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Reetha (Soapnut) Powder

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Reetha (Soapnut) Powder


Reetha or Soapnut powder is made from the fruits of a herb called Reetha that is found mainly in India, Nepal, and China. It is mostly used for products that are formulated for cleansing skin and hair.This herb has been used since a long time in Ayurvedic treatments especially those which are concerned with hair and scalp issues. Even today, you will find this as one of the primary ingredients in several herbal shampoos.Due to its foaming properties, it is also used in bath care products and soaps. Though it can form foam and bubbles, it does not foam as much as the surfactants do. Therefore, you might need to use other ingredients when you intend to use it in formulas that are meant for creating a lot of foam.This powder is rich in saponins which gives it foam-forming ability and it has a balanced pH level which prevents it from drying, unlike soaps. Due to its cleansing properties, it is often used as a purifying agent in skincare and haircare applications.It is healthy for both skin and hair. Since it does not contain any chemicals, you can use it regularly. However, remember that this product is meant only for external applications and therefore, you cannot use it for internal consumption.This powder comes in fine powdered form and has a light brown color. Its odor is herbal and slightly bitter. Also, it is soluble in water.

INCI Name: Aritha (Sapindus Laurifolia)


If you want to make your hair silky, soft, and smooth, you can use this powder for washing your hair. You can also add it directly to your shampoos to increase its cleansing properties.

Due to its soothing effects on your skin, it can be used as one of the primary ingredients in products that are made for soothing inflammation of the skin. Moreover, it also makes your skin soft and therefore, can be used by people who have dry and sensitive skin to obtain luscious skin.

You can also find it as one of the key ingredients for healing pimples, freckles, and blackheads. Also, you can blend this powder in a suitable essential oil and add enough diluent to make a DIY herbal face wash.

It not only cleanses your hair but also removes dandruff from your scalp. Some people also use this powder for washing clothes of babies due to its cleansing properties. Also, it is safe as it is completely allergy-free.

It exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it an efficient ingredient for preventing hair loss. It is better than chemical shampoos as it does not have any side effects.

You can make a herbal shampoo by mixing it with Amla and Shikakai powder along with water and other ingredients. It gives a shiny texture to your hair especially if you use it with other herbal ingredients like the powder of Kapoor Kali.

How to use it?

Do not use it more than 10% when you add it to cosmetic formulations. People who have sensitive skin can perform a patch test before using this powder.


Hair shampoos, conditioners, skin and hair cleansers, soaps, and other products meant for bath, skin, and hair care products can contain it as one of the key ingredients.

Raw material source: Reetha fruits

Manufacturing process

The fruits of Aritha (Reetha) are dried first and then they are grounded into a fine powder.

Tested on animals?: No

GMO: GMOs are not present but it is not certified or that.

Vegan: Vegans can use it as it does not contain animal-derived ingredients.


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