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Polyvinyl Alcohol Cold Powder

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Polyvinyl Alcohol Cold Powder

Obtained from polyvinyl acetate, Natural Polyvinyl Alcohol Cold Powder is incorporated in several cosmetic products like skin cleansers, lotions, peel-off masks, etc. It is available in the form of minute granules or fine powder of white color. Due to its stable pH level, it is often added as a pH stabilizer in emulsions.

Added as an emulsifier and viscosity enhancer in cosmetic applications, Poly Vinyl Alcohol (Cold) is safe for manufacturing both skincare and personal care products. As it offers a high thermal and chemical stability, it is often preferred in the textile, food packaging, and paper industry as well. It is a water-soluble polymer that helps in film-forming. Therefore, it is sometimes added to skin cleansers and detergents.

Polyvinyl alcohol powder (cold) is a tasteless ingredient and does not exude any aroma as well. Therefore, it does not alter the fragrance of the final products. Organic Poly Vinyl Alcohol Cold Powder helps to bind all the ingredients when added to skin and hair care formulas. It is also included while manufacturing eye drops and other ophthalmic products. As it is safe for the skin, it is added to face care products in small concentrations.

Poly Vinyl Alcohol Powder (Cold) Uses

Face Masks

Face Masks

Added to most face masks and peel-off masks, polyvinyl alcohol cold powder has ability to create a film on skin. It combines with air and creates a layer on skin that can be peeled off to eliminate dirt, dead skin cells, and other toxins.
Natural Skincare

Natural Skincare

Blends easily with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, essential oils, clay, etc. Therefore, DIY natural skincare products such as lotions, face creams, moisturizers, etc. can be prepared by mixing polyvinyl alcohol with these ingredients.
Hair Gels

Hair Gels

Hair gels and hair styling products need a thick gel-like consistency and clarity. It provides both these aspects. Makers of hair gels and hair styling products prefer to use polyvinyl alcohol cold powder due to this reason.
Soap Strips

Soap Strips

Film-forming properties of polyvinyl alcohol (cold) are preferred for making soap strips. It creates water-soluble film without creating nuisance or blocking sink after using soap strips. It is excellent alternative to soap strips made out of paper.
Skin Cleansers

Skin Cleansers

Natural polyvinyl alcohol cold powder is incorporated in skin cleansers and detergents due to its ability to form film. It mixes with dirt, oil, sweat, and dust particles and helps rinse them off skin by washing them with water.
Home Cleansers

Home Cleansers

Added to home cleansers and hand sanitizers. Polyvinyl alcohol powder prevents dirt from getting back on fabrics while washing them. Use it to manufacture fabric detergents or dishwashing detergents due to these properties.

Poly Vinyl Alcohol Powder (Cold) Benefits

Binds Ingredients

Binds Ingredients

Proves to be an effective binder as polyvinyl cold powder keeps all ingredients together. It also enhances overall effectiveness of products by making all ingredients work together. Makers of cosmetic and skincare applications prefer it due to these properties.
Thickens Formulas

Thickens Formulas

Polyvinyl alcohol powder (cold) is added to oil-based formulas to thicken them. It helps to make cosmetic products thicker and also gives them thick gel-like texture or consistency. Therefore, it helps to enhance aesthetic value of products.
Gives Matte Finish

Gives Matte Finish

Add matte finish look to your makeup, cosmetic, and skincare products, Using polyvinyl alcohol (cold) can be good choice. It improves spread ability of creams and lotions and also provides a smooth matte finish them.


Incorporated as a surfactant in cosmetic applications, organic polyvinyl alcohol cold powder is preferred as an emulsifying agent that can absorb UV rays, silicone, and other chemicals that may harm your skin, hair, and overall health.
Stabilizes Emulsions

Stabilizes Emulsions

Stable pH level of polyvinyl alcohol powder enables you to utilize it as stabilizing agent for emulsions. Therefore, it is included in formulas meant for shampoos, conditioners, and personal care products. It gives a fine texture to cosmetic products.
Reduces Eye Irritation

Reduces Eye Irritation

used in eye drops, vegan polyvinyl alcohol powder (cold) acts as lubricant that reduces discomfort associated with eye irritation and swelling. It is added to eye drops that lubricate dry and sensitive eyes and completely safe to use.

Product Specifications

Product Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol Cold Powder
Raw Material Source: Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Manufacturing Process: The concentration of this ingredient should not exceed 13% when you use it for different cosmetic applications. This ingredient should be used in external applications only.
Chemical Composition: CH2CHOH or C2H4O
Chemical Formula: Carbon (C)
CAS Number: 9002-89-5
INCI Name: Polyvinyl Alcohol
IUPAC Name: Methyl 2-hydroxybenzoate
Molecular Formula: CH2CHOH or C2H4O
Molecular Weight: 44.05 grams/mol
Boiling Point: 228°C
Flash Point: 80°C
Odor: Odorless
PH Level: 5 to 6.5
HLB Value: 18
Color: White
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 99%
Form: Powder
Alternative Names: Ethenol
Solubility in Water: Slightly soluble
Applications: Cosmetic, Skincare, and Haircare

CAUTION: This product is only meant for external application. Therefore, avoid using it internally, and do not use it if you are suffering from any skin ailments.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

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