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Essential Oils For Lips - Add In Your Lip Gloss & Balm

You might have surely heard about the tons of benefits essential oil come with, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. And if you are into essential oils, you might be wondering whether you can use them for your lips. Thankfully we have good news for you.

best essential oils for lip balm

Some essential oils are really good for your lips and offer them a lot of benefits. After all, you must be tired of using those chemical-filled lip balms that generally promise good for your lips, but as a result, they ruin them more badly. Now, it's time to trust the magic of essential oils for lips and see the results yourself.

Essential Oil Benefits For Lips

Essential oil enriches all beauty products with its amazing benefits, and lip care products are no different. All these essential oils are known for their moisturizing and hydration properties, providing lips with the nourishment to look plump and naturally pink. Let's help you get to know about the top essential oils for lips in detail.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Dry & Dark Lips

We all wish to have soft and beautiful lips, and many products are available in the market that promises you to do so but fails often. Using essential oils for dry and chapped lips is one of the best ways to give your lips the required nourishment and health, which makes them look beautiful. Here are the top essential oils you can consider.

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil For Lips

According to various experts, the cinnamon essential oil can be one amazing short-term effective way to plump your ways, similar to lip plumping glosses.

Cinnamon Essential Oil For Lips

There are many essential compounds in cinnamon essential oil that rushes the blood to the surface and causes slight puffiness to your lips. This essential oil naturally increases your lip size but not permanently and can also be used to heal chapped lips.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Lips

The well-known calming aroma of lavender essential oil and its anti-inflammatory effects make them popular. In addition, lavender oil has potent antibacterial qualities, making it useful for treating chapped lips and preventing infections.

Lavender Essential Oil For Lips

It will also plump up your lips, giving you a kissable pout. Apply the mixture on your lips three to four times a day, or whenever necessary, after properly diluting the lavender in the coconut oil. You may also leave it on overnight for the most extreme lip hydration.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Chapped Lips

The combination of mint and tea tree essential oil in Healing Mint makes it a potent antibacterial for healing and reviving chapped and damaged lips.

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Chapped Lips

The natural antibacterial essential oil tea tree has been used for many years to treat wounds and improve dental hygiene. If you wish to use tea tree essential oil for chapped lips, apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil to your lips with a clean cotton swab and massage it.

4. Lemon Essential Oil For Dark Lips

Lemon essential oil not only heals dry lips but also helps in reducing pigmentation and makes them look naturally pink. All you have to do is mix coconut oil, lemon essential oil, and almond oil.

Lemon Essential Oil For Dark Lips

While most essential oil only helps fight dry or chapped lips, the lemon essential oil is slightly different. Add honey, apply this mixture to your lips as a lip mask, and see the results yourself.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil For Lips

Rosemary essential oil is another great essential oil for softening and plumping your lips. It seals in moisture to give your lips long-lasting protection, leaving them softer for longer periods.

Rosemary Essential Oil For Lips

The essential oil is rich in antiseptic properties and boasts energizing and refreshing aroma. In addition, essential oil, rosemary has antibacterial properties and is high in Vitamin A; all these properties help fight dryness to your lips.

6. Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Lips

Due to its inherent anti-inflammatory characteristics, the limonene in Orange essential oil, a wonderful delicious mixture, aids in healing dry lips. It also provides hydration and locks in the moisture for nourished and soft lips.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Lips

Given that it includes several of the best Orange oil kinds in a single bottle, Orange Around the World essential oil is extremely well-rounded. So, the sweet Orange essential oil is a great choice if you plan to make a DIY lip balm.

7. Rose Essential Oil For Lips

Rose essential oil is known for its great healing and nourishing properties while leaving a gorgeous scent behind. The oil is rich in antioxidant properties that help fade away dark spots or discolouration from the lips.

Rose Essential Oil For Lips

Applying it to the lips rejuvenates them and gives them a plump, pinkish look. Studies also suggest that rose essential oil opens more pores on the skin, which helps absorb more nutrients when lip care products are applied.

8. Grapefruit Essential Oil For Lips

Grapefruit essential oil is prominent for its fragrance, but it is also one amazing natural lip care oil. This natural oil keeps your skin soft and feels nice on your lips.

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Lips

Like most citrus oils and sweet flavour, its uplifting scent gives you a great option to make mesmerizing lip balms. Using a lip balm made with grapefruit essential oil assists in the prevention of dryness or chapping of lips, especially during the winter season.

9. Jasmine Essential Oil For Lips

One product that you should always keep in your mind is jasmine essential oil. It is a fantastic lip care product because it is high in vitamin E.

Jasmine Essential Oil For Lips

This essential oil contains anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce swelling and hasten the healing of chapped lips when used frequently after being diluted with a carrier oil. In a few weeks, you can also make a lip mask using jasmine essential oil to relieve dry and chapped lips.

10. Vanilla Essential Oil For Lips

Vanilla essential oil is a terrific choice if you're looking for an oil that will leave your chapped lips nourished and silky and smooth. This essential oil nourishes your lips and leaves them plump and healthy looking.

Vanilla Essential Oil For Lips

Due to its advantageous benefits on the skin and lips, it is a well-known essential oil in the skincare industry. For a calming lip balm, mix 15 drops of this essential oil with 15 drops of lavender oil and a tablespoon coconut oil.

Essential Oil Blends Recipe For Pink Lips

Nobody likes dry lips, and thus, finding a solution for that is crucial. The best way to keep dry or chapped lips away is by using a DIY lip oil blend that nourishes and moisturizes your lips. Here's a simple recipe to keep your lips beautiful and never dry.

  • Empty Roll-on Bottle
  • Virgin Coconut Oil - 10ml
  • Lavender Essential Oil - 3 Drops
  • Lemon Essential Oil - 2 Drops

Step 1: Take the roll-on container and add all the oils.

Essential Oil Blends Recipe For Pink Lips

Step 2: Close the lid and give it a good shake to mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Step 3: Your essential oil blend recipe for lip care is ready to use.

Step 4: Apply to lips throughout the day or as needed.

Step 5: Keep following this for almost a week and see the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s try to answer some of the questions that you might be having about using Essential Oils For Lips.

Q: Is it OK to put essential oils on your lips?

Ans: The lips are a sensitive part of the face, so we suggest you go for it.5% dilution rate when using essential oils on the lips to keep them safe and free from allergic reactions.

Q: Are essential oils bad for lips?

Ans: Essential oils are one of the favourite ingredients for making lip balms, but only some essential oils can be used on your lips. Some might irritate, so use the ones designated for lips.


On that note, essential oils have come up as a great remedy to solve all the problems that cause harm to our lips. Whether it's the issue of darkening, dry or chapped lips, these essential oils have a solution to fight them all. It's time to try out the DIY recipes and make lip balms or glosses using the above-mentioned essential oils to nourish your lips naturally.

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