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Petroleum Jelly For Eyebrows: Benefits And How To Use It

We mostly use petroleum jelly to prevent our skin from getting dry and rough, especially during the winter season. However, have you ever imagined it as an ingredient used to grow eyebrows?

Petroleum Jelly For Eyebrows

Petroleum Jelly or vaseline as it is popularly referred to may not directly contribute to hair growth. However, it makes the hair soft and alleviates the skin issues that hinder the process of hair growth. Therefore, applying Petroleum jelly for eyebrows can prove to be a good idea!

Can Vaseline Help Your Eyebrows Grow?

Vaseline conditions eyebrows and makes them soft and smooth. It is observed that soft and conditioned hair tends to grow faster than thick, rough, and dull hair. Vaseline hydrates the skin and prevents dryness.

This in turn ensures that blood rushes to the eyebrow hair roots effectively which may promote rapid growth of eyebrows. The logic behind using Vaseline is the same one because of which we use coconut or other hair oils i.e. to soften the hair follicles.

Is It Safe To Use It In The Eye Area?

You may apply vaseline on your eyebrows. However, ensure that the vaseline does not touch or enter your eyes in any way. Though it does not cause any severe issues, entry of petroleum jelly inside the eyes may cause temporary blindness.

Is It Safe To Use It In The Eye Area?

However, you can apply vaseline around the eyes to prevent entry of creams and other cosmetic products. It is so because vaseline acts like a moisture blocker and prevents these solutions from entering your eyes. Also, the petroleum jelly used in vaseline is refined and much safer than unrefined petroleum jelly.

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly For Eyebrows

Petroleum jelly offers several skin care benefits. However, it also makes your eyebrows fuller and smoother. Its benefits associated with eyebrow hair growth are discussed below:

  • Hydrates Eyebrows : Petroleum jelly is a hydrating product. Therefore, applying it on your eyebrows can make them smooth, soft, and fuller. Applying vaseline on the eyebrows is suggested if you have dry, rough, and thick eyebrows. They also help to keep the eyebrows in the intended shape and form.
  • Protects From Makeup : Application of makeup can make your eyebrows dense and itchy. To prevent this, you can comb your eyebrows nicely with a spoolie brush first. After that, you can apply vaseline as it blocks the entry of makeup particles and sweat. Once this is done, you can go ahead and do the makeup.
Benefits of Petroleum Jelly For Eyebrows
  • Conditions Eyebrows : Eyebrows could be the most neglected hair patches on your body. Neglecting eyebrows tends to make them coarse and dry. Regular application of vaseline on the eyebrows can prevent this. They become soft and it becomes easy to maintain, manage, and shape them.
  • Increase Hair Growth : Vaseline that contains vitamin E is ideal for hair growth. You can also make a DIY recipe by blending refined petroleum jelly with vitamin E. This recipe will not only boost the growth of eyebrow hairs but will also make them appear fuller, thicker, and more attractive.
  • Prevents Loss of Eyebrow Hair : Dry or damaged eyebrow hair tends to come off easily. By hydrating the hair follicles and conditioning them, vaseline makes them stronger and prevents them from falling off. It is also one of the main reasons why application of petroleum jelly makes eyebrows fuller and thicker.

How Do You Use Petroleum Jelly On Your Eyebrows?

You can directly apply petroleum jelly on your eyebrows. However, the results could be better if you follow certain steps while applying it. The best way to use petroleum jelly for eyebrows is explained in steps below:

Step 1. Clean Your Face: Place a glass bowl in a saucepan. Fill the half of a saucepan with water to make a double boiler.

Step 2. Dry Your Face: After washing your face, dry it with a soft and comfortable towel. Drying the areas around the eyebrows is essential because water will make the vaseline ineffective.

Step 3. Comb The Eyebrows: Now, you can comb the eyebrows carefully to ensure that all the hair follicles get enough vaseline on them.

Step 4. Apply The Vaseline: Finally, take some petroleum jelly or vaseline on your index finger and apply it nicely on your eyebrows. You can wash your face again after 2 to 3 hours if required. For best results, it is suggested that you follow this process at least 3 times a day.


We hope that you have understood why applying vaseline is beneficial for your eyebrows. To get high-quality petroleum jelly, you can check the official site of VedaOils. Here, you will find only the best products at wholesale prices. Also, you can order it as per the desired quantity as many quantity options are offered on their portal.

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