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Essential Oils For Laundry | Adding Oils to Laundry

Everyone likes to finish mundane chores like laundry as quickly as possible. What if we told you we have a trick to make doing the laundry a smell-tastic experience? Yes! This tip can turn what was once a laborious chore into a calming sensory experience!

Best Essential Oils For Laundry

Using essential oils is a fantastic method to freshen your clothes organically. In addition to being wonderful to add to your washing machine and dryer during times of illness, their smells are also fantastic ways to encourage particular moods! Add these essential oils to the laundry to promote better sleep, relax, inspire, and revitalise, among other things.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Laundry

Using essential oils in your laundry can benefit it in a number of ways. They can help get rid of difficult stains. They leave your clothing with a wonderful scent and soften the fabric. Here is a selection of widely used essential oils that smell beautiful and offer extra advantages for your laundry and house.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Laundry

You're probably already familiar with lavender essential oil! This is typically the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about essential oils. It has also traditionally been used to boost the immune system and stop the spread of disease.

Lavender Essential Oil For Laundry

Lavender essential oil is renowned for its soothing and unwinding qualities. One of the best essential oils for laundry. Especially good for bedsheets. Imagine getting into bed and inhaling the tranquil lavender smell! What an awesome way to round out the day!

2. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Laundry

The drier benefits from the widely used tea tree essential oil! This essential oil, a mild oil with antibacterial qualities that naturally combats undesired items, blends beautifully with natural DIY cleaning solutions.

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Laundry

Before leaving for the day, toss your clothes in (even if they are almost dry) to give them a tea tree infusion! What a fantastic approach to sending your children to school! Before they leave for school, put some tea trees in the dryer with the clothing they'll be wearing that day to boost their immune system.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Laundry

Eucalyptus essential oil has a crisp, clean fragrance that can help with mental clarity and grounding. This is a terrific technique to clean the germs off someone's bedding after they've been ill!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Laundry

When you're unwell, Eucalyptus Radiata is a fantastic oil to add to the wash! Throw eucalyptus essential oil in the laundry with your clothing, towels, and pillowcases. Also, we enjoy diffusing this essential oil throughout the cold and flu season!

4. Lemon Essential Oil For Laundry

Lemon essential oil has a highly energising aroma. The essential oil not only smells very fresh, but it also has powerful antifungal, astringent, and antibacterial effects. Cleaning with this essential oil is fantastic - whether it is your clothes or other surfaces.

Lemon Essential Oil For Laundry

Lemon essential oil is incredibly powerful, gets rid of drowsiness, and encourages clear thinking! Due to its invigorating and disinfectant properties, it is an excellent essential oil to add to the washing machine! Additionally, your washing room and clothes will both smell wonderful and upbeat!

5. Peppermint Essential Oil For Laundry

In addition to having a high menthol content that makes it perfect for washing products, peppermint essential oil also has antibacterial characteristics. Add this essential oil to your wool dryer ball for an energetic smell on your clothing.

Peppermint Essential Oil For Laundry

We adore peppermint essential oil for how energising it is! The crisp, minty flavour of peppermint is stimulating to the mind. This essential oil will help you think clearly and makes you focus better. You will feel prepared to face the day with peppermint in hand!

6. Chamomile Essential Oil For Laundry

What a wonderful essential oil to use while drying your bedding in the dryer! Better still, before night, dry your pillow for a minute with chamomile! You can use chamomile essential oil to enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Chamomile Essential Oil For Laundry

Chamomile essential oil is fantastic for enhancing life's joy. The essential oil is many people's go-to oil for reducing emotions of rage, anxiety, and jitteriness. This essential oil has loads of advantages for the human brain.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil For Laundry

Cleaning clothes with rosemary essential oil is also a brilliant idea! It is an essential oil with outstanding antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiseptic qualities. Like tea tree essential oil, people typically use this essential oil in the washing to eliminate pungent smells.

Rosemary Essential Oil For Laundry

And lemon essential oil works perfectly with it! Together, the two essential oils are a delicious-smelling combination that fights germs! For a more uplifting aroma, combine the two essential oils instead of using them by themselves to disinfect!

8. Sandalwood Essential Oil For Laundry

The aroma of sandalwood essential oil is delightfully flowery and wonderful for doing your laundry. This essential oil is incredibly balanced, invigorating, and peaceful.

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Laundry

This aroma provides excellent emotional support. You will always feel quite calm and prepared emotionally whenever you smell geranium! Additionally, sandalwood essential oil is known to assist the adrenals and help with circulation.

9. Cedarwood Essential Oil For Laundry

There are several traditional uses for oregano essential oil. This essential oil has traditionally been used to clean, boost the immune system, etc.

Cedarwood Essential Oil For Laundry

Oregano essential oil leaves behind a warm, spicy scent while sanitising garments. When a member of your household is ill or when you're trying to avoid illness, this essential oil is fantastic to add to your washing machine!

10. Bergamot Essential Oil For Laundry

Prepare to savour the moments of life! What a great way to make the washing machine smell delightful! The bergamot essential oil has a zesty, pleasant, fresh aroma that uplifts the spirit and facilitates productivity.

Bergamot Essential Oil For Laundry

All of the citrus essential oils are wonderful! This essential oil is a highly balanced, upbeat, and optimistic essential oil for laundry! You'll go about your day with the most positive outlook if you use bergamot essential oil.

Essential Oil Blends For Laundry

Aromatherapy for laundry is among the top washing advice for enhancing the fragrant perks of your environmentally friendly laundry regimen. The finest essential oils for this purpose are those that we have mentioned above. How can you use essential oils for laundry? Let us tell you how!

Essential Oil Blends For Laundry
  • Favourite Essential Oil - 3 Drops

Step 1: You need a very small amount of oil to give your clothing a wonderful smell boost. You will add two or three drops of your preferred essential oils to your bottle of unscented laundry detergent.

Step 2: Next, give the bottle a good shake and give it a sniff. If you are happy with the smell, you are good to go! You can keep adding the essential oil drop by drop if it is more powerful once it is. To keep the oil and detergent blended, shake the bottle every time you do laundry.


So, these were the top 10 essential oils for laundry. Do you run your dryer or washing machine with essential oils? Do you like to clean your clothes organically? Which oils do you like to use while washing clothes? Do you want to know where to buy the best essential oils for laundry? Then look no further than Veda Oils. We are the best suppliers of essential oils - check it out now!

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