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Best Oils For Dreadlocks | Hair Growth Oils For Dreads

Dreadlocks have been around for hundreds of years and will remain your favorite hairstyle due to their historical significance and beauty. However, only some know how to properly care for them once you get the best hair oil for dreadlocks.

best oils for dreadlocks

These oils moisturize your dreads and locks, keeping them vibrant, strong, and healthy. So, let's review the top 10 carrier oils for locs regarding hair and scalp treatments. But what are the best oils for locs? Let's find out with this list of loc oils and see why.

Top 10 Oils For Dreadlocks, Dreads & Locs

Want to keep your locs moisturized and dandruff-free? All you have to do is choose one of these locs oils. Let's look at the top ten locs oils.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil For Locs

Virgin coconut oils' natural SPF properties protect the hair from damage, especially for those with split ends. This oil penetrates the hair more deeply than other oils and can perform serious hair curing magically.

Virgin Coconut Oil For Locs

The vitamins and essential fatty acids keep the scalp healthy. The hair loses its natural oils daily due to toxins and harsh hair cleaning products like shampoo, but virgin coconut oil provides the necessary moisture boost.

2. Castor Oil For Locs

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, an antifungal and antibacterial agent that helps protect the hair and scalp from infections. It also quickly absorbs and locks in moisture, giving you stronger, longer, and thicker locs.

Castor Oil For Locs

Castor oil, which is high in vitamins B, C, and E and omega fatty acids, is an excellent choice for those who want longer and thicker dreads. We recommend using this oil in small amounts to avoid attracting lint and dirt.

3. Golden Jojoba Oil For Locs

Golden jojoba oil, in addition to preventing breakage and adding shine to your locs, can help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, allowing your hair to grow longer and more robust.

Golden Jojoba Oil For Locs

Contrary to popular belief, this is a melted wax very similar to the natural oil (sebum) that our bodies produce. It is even thought that applying golden jojoba oil to the skin and hair can fool the body into thinking it has enough oil, thereby balancing oil (sebum) production.

4. Virgin Olive Oil For Locs

Virgin olive oil is super thick and, unlike other products, does not need to be applied several times per week to keep your locs soft and healthy.

Virgin Olive Oil For Locs

One of the best uses for virgin olive oil is as a nourishing hair oil, which helps in thickness. Maintaining locs can be challenging, but using this oil as a loc moisturizer is popular.

5. Sweet Almond Oil For Locs

Vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper are all found in sweet almond oil. Its nutrients are better retained in its unrefined state, but they are heated with chemicals in their refined form. This oil also hydrates and cleans the hair follicles.

Sweet Almond Oil For Locs

However, because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is also an excellent oil for locs. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin B-7 (or biotin), which helps to keep hair healthy and strong. When applied to the scalp, this oils antibacterial properties balance the yeast that causes dandruff.

6. Argan Oil For Locs

Many people call this oil Moroccan oil, but the name is less important than the liquid gold's effects on dreadlocks. When applied to locs, argan oil absorbs quickly, leaving a light residue that smooths and shines your dreads.

Argan Oil For Locs

Argan oil is high in fatty acids and vitamin E and is a moisturizer. It also has antioxidant properties that help to repair the damage done to the scalp and anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve dry skin and itchiness.

7. Avocado Oil For Locs

Avocado oil is well-known for penetrating hair strands and providing a moisturizing treatment. This oil can be appropriately stored for up to a year and mixed with shampoo, rosewater, or glycerin.

Avocado Oil For Locs

This light oil, extracted from the fruit's pulp, is high in amino acids and vitamins A, B, D, and E, making it one of the best oils for your hair. Avocado oil stimulates hair growth, fortifies the roots, and nourishes the scalp.

8. Vitamin E Oil For Locs

Vitamin E oil, or tocopherol, is derived from vitamin E and can be applied to the skin and hair. It has similar scalp benefits to other oils, reducing dryness and preventing dandruff, psoriasis, and itching.

Vitamin E Oil For Locs

Vitamin E oil is a popular product in the beauty industry for a good reason. Give you locs a treat by massaging it into your scalp; however, we recommend using it sparingly because it is heavy to avoid buildup.

9. Grapeseed Oil For Locs

Grapeseed oil is a type of carrier oil made from grape seeds. It also aids the effectiveness of vitamins E and C on the scalp and in its preservation.

Grapeseed Oil For Locs

Grapeseed oil contains both saturated and unsaturated fats as a byproduct of winemaking. It has been shown to hydrate, soften, and improve the elasticity of the scalp due to its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties (proanthocyanidin).

10. Rosehip Seed Oil For Locs

Rosehip seed oil is also high in essential fatty acids, which help repair damaged hair follicles and new hair growth. This oil can be applied directly to your hair.

Rosehip Seed Oil For Locs

Rosehip seed oils, unlike other hair oils, do not clog the hair cells and softly help feed your hair from root to tip. Some people prefer to warm the oil first, but ensure it's not too hot before using it.


To summarise, all the oils provide natural moisturization to the locs while making them stronger, thicker, and dandruff-free. These oils nourish your scalp while giving you more robust, thicker, darker hair in no time. Visit VedaOils.com for premium grade cosmetic carrier oil for your lovely locs and receive discounts on your purchase. VedaOils’ carrier oil, due to its potency, should not be used in cooking but only use in for bettering hair and skin.

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