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How To Make Dried Flower Scented Sachets?

Dried herbs and flowers can be used in different ways. One of the best uses of the dried petals and herbs is for making scented sachets. These sachets instil a pleasant fragrance in the surroundings. You can keep them in your cupboards, cabinets, and other confined spaces that do smell awful due to poor ventilation.

In this article, we will look at how to use dried flowers for sachets. The dried flower scented sachets can be easily made at home especially if you have a garden at home. At the same time, we will also look at some of the herbs that can be infused in the scented sachets. So let’s start by going through the list of best herbs and flowers that can be used in scented sachets!

Best Dried Flowers & Herbs For Making Scented Sachets

You can use different flowers and herbs that you grow in your garden to make scented sachets. Most people like to include lily, lavender, hibiscus, and some of the other popular flowers. However, you must use only the ones that have the most alluring fragrance and suit your preferences. These are the best dried flowers for sachet making:

1.) Dried Hibiscus Flower

It is the most common flower found in a majority of Indian households. All the varieties like pink, yellow, white, red, etc. can be dried and used in scented sachets.

Dried Hibiscus Flower

2.) Dried Rose Flowers

Using dried rose petals for sachets is common due to its deep and enchanting fragrance. Here also, you can choose the rose varieties that have the most prominent scent.

3.) Dried Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers have a soothing scent that refreshes your mind and eases it naturally.

4.) Dried Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a bell-shaped flower that is known for its fresh floral aroma.

5.) Dried Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine flowers are the best for using in scented sachets due to their alluring, sweet, and delicate aroma.

Dried Jasmine Flowers

6.) Dried Mock Orange

The sweet and citrusy scent of mock orange can be used if you need some scent like oranges but which is much sweeter than them.

7.) Dried Scented Geraniums

Scented geraniums are known for their unique nutty, sweet, and fruity scent. Therefore, you must add them in your scented sachets.

8.) Dried Gardenia

The delicate, creamy, and green undertones of gardenia will surely make your surroundings more aromatic and blissful!


Along with the scented floral sachets, you can also make scented herb sachets. Herbs have a much stronger scent than flowers. Their scent can also be much more long lasting and effective in driving away the foul odour.


You can also mix floral scents with some dried herbs to create a unique and wonderful blend of aromatic notes. These are the top herbs that you can use in scented sachets:

1.) Mint

Mint is obviously the most popular choice because of its minty and strong fragrance.

2.) Lemon Balm

Lemon balm herb will add a zesty fragrance to your scented sachets.

3.) Rosemary

Rosemary has a unique camporous scent that can blend with both dried flowers and other dried herbs.

4.) Thyme

The earthy and strong scent of thyme can also be included in the scented sachets.


5.) Other Herbs

Holy basil, oregano, parsley, clary sage, marjoram, and some other dried herbs can also be included along with the dried flowers for scented bags or sachets.

How to Make Dried Flower Sachets?

Making dried flower sachets is not rocket science. You need to be a bit experimental while using the dried flowers and herbs in these sachets. At the same time, you must have a knack of finding and drying flowers perfectly. In the below sections, we will look at the best way of making dried flower sachets at home!

Steps to Make Dried Flower Sachets

Follow these steps while using dried herbs and flowers for scented bags:

Step 1: Select small bags made from cloth or any other loose fabric. If you are making them by yourself, ensure that you don’t close both the sides as you would need one side open to fill the bag with dried flowers and herbs.

Steps to Make Dried Flower Sachets

Step 2: Add some dried flower petals or herbs in the bag.

Step 3: Adding a few drops of essential oils or natural fragrance oils is also an option. It will not only enhance the scent of the bags but will also make the scent last longer.

Step 4: Now, tie the open end of the bag with glue or a string. Ensure that the bag is closed tightly for the scent to escape through the fabric.

Step 5: Now, you just have to crush the bag from above so that all the flowers and herbs get mixed nicely. It will also help them to release their fragrance prominently.

Additional Tips of Dried Flowers for Sachets

Here are some tips that you can adhere to while using herbs and dried flowers for sachets:

To enhance the longevity of the scent, you should sprinkle the dried flowers and herbs with some drops of essential oil. Lavender, peppermint, frankincense, jasmine, and oregano are some of the most preferred essential oils for scented sachets.

Additional Tips of Dried Flowers for Sachets

You can also add the other essential oils as per your preferences. Also, do not forget to add some orris root in the bags. It catches the scent of dried herbs and flowers and releases the aroma slowly. You can also keep the bag or sachets of dried flowers and herbs in the bathroom.

However, ensure that they do not get wet or else their effect or scent throwing capacity will end immediately. You can also make DIY dried flower bags and sachets and use them as gifts. You can also teach your kids how to make them and have a fun time together. Using bags with drawstrings will make your job much easier and faster.


This was the process of using dried flowers for sachets. Hope you have understood the process of using herbs and flowers to make scented sachets. Drying flowers is easy, you just have to dissect the petals and keep them in the open air or warm place to dry quickly. You can also order floral petals, dried herbs, and essential oils from a trusted source like VedaOils.

On their portal, you will find all these ingredients at wholesale rates. Moreover, VedaOils is known for providing pure and chemical-free natural ingredients. Therefore, you will get the best results while using them for your DIY sachets or scented bags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Dried Flowers For Sachets!

Q: Why are dried flower sachets useful?

A. Dried flower sachets are useful as home or car freshers. They can also be kept in your closets, garage, and other storage places to make them smell vibrant and fresh.

Q: Are dried flowers expensive?

A. Dried flowers can be expensive because they are carefully dried to preserve their fragrance. You can also make them at home but the ones you find in stores and malls are much more effective. You can also get them from trusted sources like VedaOils at cost-effective rates.

Q: How to dry herbs?

A. Just leave the herbs in a well-ventilated space so that they lose moisture quickly. However, ensure that the place is not wet and windy.

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