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Lavender Scented Candles at Home - DIY Recipe & Benefits

This wonderful and marvelous Shrub of the earth can benefit us in various ways but candle making is the best & easy way to have the its benefits. Lavender Scented candles also assist with sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress.

Candles are one of the simplest methods to spread its enticing smell throughout the house. Before diving into the recipe for making lavender candles with soy wax, let’s talk a little bit more about Lavender essential oil.

Before diving into the recipe for making lavender candles with soy wax, let’s talk a little bit more about Lavender. Many people love lavender because of its versatility.

It has a calming impact on the body, and therapeutic-grade lavender is known for its skin benefits.

Homemade Lavender Scented Candle Benefits

1.Reduce Anxiety and Negative Feelings

The scent of lavender stimulates brain activity. By offering a calming experience to the brain, the fragrance impacts mood, productivity, and alleviates stress and anxiety. Lavender has also been demonstrated to have a favorable impact on overall health and quality of life.

2.Alleviate Headaches and other Pains

Lavender is well-known for its ability to relieve pain, whether it's acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term). When you inhale the scent of lavender, you will feel a considerable difference. Lowered blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, alertness, and pain intensity are among them.

Homemade Lavender Scented Candle Benefits

3.Improve Sleepiness and Increase Deep Sleep

It's no secret that lavender is often used to help people sleep better. People dried lavender flowers and laid them in a bag beneath their pillow before lavender essential oils and lavender-scented goods like eye masks, and heating pads became widely available.

4.Ease Emotional Symptoms caused by PMS

Lavender oil's anti-inflammatory qualities aid in the reduction of menstruation cramps and bleeding. When we bleed, our uterus sheds its inner lining, contracting and expanding to force the lining out through your vaginal opening. The surrounding blood vessels swell and inflame as a result. The scent of lavender aids with the muscular relaxation of these vessels.

Materials For Lavender Scented Essential Oil Candles

Lavender essential oil in candles is an excellent choice for wellbeing and self-care because of the advantages listed above. But there are also a few more advantages to consider! In addition to their soothing scent, lavender-scented candles contain aromatherapy effects. With its lovely perfume, a lavender-scented candle will brighten up just about any place!

material for Lavender scented candles

1.Lavender Essential Oil: It has a natural lavender aroma to it. In the case of homemade scented candles, the quality of the essential oils makes a significant impact. So when choosing your essential lavender oil, always ensure that you get one which 100% authentic. Quantity required 0.4 Oz / 11 g / 220 drops

2.Soy Wax: Soy wax candles have several advantages, including a long burn life, the absence of ugly black soot, and a reputation as a desirable, organically produced product. Soy candles account for more than half of all candles on the market today, which is unsurprising. Quantity required 225 gms

3.Pre-tapped Wicks: These are incredibly convenient since they eliminate the need to tap the wick manually. We recommend using 6" cotton wicks, which are a decent size for containers with a diameter of 2.75".

4.Heatproof Container: You have a wide range of containers to pick from, including mason jars and candle tins. Due to obvious reasons, it is always better to go for heat-proof containers. We recommend frosted recycled glass containers of around 225 gms capacity. Choose a container with straight corners and is not porous for the most refined candle. Container required with 250 ml capacity.

5.Candle Dye: Leave the candles uncolored or use purple dye to color the soy wax in a nice lavender tone. This is entirely your choice and we think that both options are equally lovely. Quantity required 3-4 chips

Steps To Make Lavender Scented Candles

Steps to make lavender candles

Step 1: Get started with the Preparation

Prepare the supplies by measuring them and putting them in place. When it comes to candle making, timing is crucial, and you want to be prepared.
Make sure the candle containers are dry and clean before using them. Get 

Step 2: Melt the wax.

In a heatproof saucepan or pitcher, combine the wax and candle color (if using) (something with a spout works best). Melt the wax over medium-high heat, stirring regularly to prevent it from burning. Heat the wax until it reaches a temperature of 68°C on a thermometer.

Step 3: Add the lavender essential oil to the mixture.

Remove the wax from the fire when it reaches 68°C and add the lavender essential oil. Add 0.4 Oz / 11 g / 220 drops. Stir the mixture 30 to 40 times to guarantee the mixture is homogenous and consistent.

Step 4: Let the wax cool down.

Allow the wax to cool to 57 degrees Celsius, the perfect pouring temperature for the soy wax.

Lavender Candle

Step 5: Lavender candle should be poured and wicked.

Stir the wax thoroughly before pouring it into the candle vessels. Secure the wick in the notch by threading it through the wick holder. Place the wick in the candle's center.

Step 6: Fill in the Gaps.

Allow the candle to cool overnight. You may see that the wax around the wick has sunken in a little after the candle has cooled. Let’s get this sorted out! If the wax is poured too hot, a sinkhole may form. Re-melt remaining wax and pour a thin coat over the whole surface of the candle, going all the way to the edges to hide the hole.

Step 7: Allow the lavender candles to cure.

Let the candles rest at room temperature for about two weeks after covering them with a lid.

Step 8: Place the lavender candle on the table.

Before lighting the candle, trim the wick to 1/4", since this will provide the best burn. Allow your DIY lavender candle to burn until the entire surface has melted to the container's edge the first time you use it.

Ensure your soy candle is on a heatproof surface and away from anything combustible (e.g., curtains). Never leave a burning candle alone, and if you leave the room, extinguish the flame. If there are children or pets present, take particular precautions.

Tips & Precautions


Thoroughly combine the wax and essential oil. A simple stir will not suffice. Mix the melted soy wax and essential oil at least 30 times so that the wax and oil stick firmly stick together. Otherwise, the lavender oil will leak and drip out of the candle's bottom or top.

Tips & Precautions

At 57°C, pour the lavender candles. This is the appropriate pouring temperature for 464 soy wax, as previously stated. The top will be nicer and smoother if the wax is colder. It's normal for the wax to get hazy at this point. If you use a different type of soy wax, the pouring temperature may vary. As a result, make sure to read the product description.


Heat the soy wax to no more than 68°C. Lavender oil has a flashpoint of 68°C, which means that the oil will begin to evaporate at that temperature, leaving a less aromatic candle. Keep the wax at or slightly below 156°F / 68°C for the most potent aroma.

Do not place the candles in the refrigerator to cool, Soy wax can fracture if it is cooled too quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Lavender Scented Candles:

Q1. Can I use another wax?

Yes, you may create my handmade lavender candles with any natural wax. Palm wax is a great substitute for soy wax. This wax has a greater melting point, contains more aroma, and burns more slowly than soy wax.

Q2. How do I choose the correct wick?

The flame will not be able to be sustained if the wick is too tiny. The candle will tunnel to the centre and extinguish itself. The candle will be consumed rapidly if the wick is too big. A large, flickering flame caused by an enormous wick is a fire danger and produces a lot of soot.

The wick size is determined by the candle container's interior diameter, wax type, and fragrance oil. Information is generally included on the packaging or in the product description by the manufacturer or reseller.

Q3. Can you put dried lavender in candles?

Not really; it could pose some serious fire hazards; hence, we would advise not using dried lavender in your candle.

Q4. Are lavender essential oil candles safe for kids?

Yes, lavender candles are suitable for children and babies over the age of six months. Lavender has the same calming impact on both children and adults. Around night, light a homemade lavender candle to assist your youngster in relaxing and falling asleep.


It's easier than ever to make your own Lavender Scented candles at home. They're not only less expensive, but they're also a lot better for you and your family, so it's a no-brainer. Lavender is reported to offer a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic characteristics, including the ability to heal bug stings and induce calm. Lavender is a must-try if you're seeking a candle to relieve tension and encourage relaxation in your house.

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