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Essential Oils For Bell’s Palsy - Natural Treatment

Do you have facial paralysis or weakness on one side of your face? Maybe you can't feel your face, or it hurts to touch it, or it's tingling. Have you been given a Bell's palsy diagnosis? These symptoms can be upsetting and drastically disrupt one's life.

Best Essential Oils For Bell’s Palsy

Using essential oils for Bell's palsy might help you control your symptoms if you're having trouble. One of the cranial nerves in the brain might become inflamed, swollen, or even crushed, resulting in Bell's palsy. You are not alone if you're having trouble with these symptoms. This blog will tell you more about essential oils for Bell’s Palsy.

Top 10 Essential Oils To Use For Bell’s Palsy

Essential oils can aid in nerve regeneration, allowing muscles to regain strength and return to normal function. Additionally, they have been demonstrated to aid in regaining bodily functions so that a person may carry out their everyday activities without difficulty. These essential oils are the best for palsy:

1. Helichrysum Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy management requires mental and body relaxation, provided by helichrysum italicum. There are two ways that helichrysum essential oil treats Bell's palsy. First off, if there is any skin bruising, it speeds up recovery.

Helichrysum Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

We suggest wearing a diffuser necklace or dispersing it in your room to benefit from its relaxing effects. In addition, the essential oil possesses anti-oxidizing, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory properties that help it lessen inflammation and soreness in the facial muscles.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The lavendula angustifolia flower produces lavender essential oil. This essential oil is frequently used to relieve tension and anxiety. In addition to reducing anxiety, it also works wonders in easing pain brought on by nervous system illnesses.

Lavender Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Lavender essential oil eases bell's palsy pain and suffering by reducing inflammation. It offers some incredible therapeutic benefits for treating anxiety, a major issue for patients with bell's palsy, according to a 2017 study that was published.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The menthol in peppermint essential oil aids in reducing the pain and suffering associated with Bell's Palsy. However, this essential oil also includes some qualities that make it a useful remedy for quickening bell's palsy recovery.

Peppermint Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The taste of this essential oil is more frequently seen in chewing gum and alcoholic drinks. Additionally, it has certain antispasmodic elements that calm the facial nerves. peppermint essential oil aid in relieving the pain caused by swelling and inflammation.

4. Sandalwood Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The weakened paralysed muscles are strengthened by massaging Sandalwood essential oil. This essential oil's anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and pain-relieving qualities are well recognised.

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The major cause, irritation of the face nerves, is reduced by massaging sandalwood essential oil. According to research, this essential oil reduces inflammation, which makes it suitable for those with bell's palsy.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Frankincense essential oil of premium grade, which is 100% natural and steam-distilled to capture the pure components in raw form, is an excellent oil solution for Bell's palsy. The therapeutic quality of the essential oil is utilised topically.

Frankincense Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Frankincense essential oil has a superb therapeutic grade without any fillers, additives, or artificial preservatives. For the best results when applied topically to treat Bell's palsy, carriers such as fractionated coconut oil are typically utilised to dilute this essential oil.

6. Oregano Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

The Bell's palsy effects may have caused the skin muscles to lose some of their impacts, but the oregano essential oil aids in moisturising and tightening them.

Oregano Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

To keep the skin naturally hydrating and leaving a healthy impression, the blood components, skin layers, and other natural components play a significant part. Oregano essential oil contains a variety of all-natural components in sufficient quantities to benefit the skin.

7. Rosemary Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Rosemary essential oil contains substances that soothe your nervous system and aid with pain relief. This is crucial, and While you might associate this essential oil with a satisfying chicken dish, it can also lessen sciatica pain.

Rosemary Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

One of the numerous applications of this essential oil is that the herb has analgesic qualities. Rosemary essential oil works wonders on aches and pains in general. Although the pain from your sciatic nerve might feel insurmountable, it can be quite helpful.

8. Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Sweet marjoram essential oil, which is derived from the leaves of the Marjoram plant, is well recognised for its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, making it an excellent treatment for viral infections. The virus could be treated with this essential oil.

Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy has been demonstrated to improve with corticosteroids, and some experts think that a virus is the cause of the ailment. Sweet marjoram essential oil effectively numbs the pain while also working as an anti-inflammatory for neurological conditions, including Bell's Palsy.

9. Clove Bud Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

When expediting the recovery from Bell's Palsy, clove bud essential oil functions a little differently from the other essential oils.

Clove Bud Essential Oil For Bell's Palsy

Enhancing blood circulation, which can lessen discomfort and hasten damage repair, shortens the time it takes for a disease to cure.

10. Virgin Olive Oil For Bell's Palsy

Apply warm virgin olive oil to your face and massage it in. You may use this to protect yourself from contracting this sickness. Massage your face with your fingertips. You should start by massaging your lower face.

Virgin Olive Oil For Bell's Palsy

Make sure the pressure you're experiencing doesn't linger for too long. The blood circulation on your face can be improved by rubbing it. This Bell's Palsy Home Remedy using olive oil will reverse the paralysis and accelerate the nerve damage that develops.


These essential oils can aid with nerve tissue regeneration, pain relief, and swelling reduction to get back to your regular life. Always ensure that you use only the best quality essential oils, like the ones sold by Veda Oils. No matter what steps you take to assist your body when it experiences Bell's palsy, be aware that they are temporary.

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