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Lip Balm vs Lip Gloss - Difference Between Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

As the name suggests, lip balm is a product that is typically used to get rid of issues like cracks, dry lips, etc. A high-quality lip balm will protect your lips from environmental factors like cold weather and dry wind that can cause your lips to become dry, rough, and flaky. Ideally, lip balms do not contain chemicals and are made from oils and ingredients that are obtained from plants.

Women and girls like to wear lipstick after applying a lip balm as it helps the lipstick to spread easily. These days, lip balms of different tints and shades are also available that can be used as an alternative to lipstick. Here, We will discuss the Lip Balm vs Lip Gloss and you can choose what is best for your lips.

On the other hand, lip glosses are used to make your lips look more attractive. They do this by adding a glossy finish to your lips that cannot be achieved with a normal lipstick. Some lip glosses are formulated to add a shine to your lips whereas some are formulated to add a wet look to your lips. However, though lip glosses add shine to your lips, they don't moisturize them.

You may need to keep applying it regularly to maintain that glossy shimmer. Also, most lip glosses are made of cosmetic ingredients that might not prove healthy for your delicate lips. The good news is that some brands have evolved and have started manufacturing lip glosses made entirely of organic ingredients!

Difference Between Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

Difference Between Lip Balm and Lip Gloss

Both Lip glosses and lip balms moisturize your lips to some extent. However, lip balms are better in doing that as compared to lip glosses because they are formulated to make your lips healthy, moist, and crack-free. A lip gloss can also work as a lip balm but as it is mostly applied after wearing the lipstick, it does not provide the kind of lip care that a lip balm can. Check difference between both lip gloss and lip balm on behalf of their various properties:

Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Benefits

A lip balm keeps your lips hydrated for a long time whereas a lip gloss simply makes them appear to be moist and wet. A lip gloss is normally used to add a sharp contrast to the makeup by using shades that are either dark or bright.

A lip balm may not add the glaze to your lips but it does help to maintain the beauty of your lips naturally. A lip balm made of natural ingredients nourishes your lips and prevents them from getting dry. It may also reduce the irritation due to dryness and also makes them supple and fuller.

Lip Balm Vs Lip Gloss Uses

A lip balm can contain powerful ingredients like essential oils that can protect your skin from damage caused due to sun, winds, and other external factors. On the other hand, a lip gloss might simply contain a glittering agent and color that accentuate the overall appeal and appearance of your lips.

A lip gloss tries to provide an aesthetic look to your dry and chapped lips whereas a lip gloss cannot do it. A lip gloss that contains moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E can make your lips look better while maintaining their natural moisture. Therefore, we can say that the uses of lip balms and lip glosses solely depend on the ingredients that are used to manufacture them.

Lip Balm and Lip Gloss - How To Apply?

Clear your lips with water and pat them dry with tissue paper. Now, apply a generous coat of your favorite lip gloss on your lips. After applying the lip gloss, you will need to mark the outline of your lips by using a lip pencil, and then you can finally apply the lipstick.

Women also tend to mark their lips with a concealer after applying the lipstick whereas some just set it with a powder. Wash your lips with lukewarm water and let them dry. Now, apply a thick coat of lip balm on your lips and rub your lips over each other to help spread it evenly. You should always wait for a few minutes before applying the lipstick once you have applied a lip balm.

Lip Gloss Color Vs Lip Balm Color

Lip glosses usually come in a wide range of colors whereas lip balms usually come in subtle and subdued colors. This is because you apply a lip gloss after applying the lipstick whereas a lip balm is usually applied before applying lipstick. As a result, it has to be light-shaded or it might interfere with the color of your lipstick. Lip glosses are also available in sparkling colors or those that add a matte finish to your lips.

Lip Balm Vs Lip Gloss for Lips

Lip balms are formulated to nourish your lips whereas lip glosses are made to make your lips shine and glitter. The natural ingredients like body butter, essential oils, etc. that are used to make lip balms make your lips smooth and soft whereas lip glosses add a striking effect or appeal to your lips.


Lip Balm Vs Lip Gloss - A Better Choice

Lip Balm vs Lip Gloss

Both lip balms and lip glosses are useful in their ways. As the purpose of use of both these products is entirely different, you would not be able to choose one over the other. However, it is recommended that you utilize lip glosses that do not consist of harsh chemicals. The same can be said about lip balms as well. You should always use a lip balm that is made of organic and skin-friendly ingredients.

You can wear a lip balm daily whereas you will need lip gloss once in a while especially while attending get-together, parties, and other social events. Women also tend to avoid using high makeup while working in their office and home and therefore, they might need a lip balm more often than a lip gloss. Now you can easily compare lip balm vs lip gloss for your healthy lips.


Lips balms and lip glosses have their benefits and disadvantages. These days lip glosses of nude colors are also available that add a natural look to your lips. On the other hand, lip balms of different shades and tints are now available and can be used during a normal day when looking extravagant is not on your mind. We Explained Difference Between Lip Balm and Lip Gloss for your lips.

Some women skip wearing lipstick altogether as they prefer wearing a lip gloss over the lip balm directly. However, using too many products for lips and applying one product over another is not recommended as it might cause harm to your tender and delicate lips. Use these products carefully as they are meant to make your lips look better without altering their natural appearance and health.

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