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Essential Oils For Confidence | Aromatherapy For Self Confidence

Confidence comes from within, but it also gets influenced by how you feel about yourself. People follow various tips and tricks to boost their confidence. One of the ways to boost confidence is to wear perfumes and fragrances that make you smell good. However, artificial fragrances are of no use and don’t positively impact your mind.

Best Essential Oils for Confidence

If you want to experience a surge in your confidence levels, you should incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle through massages, aromatherapy, etc. If you are low on self-esteem or confidence, these are the essential oils that you should try. However, while ordering essential oils, ensure that they are pure, natural, and unadulterated. Pick the essential oils from an authentic source to boost your confidence with ease!

Top 10 Essential Oils for Confidence & Self Worth

It has been noted that certain essential oils positively impact your mindset. They alleviate your mood and make you feel better about yourself. We will discuss the top 10 essential oils for confidence today!

1. Lavender Essential Oil for Confidence

Lavender essential oil promotes clarity of thoughts and expression. It reduces stress levels and is known for its anti-anxiety properties.

Lavender Essential Oil for Confidence

By incorporating lavender essential oil via massages and aromatherapy, you can increase your confidence naturally. Studies have revealed that lack of sleep can also affect the energy and confidence of a person. Lavender essential oil provides a night of sound sleep and helps your mind stay fresh and active.

2. Lemon Essential Oil for Confidence

The citrusy aroma of lemon essential oil is a natural confidence booster. It also enables you to handle stress, depression, and other mental issues that may deteriorate your confidence levels.

Lemon Essential Oil for Confidence

Lemon essential oil enhances mood and makes you feel energetic and happy. As a result, your confidence levels are uplifted naturally, and issues like insomnia and anxiety don’t bother you.

3. Grapefruit Essential Oil for Confidence

The fresh fruity fragrance of grapefruit essential oil has the inherent quality of adding a charm to your personality. It not only boosts confidence but also helps you balance emotions.

Grapefruit Essential Oil for Confidence

Grapefruit essential oil promotes a clear state of mind and helps you tackle issues like nervousness with ease. Its calming scent and anti-anxiety properties positively influence your overall personality and confidence.

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Confidence

Organic ylang ylang essential oil helps you deal with depression and anxiety better. Being a natural stress-buster relaxes your mind and helps you stay focused and energetic.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Confidence

As a result, you feel a natural surge of confidence when you use it via massages and aromatherapy sessions. Ylang ylang essential oil is also a powerful sedative that helps you sleep better, essential for your healthy mind!

5. Peppermint Essential Oil for Confidence

Peppermint essential oil boosts the energy of your mind. The fresh aroma of this essential oil is all you need to stay focused and active.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Confidence

Inhaling peppermint essential oil directly or through diffusers makes your mind clear. Besides promoting clarity of thoughts, it also helps you fight negative energy and thoughts. As a result, it directly contributes to increasing your confidence.

6. Sandalwood Essential Oil for Confidence

Sandalwood decreases stress levels and promotes a calm state of mind. It makes your mind steer away from negative thoughts and enhances sleep quality.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Confidence

Therefore, it can play a pivotal role in making you feel energetic and confident. Natural sandalwood essential oil increases mental alertness and helps you stay happy and peaceful. Therefore, it is an effective solution for students struggling with their studies.

7. Bergamot Essential Oil for Confidence

The key benefits of bergamot essential oil include promoting happiness and a calm state of mind. It also reduces your stress levels and enhances mood naturally.

Bergamot Essential Oil for Confidence

If you feel anxious, inhaling pure bergamot essential oil can make you feel better. It also helps those who lack confidence or motivation in their lives. Moreover, if you experience fatigue or restlessness, massaging your body with this essential oil can revive your energy levels!

8. Rosemary Essential Oil for Confidence

Rosemary essential oil can help balance thoughts and emotions. It helps you overcome negative emotions and thought barriers that are key factors that affect your confidence.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Confidence

Incorporating natural rosemary essential oil in your bath water or massages can also improve your concentration levels and memory. Apart from that, it is also a powerful stress-buster and increases mental energy and wakefulness.

9. Tea Tree Essential Oil for Confidence

Organic tea tree essential oil improves your immunity by eliminating the microbes that infest your body and make it weak.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Confidence

Strengthening your body also makes you feel happy and cheerful, which builds up your self-confidence naturally. If you feel stressed out, inhaling Tea Tree Essential Oil will relax your mind and make you feel confident and sharp.

10. Chamomile Essential Oil for Confidence

Chamomile essential oil boosts your mood and helps you manage chronic depression and low mood. It eases your mind and thoughts naturally to make you feel confident about yourself.

Chamomile Essential Oil for Confidence

Just pour some drops of chamomile essential oil into boiling water and soak its magical fragrance to feel calm and relaxed. It also improves your skin quality and makes you feel good about yourself.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Confidence Speech

Though any essential oils mentioned above would work, you can multiply the benefits by blending some essential oils. Therefore, we have brought a perfect essential oil diffuser blend that can improve your confidence levels and state of mind.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe for Confidence Speech


  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Lemon Essential Oil - 15 Drops


  • Just blend 15 drops of ylang ylang and lemon essential oil in a bowl.
  • Fill the contents in a bottle and shake it well.
  • Now, fix the dropper on the bottle and use it whenever you feel low and depressed.
  • If you want to use it via massages or other topical use.


We hope you liked our top 10 list of essential oils that improve your confidence. If you have any doubts, you can connect with us through the comment section. For more details on the use and benefits of essential oils, you can explore our blogs section.

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