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Dry Rose Petals For Potpourri - DIY Rose Potpourri At Home

Potpourri refers to a mixture of fragrant flower petals. Dried flowers and leaves are mixed in a bowl to create a natural fragrance in living spaces. We usually find them in five-star hotels and commercial buildings. However, many people like to keep potpourri in their homes to make them more inviting and pleasant smell.

Dry Rose Petals For Potpourri

Dried rose petals are one of the most common ingredients in potpourri recipes. The enchanting natural fragrance of rose petals makes your rooms smell fantastic. You can also blend some other natural ingredients with rose petals to enhance the overall aroma of your DIY potpourri recipes. In this article, we will study why to use dry rose petals for potpourri. Along with that, we will also understand how to make rose potpourri DIY recipes!

Why Make Potpourri With Rose Petals?

Roses are one of the most commonly found flowers all around the world. You may have them in your garden, or you can quickly get them from a florist. Rose petals have a deep and rich fragrance that is second to none. Here are a few reasons to make rose potpourri DIY recipes at home:

The aroma of rose petals infuses a fresh scent into the ambience. It also makes the environment lively and happening. We can use dry rose petals for potpourri or blend them with other flower petals like lavender or jasmine. Also, we can make a rose petal potpourri and give it as a gift to someone we love.

Why Make Potpourri With Rose Petals?

How To Make Rose Petal Potpourri?

Making rose petal potpourri is simple, as only a few ingredients are required. The first and most essential ingredient is rose petals. Apart from that, you can blend rose petals with other natural ingredients to make the aroma more prominent. Here are a few things you need to make rose petals potpourri without any issues:

  • A sealable container for storing the dried rose petals
  • Dried Rose Petals that smell great
  • Essential oils or rosewater (optional)
  • A plate or bowl that is large enough to accommodate all the rose petals and other ingredients that you would be using in your DIY rose potpourri recipe.

How To Dry Rose Petals For Potpourri?

Dried rose petals are a must for a rose petal potpourri. You can dry the rose petals by keeping them inside a book. It is also possible to dry them in sunlight. If you want to dry them faster, you can heat them in a microwave.

how to dry rose petals for potpourri

Some people also use a dehydrator to dry the rose petals. The rose petals that are dry and crisp are perfect for making rose potpourri DIY recipes.

How To Make Dry Rose Petals Potpourri At Home?

Now that you know some key ingredients required to make DIY rose potpourri, let’s see an interesting recipe. We will use additional ingredients in this recipe to make the potpourri more aromatic and intriguing.

This recipe will use ingredients like dried cinnamon powder, rose essential oil, and dried lavender flowers to introduce a unique and refreshing blended aroma. Now, let’s get started with the process by going through the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1: The first step is plucking fresh roses from the garden and disintegrating the petals from them. Once you have removed all the petals, place them over cardboard in sunlight to dry them naturally. A couple of days would be enough to dry the rose petals. After drying, store the petals in an airtight container to preserve the fragrance for a long time.

How To Make Dry Rose Petals Potpourri At Home?

Step 2: Take out rose petals from the glass container in a plate as required. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder and dried lavender powder on it. Pour a few drops of rosewater or rose essential oil to make the aroma of rose prominent.

Step 3: Place the potpourri at the entrance of your home or room so that the fragrance spreads everywhere.


We hope you liked the DIY dry rose petals for potpourri recipe. If you don’t have roses in your garden, you can get dry rose petals directly from an authentic source. VedaOils provides dry rose petals and petals of other flowers like lavender, hibiscus, etc. These dried flower petals are made from fresh roses and contain rose gardens' natural and refreshing aroma. Check the official website of VedaOils today to get dry rose petals at affordable rates.

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