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A Guide To How Much Wax Per Candle You Need

Many people like to take up a hobby of candle making but need to learn the basics. Calculating how much candle wax is required to fill a jar is a typical issue for novice candle makers. Most people who create candles first believe they need the same quantity of wax as the container claims to hold.

How Much Wax Per Candle

That, however, is untrue. But, this does not imply that you must solve any equation; you can get by merely adhering to a short formula. Let's look at how much wax per candle you require to produce and fill your candle jars.

How Much Wax Per Candle Do I Need?

To know how much wax per candle simply follow this technique. Fill the mold to an 86% relative level to water if you want to manufacture a candle. Studies show that practically all candle wax has a density between 82% and 95% of that of water.

This contains common candle waxes, including soy wax, paraffin, beeswax, and coconut wax. Typically, we use the 86% average density. In other words, if the container contains 235 ml of water, 200 ml of wax or wax mixtures will fit within. The typical formula that you might employ is: Wax Needed = Candle Mold Height x 0.86

Know About Measuring Wax For Candle Making

Wish to know how much wax per candle you need. Do you have questions about measuring wax for making candles? The density of candle wax is a measurement. So what connection does density have to candle wax? The density of an object is the ratio of its volume to weight. It has less density if it occupies the same amount of space but weighs less. If something occupies the same area but weighs more, it is said to have a higher density.

Calculating how much candle wax is required to fill containers of various sizes depends partly on density. What is the candle wax's density? Candle wax has a 20% lower density than water. As a result, candle wax weighs less than water when measured in volume. Also, this implies that wax is lighter than water and may float on top of it. Because of this, floating candles are made feasible.

Method For Measuring Wax Per Candle

Create your candles precisely. Let's look at these several ways to measure wax per candle since it's simpler than you would believe.

Step 1: Measure The Weight Of Water In The Container

  1. As a converter, water will be used.
  2. Please write down the weight of the empty container in grams or ounces after placing it on the scale. Here, we'll utilize the gram.
  3. Water should be put in the container. Don't overfill the container. Give some room.
  4. Record the water container's weight by placing it on the scale.
  5. The weight of a container filled with water divided by an empty container yields the weight of water (g).
  6. Suppose the container weighs 60g when empty and 160g when complete with water.
  7. Water weighs 160-60g or 100g.

Step 2: Measure The Weight Of The Fragrance Oil

  1. Skip this step if you wish to create unscented candles.
  2. Choose the scent load you like. This lesson will make use of 10%.
  3. PS: If you need clarification on a fragrance load, check out this guide on how much fragrance oil to use in your candle.

Step 3: Figure Out The Weight That The Container Can Hold

  1. The weight the container can ultimately support is the Overall Weight.
  2. Total Weight (g) = Water Weight (g) x 0.86.
  3. Example: Total Weight = 100 * 0.86 = 86 g.
  4. This means that 86g of wax and fragrance oil can fill the container.

Step 4: Calculate How Much Wax Per Candle Container By Weight

  1. We'll apply this equation.
  2. Total Weight/(1 + fragrance load) equals the weight of wax.
  3. Wax weighs 86/(1+0.1)=78.2g.
  4. To manufacture an 86.02g candle, we will need 78.2g of wax and 7.82g of fragrance oil; the fragrance load is 10%. 45 ml is equal to 86.02g. Well, here is a 45 ml scented candle.
  5. You can increase the weight of each candle by the number of containers if you want to manufacture more candles in a batch.


We hope you now understand how much wax per candle you need. When you know why weight is needed and how to calculate it, measuring the quantity you need for your containers isn't difficult. Accurate measurements are crucial as your candle-making abilities develop. Visit to discover more DIY-related tricks and ideas and to hone your art. Check out the most economical, high-quality candle-making kits as well.

FAQs: How Much Wax Per Candle

If you still have some concerns, here is our frequently asked question section that may resolve your additional queries.

Q1. How Many Times Can You Burn Wax?

Ans. Before putting a fresh cube in your warmer, remove the spent wax because melted wax does not evaporate; only the aroma does. Using wax melts, two to three melts typically provide eight hours of scent. If you wish to keep using the wax, you can do it as often as possible until the smell fades.

Q2. How Many Scents Do You Need Per Candle?

Ans. According to industry standards, 15 ml of fragrance is used in every 450 grams of wax. For double-scenting.

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