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5 Ways to Use Dried Lavender Flowers for Cooking

A bouquet of freshly plucked lavender is impossible to refuse. Few people realize this, but lavender is not only bright, aromatic, and simply lovely; you may also be amazed to learn that it is edible. Every component of the lavender plant, from the bud to the stem to the leaf, is safe to eat. However, cooking with lavender may be slightly  challenging.

Cooking with this herb calls for appropriate control because of its intense scent and flowery flavour. Despite the possibility of dominating your meal, lavender has too many culinary advantages to avoid using it. Take some of the apprehension out of using this aromatic herb by learning how to use dried lavender for cooking.

Dried Lavender Flowers for Cooking

5 Ways to Use Dried Edible Lavender Flowers for Cooking

Don’t be nervous as cooking with lavender is not as complicated as it sounds! Get your cooking aprons out and let’s get cooking these super simple recipes.

1.) Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Dessert

You can discover hundreds of recipes online that incorporate fresh or dried lavender, from macarons to tarts, mousse to cheesecakes. The results are always lovely because they have a delicate, aromatic fragrance that is distinctive of baking with lavender.

For more experienced bakers, you can even practice frosting and perform some beautiful piping using dried lavender flowers. Use dried lavender for cooking, it is one of the most worthy ingredients in dessert. 

2.) Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Ice Cream

Yes, making ice creams calls for an ice cream machine, but it will be well worth it for the wonderful combination of cream and lavender. Even though you'll require very few ingredients, your ice cream will have the flavour and appearance of a five-star restaurant! People uses dried lavender for cooking by making ice cream for flavour.

Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Ice Cream

3.) Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Cocktail

This summer, are you looking for a new trademark drink? You can make your own lavender martinis that look as good as they taste. Dried lavender buds impart a sweet flavour and the traditional pale purple colour.

4.) Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Garnish

Lavender is so lovely to look at and now we know that it is also tasty. It's quick and simple to add edible lavender garnishes to your sweets, entrées, and beverages. You can use dried lavender for cooking as mix in iced tea, lemonade, or light cocktails as a garnish.

5.) Use Dried Lavender Flowers in Main Course

Herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, and savory go nicely with dried lavender. Herbes de Provence, which benefits from the subdued floral flavor and is a popular main course, typically contains French lavender. Generally speaking, we can use dried lavender for cooking recipes like meat marinades and baked breads, much like fresh rosemary.

Top 6 Recipes That You Can Make Using Dried Lavenders

1.) Lavender Lemonade

Lavender lemonades are lovely. You will like serving purple lemonades at festive events and gatherings. It is ideal for serving for bridal showers, baby showers, or even a basic summer brunch. This is a terrific party drink to serve (with or without alcohol! ), whether purple is one of your party's theme colours or you're just looking for something light and refreshing. You can use dried lavender for cooking by making lavender lemonade.

2.) Grilled Pork Chops with Dried Lavender

This dish demonstrates that lavender isn't just for desserts and beverages. It blends the earthy aromas of sage and lavender. Dried lavender is actually quite a culinary star because it has a stronger peppery flavour. Grill up this simple summer meal and enjoy it.

3.) Roast Potatoes with Dried Lavenders 

A simple comfort food meal that works well as a side dish anytime is roasted potatoes. Dried lavender is included in this variation to give it a French flavour. Comforting roasted potatoes have a delightful, distinctive taste with the addition of fragrant dried culinary lavender, which goes well with any meats or fowl.

Roast Potatoes with Dried Lavenders

4.) Focaccia with Dried Lavenders

Baking focaccia with lavender will give it a subtle flavour thanks to the lavender. Eating it will take you straight to Italy and the carefree holiday atmosphere. The ideal bread to eat with charcuterie, cheeses, or even just by itself when dipped into a rich balsamic or fruit vinegar is lavender focaccia.

5.) Lemon Cookies with Dried Lavenders

You can bake lemon lavender cookies that are buttery, airy and bursting with the flavour of fresh lemon and lavender. They are the most beautiful spring biscuits because of the tart lemon icing on top! You can even add some lavender glaze on them so they become considerably sweeter and have a subtle lemony flavour. You can use dried lavender for cooking by making crispy and crunchy lemon cookies. 

6.) Fruit Jam with Dried Lavender

Ordinary fruit jam can be transformed into delightfully romantic preserves by using dried lavender flowers. It goes well with scones, croissants, or crostini topped with fresh ricotta since it is delicate and flowery. Making this dish is simple enough, and it also makes a great present for your loved ones!


There are countless ways to use dried lavender in your cooking, and these dishes are just a few examples. Everyone can attempt, master, and enjoy any of these, from inexperienced cooks to seasoned chefs.

If you are wondering where to get dried lavender for cooking, then look no further than Vedaoils! We have the most aromatic and sweet smelling dried lavender flowers that you can use on your culinary excursion. Check us out now!

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