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Gulab Jal For Eyes - Benefits and How to Use It?

Gulab Jal has been used in the traditional skin care and hair care recipes. Its beautifying properties make it stand out from other natural ingredients. However, most people don’t know about the uses and benefits it offers for eye-related issues.

Gulab Jal for Eyes

People who stay glued to the computer for hours may use it to get relief from eye dryness and itching. Apart from its use as an eye drop, its anti-inflammatory properties can also be used to heal eye redness. In short, it is a multi-purpose ingredient that you must have in your home.

Benefits of Gulab Jal For The Eyes

Continuous exposure to mobile and other digital devices can put a stain on our eyes. Using Gulab jal for the eyes can provide relief from eye stress. Regular use of Gulab jal for eyes is recommended for those who work in dusty areas. Here are some of the key benefits of gulab jal for eyes:

  • Soothes The Eyes: Lack of moisture can result in eye irritation. Gulab jal or rosewater not only hydrates the eyes but also provides relief from eye irritation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is used as a vital ingredient in many eye care products.
  • Fades Away Dark Circles: Stress, constant exposure to digital devices, and other reasons can create dark circles around the eyes. Application of rosewater on the skin around the eyes improves the blood circulation. This prevents the chances of skin blackening and restores the natural skin colour.
  • Relief From Eye Irritation: Gulab jal is an instant remedy if you are suffering from eye redness and itching. Its powerful soothing properties allow you to use it to soothe eye infection like sore eyes as well. You can also make a DIY eye drop at home using rosewater.
  • Removes Dust: Dust, dirt, eye lashes and other fine particles get accumulated inside the eyes. These particles result in eye irritation which can cause eye redness as well. Eye drops made from Gulab jal not only remove these impurities from your eyes but also restore the eye health by nourishing the eye cells.
  • May Help With Conjunctivitis: It's a terrific way to treat your lips among all the classic and unexpected ways to use rose water in your cosmetic routine. Rose water moisturizes and makes your lips pink and full. Simply dab some rose water on a cotton pad and dab it over your lips. Just spray it all over your face and let it soak into your skin.

How to Use Gulab Jal For The Eyes?

Gulab jal calms eye irritation and also restores its natural moisture and health. However, we must know the ways of using it effectively. Here are some ways of using Gulab Jal for the eyes:

1. Use Gulab Jal For Eye Wash

Just pour a couple of drops of rosewater in your eyes through a spoon and rest for a while. Do not open your eyes and let the rosewater clean your eyes thoroughly. Once all the dust particles are trapped inside the Gulab jal, you may open your eyes and let the solution flow out. After that, you can rinse your eyes with regular water.

2. Using Through a Dropper

You can store the Gulab jal inside a bottle that comes with a dropper. It would be easier to put the rosewater inside your eyes with a dropper bottle. However, you need to wash the dropper bottle thoroughly before pouring rosewater in it. It is recommended that you use fresh dropper bottles for storing Gulab jal.

3. Use a Cotton Ball

You can also pour a few drops of Gulab jal on a cotton ball and apply it around your eyes. It will hydrate the skin around your eyes and rejuvenate it by maintaining the blood circulation. You can also place cucumber slices on your eyes after this to fasten the process of healing. It will also soothe your eye irritation to some extent.


Everybody must get Gulab jal for home remedy purposes. However, only natural and pure Gulab jal is ideal for your sensitive eyes. Rosewater that contains chemicals may prove to be harmful and may aggravate the issue further. We suggest buying it from VedaOils that offers only fresh and natural ingredients at cost-effective rates. You can visit their website for buying Gulab jal, essential oils, carrier oils, and many other ingredients.

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