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How To Replace Candle Wick - Make Long Lasting Candles

All candle lovers would agree that the moment you light up the wick of your favourite candle, it will transport you to a completely different world. On the other hand, you will also understand that feeling when your candle's wick is broken and damaged, so you can't use your favourite candles anymore.

How To Replace Candle Wick

This is also the reason why it's very important to go for a good wick selection when buying candles. But even the best wicks come to expiry and demand to be replaced. There are plenty of reasons to replace candle wicks, which is not completely out of the ordinary. So, let's discuss the topic of how to replace candle wicks in detail.

Why Should You Change The Candle Wick?

One of the first things to understand is that If you're attempting to find the proper wick size on a new container or wax, swapping wicks is a lot cheaper than pouring numerous different candles. There are plenty of reasons to replace a candle wick. From trying a new wick size for your candle to replacing a damaged candle wick, there are so many reasons why you wish to change the candle wick.

Other reasons include when your candle flame is too tall, excessive mushrooming of the wick and the candle producing too much black smoke. Moreover, other reasons are the candle not burning evenly or the candle burning too rapidly. So, there are many reasons to change the candle wick.

Benefits of Changing Candle Wick

Now that you know the various reasons for changing candle wicks, you must also know why these reasons are enough to change the candle wicks. This is the reason why we are now going to discuss the benefits of changing candle wick.

  • Avoids Tall Candle Flames : When you have a wick which is too large for the candle, then it can cause too tall or excessive height flame, which is not good. So when you replace it with an ideal size wick that is trimmed properly, you can easily avoid the too-tall flame.
  • Helps Avoid Too Much Black Smoke : The wrong wick can produce excessive smoke or soot. It also implies that your wick is too large. By replacing it with an ideal-size wick, you can prevent black soot or black smoke. You can choose a candle wick of a different type or one that is smaller.
  • Helps Candle To Burn Evenly : One of the main problems of bad wick size or wrong wick size is the candle not burning evenly. This is also one good reason to replace the candle wick. In addition to that, you might also risk breaking the candle container with the flame too close to one side. The right wick helps the candle burn evenly.
  • Helps Candles Last Longer : Replacing candle wicks also helps candles live longer. Longer wicks tend to burn faster, which means they are depleted faster. When you change wicks with trimmed ones, you may expect your candles to last longer. So, all in all, candle wick replacement is truly a good idea to use your favourite candles for a longer time.

How To Change Candle Wick At Home?

We are now aware of everything associated with candle wicks, be it in terms of benefits or be it in the form of reasons to change the candle wick. It's time to learn how to change the candle wick, actually. To help you with the same, we have listed a step-by-step guide on changing the candle wick. Here's how you can do it.

Directions Step By Step:

The first method to replace a wick is Core & Replace. So, let's discuss how you can replace the wick of your candle.

Step 1: Collect the apple coring gadget, the candle, and a new wick.

Step 2: Twist and push the apple core around the wick. To penetrate harder waxes, you may need to pre-heat the core with a heat gun.

Step 3: Now remove the wax plug from the coring tool. If the wick does not come with the plug, use needle-nosed pliers to pull it out.

Step 4: Removing the wick tab with pliers is optional, but it is difficult to achieve when the candle depth is filled a bit too high.

Step 5: Now, you can place the new wick through the hole in the wax plug. Remember to place the wick in the plug upside down if the wick tab is still in the candle.

Step 6: Then free, hand slide the wax plug into the cored area. If you were not able to slide the wick into the wax plug and had to melt it into a liquid.

Step 7: Then, pour the melted wax blend around the new wick in the candle.

Step 8: Melt and finish the candle top with a heat gun to smooth out any defects or gaps left by the process.

So, now these are the steps you have to follow to replace your favourite candle wick.


So, now you know when you need to replace your candle wick, what benefits you will enjoy and how to replace it. We have mentioned everything in this article. VedaOils, it's time for you to implement these tricks and make your favourite candles long-lasting with our candle wick replacement blogs. Also, remember Always test your candles for safety from start to finish. If you replace a candle wick, you should only do it to save candles that would otherwise be unusable, not to avoid safety testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about How To Replace Candle Wick!

Q. How do you use a candle when the wick is gone?

Ans. You can melt down the remaining wax of the candle. After that, you can dump that off. Then you can add a new wick to it.

Q. What can you use to replace a candle wick?

Ans. You can use twine or even tightly rolled newspapers to replace a candle wick. In addition to that, you can also use pliers to replace a wick.

Q. Can I put a new wick in an old candle?

Ans. Yes, you can put a new wick in an old candle. Moreover, You can also thread a new store-bought wick through the hole left by the broken wick deep within the candle.

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