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How To Use Dry Rose Petals - 15 Amazing Ways

DIY projects are the one thing we have been fixated on since the epidemic started making our lives worse! Nearly all of us have begun using readily accessible natural ingredients to create our products at home rather than spending much money on high-priced, toxic chemicals-filled goods from the store!

How To Use Dry Rose Petals

We're sure you are still hooked on the trend of DIY projects even though the pandemic has started retreating. To assist you, we have thought of various ways that you may utilize something as basic as dried rose petals to give your home and even your skin a natural shine and brightness! So, check out how to use dry rose petals in different ways.

How Long Can Dried Rose Petals Generally Last?

Dried rose petals can easily last anywhere between one to three years. Preserved rose petals may be stored for one to three years if kept in a dry, dark environment. The rose petals may start to lose their color after this time.

How To Use Dry Rose Petals - 15 Amazing Ways

One of the most regal flowers to adorn gardens today, the traditional rose is a timeless representation of passion. The following section will teach you how to employ a rose petals in many creative ways to enhance your health and the beauty of the world.

1. Make Your Potpourri

Put your gorgeous dried rose petals to good use by letting their smell permeate your house.

how to dry rose petals for potpourri

By combining dried rose petals with complimentary aromas like cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, or entire vanilla beans, you can create a potpourri that you can use to freshen up any area. You can place your potpourri anywhere - from your bathroom to your closet!

2. Press And Frame The Petals

Consider pressing the flowers and placing them in a frame if you want to keep them around even longer.

how to use dry rose petals

You must arrange the petals on the rose before pressing it between books to press it. Additionally, you should ensure that there is paper underneath and on top of the flowers.

3. Make A Rose Perfume

Dried Rose Petals may be used to create a fragrant, all-natural perfume. The nice thing about this project is that you can customize the scent to be as solid or delicate as you wish.

how to use dry rose petals perfume

Even your children will enjoy helping you make the perfume. Handcrafted rose perfume makes for a beautiful artisanal present.

4. Make A Dried Flower Bouquet

It's easy to use dried rose petals in this manner. Just a vase or other container to place the flowers in would do.

how to use dry rose petals bouquet

The roses can be added any way you choose, but affixing them to the stems of the other flowers in your bouquet is a good idea.

5. Add Them To Your Bathwater

An excellent way to unwind is to take a warm bath with rose water. Add the dried petals to a container containing Epsom salt and powdered milk. Also, you may add your preferred essential oils to the mixture.

how to dry rose petals for bath

This could also be a wonderful present - you can gift it to your relatives or friends.

6. Create A Romantic Setting

Try this if you don't mind doing a little extra cleanup afterward. Create a pleasant and romantic evening for your partner using the dried petals.

how to dry rose petals for wedding

Decorate your bed with rose petals or surprise them by creating a path leading up to a cake on your center table. Add some scented candles, too - they'll love it!

7. Rose Face Mask

You will need two heaps of dried rose petals, five tablespoons of milk, and one tablespoon of honey to make the most amicable, creamiest, and moisturizing face mask at home.

how to use dry rose petals

Form a thick paste by thoroughly combining these ingredients. Apply some paste to your face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. After letting it dry, wash it off with cold water. Your skin will glow just like a rose!

8. Rose Water

Put the dried rose petals inside a pan, and pour just enough water to cover the petals completely.

how to use dry rose petals

Let the water boil with the heat on low. For 30 minutes, cover the pan and let the petals bake in the heat. When you strain the water, you'll find a lovely, rose-flavored liquid ready to treat your skin!

9. Rose Infused Oil

To create rose body oil, two cups of dried and ground rose petals can be combined with one cup of carrier oil, such as jojoba or sweet almond oil.

how to use dry rose petals

Strain the petals after letting the mixture sit for two weeks, then use them. To keep your oil's antioxidant qualities, store it away from the sun.

10. Homemade Tea

Fill a mason jar with dried rose petals, then pour boiling water over the top to make slow-seep tea.

how to dry rose petals for tea

After that, firmly fasten the cover and give the tea at least four hours to steep before filtering out the petals. This tea tastes great, either hot or cold. You can even add green tea to it!

11. Rose Petal Vinegar

Pouring vinegar over a container of rose petals will create vinegar enriched with rose petals.

how to use dry rose petals

After a few weeks of infusion in a cold, dark environment, filter and decant. The resultant liquid may be added to bathwater, used as a vinaigrette for salads, or used as a sunburn-cooling flower spray.

12. Skin-Brightening Sugar Scrub

By using dried rose petals to produce a scrub, you can exfoliate your skin and give it a healthier, softer, and more radiant appearance.

how to use dry rose petals

To prepare this opulent scrub, finely powder some oats and add your dried rose petals. Your scrub is ready for exfoliation once you've added a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

13. Refreshing Face Tonic

One of the finest applications for dried rose petals is in rose tonic, which helps to nourish dry, aged skin and calm acne-prone skin.

how to use dry rose petals

Soak a cup of dried rose petals in hot, distilled water to produce rose water. Let it steep for a day. The water may be used later once you strain the petals and store them in your refrigerator.

14. Candle Making

Dried rose petals are simple to integrate into your candles. The petals may be easily placed in the candle molds. Even the sides of your candles may be embellished with dried flower petals.

how to use dry rose petals

To decorate them, mix some wax with crushed dried petals, roll your candle over the wax, and your attractive candle will be ready.

15. Soap Making

Bath salts and soaps may also be enhanced with dried flower petals, significantly rose for a luxurious feel.

how to use dry rose petals

Making soap and bath salts with your favorite dried flower petals at home is another straightforward option. Try it out for yourself and feel like royalty when using it.


You have learned how to use dry rose petals in a variety of ways! These concepts allow you to explore your imagination while working with the petals to develop unique applications. Whether you use them for yourself or your skin, you will thoroughly enjoy the process. Veda Oils has the most beautiful collection of dried roses for your pet projects - get yours now!

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