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DIY Makeup Setting Spray - Smudge Free Glow

You cannot let your makeup glow fade away after some time. You didn’t spend your time applying makeup for it to lose its shine after a few minutes. That’s why you need this saviour, a setting spray.

Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is a mist that protects your makeup and expands the duration. It is made mostly of alcohol and water. Setting sprays can be a bit problematic for some skins as it consists of alcohol. But worry not; this article is going to give you all the information you need to make your setting spray.

Why Homemade Makeup Setting Spray?

The contents in the store-bought setting spray may have different side effects on people. A chemical-free and organic setting spray would be a great alternative to remove these problems.

  • Homemade setting sprays have almost zero aerosol products. Breathing these aerosol components from the store-bought setting spray can be harmful.
  • The adhesives used in these products can create a chemical coating on your skin. This clogs the pores on your skin and can damage your skin in the long term.
  • The denatured alcohol components can cause your skin to dry and deteriorate the skin's health.
Why Homemade Makeup Setting Spray?
  • The chemicals used in the setting spray can affect the regenerating properties of the skin and contribute to premature ageing.
  • The chemicals can be detrimental to certain skin types causing acne and pimple breakouts.

3 Homemade Makeup Setting Spray

Homemade make-up setting sprays are safe to use, protect you from all related skin problems and prolong the shine of your makeup. DIY setting sprays can be made from natural and easily available products. Here are some recipes for you to try.

Recipe 1: Rosewater & Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray

This makeup spray keeps your skin glowing and lively. With the calming smell of rosewater and the benefits of the ingredients used, rosewater and witch hazel setting spray can be a wonderful alternative.

Rosewater & Witch Hazel Makeup Setting Spray


  • Rose Water: one tablespoon
  • Witch hazel: one tablespoon
  • Water: one and a half cup

How to make:

  1. Take a spraying bottle and sterilise it. In this bottle, add the ingredients.
  2. Shake the ingredients together and mix them well.
  3. After refrigerating it for three weeks, the DIY setting spray is ready to use.

Recipe 2: Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil Makeup Setting Spray

Two amazing products for your skin, the aloe vera and lavender oil spray, have dual functions. It keeps your makeup vibrant and also helps to maintain skin health. An excellent moisturising agent, this setting spray is an excellent product to use daily.

Aloe Vera & Lavender Oil Makeup Setting Spray


  • Aloe vera gel: 2 tablespoon
  • Lavender Oil: 2 drops
  • Water: one and a half cups

Method Of Making Makeup Setting Spray

  1. The preparation of this setting spray is simple.
  2. After combining the aloe vera gel, lavender oil and water, mix it well in a clean spraying bottle.
  3. Let it stay for some hours, and the spray is ready to use.

Recipe 3: Rosewater Makeup Setting Spray

Rosewater has a very alluring smell. The smell combined with some other natural ingredients can make an amazing setting spray. This natural and rejuvenating setting spray is a must-try.

rosewater makeup setting spray


  • Glycerin: half tablespoon
  • Rose water: One and a half cup
  • Argan Oil: 2 drops

Method Of Making

  1. Mix the ingredients in a sterilised spraying bottle.
  2. Shake it well so that it is blended properly.
  3. After leaving it to sit for a few hours, the rosewater setting spray is ready to use.
  4. This mist is good to use before and after applying makeup


Homemade makeup products have the advantage of being chemical-free and reduces the chances of skin problems. These products are easily made and have components that contribute to skin health in the most positive ways.

After applying makeup, spraying a layer of these homemade mist will let your makeup stay longer and keep you looking radiant throughout the day. These homemade setting sprays are easy to make, safer to use and can keep you looking and smelling fresh and vibrant.

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