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Essential Oils For Muscle Pain | Best Massage Oil For Muscle Spasms

Most of us deal with muscle pain, soreness, or numbness due to our hectic daily schedules. Sometimes, a heavy workout, lack of water intake, and other reasons might also result in muscle cramps and pain. You can indulge in a steam bath or book an appointment for a full body massage to treat muscle pain.

essential oils for sore muscles

However, if you want the same results at a cheaper cost, you can try essential oils. Essential Oils are concentrated oils that heal body pain naturally. Their anti-inflammatory effects cure the pain, whereas they rejuvenate the health of your tissues and joints. Therefore, they prove to be the perfect treatment for cramps and muscle pain.

Top 10 Essential Oils That Help With Body Aches

If you want to choose an essential oil for body pain, you have arrived at the right place. We will be discussing the best essential oil for muscle pain and leg pain. These top 10 essential oils for muscles can heal the pain and strengthen your muscles. So let's get started without any further delay!

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Cinnamon essential oil is made from cinnamon bark and contains soothing properties, and it is especially beneficial against stiffness and muscle pain.

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

 If you feel any stiffness in the joints or if your legs or calves are paining, you can apply a diluted Cinnamon Essential Oil to the affected area. It will immediately relax your muscles and provide relief from the muscle ache.

2. Copaiba Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Copaiba essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This essential oil also restores muscle strength and fortifies blood circulation to provide immediate relief from muscle cramps and pain.

Copaiba Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

It is often used by people who struggle with arthritis because of its ability to relax the joint pain. Copaiba Essential Oil is also effective against the numbness of muscles. You may also use this essential oil to strengthen your joints and fingers.

3. Grapefruit Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Grapefruit essential oil is effective against headaches and back pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil provide instant relief from the pain associated with muscle fatigue and stiffness.

Grapefruit Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Grapefruit Essential Oil works for all types of pain, including muscle stiffness, pain, and numbness of joints. It promotes healthy blood circulation in the affected areas to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of the muscles.

4. Wintergreen Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Wintergreen essential oil is included in treating rheumatic joints and sore muscles because of its ability to restore healthy blood circulation in painful areas.

Wintergreen Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

This essential oil is anti-irritant, providing quick relief from muscle soreness and irritation. Wintergreen Essential Oil also proves to be effective against swelling of joints and muscles.

5. Black Pepper Essential Oil for Sore Muscles

Muscle and joint Issues like tendonitis, rheumatic joints, and arthritis can also be treated by massaging your joints and affected areas with a diluted form of Black Pepper Essential Oil.

Black Pepper Essential Oil for Sore Muscles

Black pepper essential oil's antispasmodic effects make it good enough to treat sore muscles, and its warming effects restore a smooth flow of blood and resolve issues like muscle cramps and stiffness.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Organic peppermint essential oil also exhibits antispasmodic and analgesic properties, which is useful against all types of muscle catch, cramps, and pain.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

The cooling properties of Peppermint Essential Oil prove to be an ideal remedy against sore muscles and pain. You can rub this essential oil on your back to relieve lower back pain or numbness faster.

7. Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Like Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil also soothes muscle pain and soreness due to its cooling effects. You may also use this essential oil to reduce the swelling of joints.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Eucalyptus essential oil's powerful anti-inflammatory properties are effective against muscle stiffness, and it restores normal blood circulation in painful areas and heals the muscle pain naturally.

8. Tea Tree Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Tea tree essential oil also works as an effective muscle pain reliever when blended with other essential oils like Peppermint or Eucalyptus.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Tea Tree Essential Oil soothes muscle pain or inflammation due to its soothing properties. It also restores the strength of muscle fibres and joints to provide faster relief from all sorts of muscle stiffness or soreness.

9. Clove Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

The ability of pure clove essential oil to treat joint pain, sprains, spasms, and rheumatism makes it an effective solution for all types of joints and muscle pain.

Clove Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

Clove Essential Oil strengthens the musculoskeletal system and provides quick relief from muscle pain and soreness. It is also incorporated in pain relieving oil blends due to its strong pain-relieving properties.

10. Lavender Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

The lavender essential oil can soothe muscle pain. This essential oil is also one of the best for leg pain, providing quick relief from all muscle pain and spasms.

Lavender Essential Oil for Muscle Pain

It is also included in an essential oil blend formulated to provide faster relief from muscle pain. Lavender Essential Oil strong anti-inflammatory properties make it effective against muscle numbness and soreness.

Muscle Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Now that you know the best essential oils for muscle pain, it is time to prepare a powerful essential oil blend. This blend can be the go-to solution whenever you face muscle or joint pain.


  • Black Pepper Essential Oil - 10 Drops
  • Lavender Essential Oil - 10 Drops
  • Marjoram Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 8 Drops
  • Cypress Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 Cup

Directions To Use:

Step 1: Mix all the oils and pour them into a glass bottle.

Step 2: Top the bottle with the carrier oil and shake it well.

Step 3: Your essential oil blend recipe for muscle pain is ready.

Step 4: Remember to shake the bottle well before every use.

How to Use Essential Oil for Sore Muscles?

You can use essential oils in the following ways to soothe sore muscles:

  • Bath: You may add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to bath water. Mix the oil and water with your hands and enjoy the aromatic bath. The essential oil's anti-inflammatory properties will banish the pain in your joints and muscles. You don’t have to use any diluent here, as warm water dilutes the essential oil concentration.
  • Roller: Roller blend recipes usually contain two or more essential oils. The roller blends already have a diluent in them; therefore, you can apply them directly over the affected area. If you are unsure of the diluent used, you may take a patch test on your elbow or knee to confirm whether it suits your skin.
  • Massage: A massage is the best way to receive the benefits of essential oils for sore and numb muscles. You can either do a complete body massage or massage the affected areas. However, don’t forget to dilute it before with a suitable carrier oil. You may also blend multiple essential oils to make a perfect blend for treating muscle pain.


We hope you now know how effective essential oils can be against muscle pain and stiffness. However, the best results can be achieved only if you use pure and chemical-free essential oils. You can get these essential oils from the official site of VedaOils, and organic and pure essential oils are offered at discounted rates on this portal.

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