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Face & Body Mist Base ( Ready to Use)

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Botanical Hydration Face & Body Mist

"Botanical Hydration Face & Body Mist" is likely a skincare product designed to provide hydration and refreshment for both the face and body. These mists typically contain botanical extracts, which are derived from plants, to offer various skin benefits along with a hydrating formula.

Face & Body Mist Base Uses



Mist bases can be used as a toner to balance the skin's pH levels after cleansing. They help remove any remaining impurities and prepare the skin for subsequent skincare products.



Primary use of a mist base is to provide hydration to the skin. It contains water or water-based ingredients that help replenish moisture levels, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Refreshing Mist

Refreshing Mist

Mist bases can be used as a setting spray to lock in makeup and extend its wear time. Simply spritz the mist over the face after applying makeup to help it stay in place throughout the day.

Face & Body Mist Base - How to Use?

  • Select Your Base: Choose a Face & Body Mist Base that suits your skin type and preferences. 
  • Choose Your Additives: Include hydrosols for fragrance and skincare benefits, essential oils for aromatherapy or additional skincare benefits, botanical extracts for specific skincare properties, or other additives like glycerin for extra hydration.
  • Measure Your Ingredients: Start with small amounts and adjust as needed. For example, you might use a 1:1 ratio of Face & Body Mist Base to hydrosol, or add a few drops of essential oil per ounce of mist.
  • Mix Your Ingredients: Pour the Face & Body Mist Base into a clean spray bottle or mister.
  • Shake Well: Shake the spray bottle well to thoroughly mix the ingredients. 
  • Test Your Mist: Do a patch test on a small area of skin to ensure that you don't have any adverse reactions to the ingredients. 

Product Specifications

Product Name : Botanical Hydration Face & Body Mist
Brand Name: VedaOils
Color: Transparent Liquid
Vegan Friendly: Yes
Alcohol Free: Yes
Soy Free: Yes
Formaldehyde Free: Yes
Mineral Oil Free: Yes
Form: Clear Liquid
Shelf Life: 12 months
Applications: Spray on face, hair and body.
COA of Bases
MSDS of Bases

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a Question
  • Q: Can we add your Hydrosol instead of distilled water while making face and body mist? If yes what should be the proportion?

    Yes, You can use Hydrosol instead of distilled water, in 1:1 of Hydrosol and mist base.

  • Q: Do we have to add preservatives while adding distilled water?

    No, Need to add other preservative in Face and body mist base.

  • Q: How to make our customised body mist using your base?

    Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make a customized body mist using Face & Body Mist Base:

    1. Gather Your Supplies:

      • Face & Body Mist Base
      • Essential oils or fragrance oils of your choice
      • Distilled water
      • Optional: Natural colorants or mica powder for color
    2. Prepare Your Work Area:

      • Ensure your work area is clean and sanitized to prevent contamination of your body mist.
    3. Measure Your Ingredients:

      • Determine the amount of Face & Body Mist Base you'll need based on the size of your desired final product. Typically, you'll use equal parts Mist Base and distilled water.
    4. Mixing:

      • In a clean mixing bowl or container, combine the Face & Body Mist Base with the desired amount of distilled water. Use a ratio of 1:1 for a balanced mist. Stir or shake gently to blend the two components.
    5. Fragrance Addition:

      • Add your chosen essential oils or fragrance oils to the mixture. Start with a few drops and adjust based on your preference for scent strength. Stir or shake the mixture well to ensure the fragrance is evenly distributed.
    6. Color Addition (Optional):

      • If you desire a colored body mist, add a small amount of natural colorants or mica powder to the mixture. Remember, a little goes a long way. Stir or shake thoroughly to evenly disperse the color.
    7. Testing:

      • Before bottling your body mist, do a patch test on your skin to ensure compatibility and to adjust the fragrance strength if necessary.
    8. Bottling:

      • Once you're satisfied with the scent and color, carefully pour the custom body mist into clean and sanitized spray bottles or misters using a funnel if needed.
    9. Labeling:

      • Label your customized body mist bottles with the ingredients used and the date of creation for future reference.
    10. Storage:

      • Store your custom body mist in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to preserve its freshness and fragrance.

  • Q: How to use it and can we add other liquid extracts in it if yes at what quantity?

    Face & Body Mist can be used on both your face and body. It's great for refreshing your skin anytime, anywhere. Yes You can use water solible liquid extract 5-10% in formaulation.

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