Olive Oil For Tattoo Aftercare?

It should be used for aftercare on the tattoo as the oil will protect the skin from any impurities and irritations. Olive oil soothes redness and itching too.

Olive oil has properties to combat pain and bacterial infections on the skin. The oil's antibacterial properties help eliminate any rashes or irritations on the tattooed skin.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Tattoo

Olive oil for tattoos has amazing benefits for the skin. You can use olive oil to make your skin smoother and softer. The oil has other benefits too that help in combating skin infections. Let's check them out below.

  • Heals Wounds: Olive oil is amazing in healing wounds and cuts on the skin. It is very light and antiseptic as well. The oil heals deep wounds around the tattoo as well. It doesn't harm the skin and combats all types of irritations, too.
Benefits of Olive Oil For Tattoo
  • Prevents Skin Dryness: If you have a dry skin type, or have dryness on the skin for a while, then olive oil prevents dryness around the tattoo area very well by moisturizing the skin from within.
  • Antibacterial Properties: Olive oil controls skin bacteria and combat infections. It is one such amazing oil to be put around the tattoo area. The oil kills all the bacteria on the skin.
  • Great Antioxidant Content: Olive oil helps prevent oxidation of skin cells when skin gets damaged due to the heavy UV rays of the sun. Olive oil heals sunburns and rashes on the skin around tattoos.
  • Moisturising: Olive oil keeps skin completely moisturised and has healing properties. It should be applied to the skin for aftercare. The oil helps in making skin glow and has a softer texture.

How To Use Olive Oil For New Tattoo?

There are certain ways in which you can apply olive oil on the skin for a tattoo. The oil can be applied in different ways along with some natural ingredients. Let's check out the steps below.

Step 1: You can directly apply olive oil to the skin's surface where you have a tattoo. With the help of a cotton swab, apply the oil and gently massage that area with your hands.

How To Use Olive Oil For Tattoo

Step 2: You can create an olive oil blend with other natural oils, such as lavender and peppermint, and apply the mixture to your tattoo for aftercare. Repeat applying this mixture 2-3 times for best results.

Step 3: You can store olive oil in a dropper bottle, and with the help of a dropper, apply a few drops on the surface of the tattooed skin and massage a little.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Olive Oil For Tattoo!

Q: Is Olive Oil Good For My Tattoo?

Ans: Olive oil is completely natural and works wonders on the skin. It should be applied for aftercare on the Tattoo.

Q: Is Olive Oil Bad For Tattoos?

Ans: No, not at all. Olive oil is the best natural oil to put on the tattoo. It heals all the wounds and combats rashes or irritations on the skin.

Q: Can You Put Olive Oil on a Tattoo?

Ans: Yes. You can put olive oil on a tattoo. It has no side effects and doesn't harm the skin. The oil makes your skin smoother and calms any pain on the tattoo surface.


Olive oil for the tattoo is used widely to take care of the skin afterwards. The oil has wonderful benefits that help to combat bacterial infections and smooth the texture. You can apply olive oil on your tattoo skin in various ways. If you haven't already, do buy olive oil from a brand of value, VedaOils.

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