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All About Cyclomethicone in Hair Products

Ever heard of the term silicones or Cyclomethicone for hair? You surely have. After all, they have been in use to curate personal care products since the 1950s. Initially, they were limited to skincare products, but now they have also entered the arena of hair products.

Cyclomethicone For Hair Products

Silicones like Cyclomethicone are recognised for their lubricating properties that leave a soft, smooth feel. They are especially good for retaining moisture in your hair shaft and keeping the tresses soft and hydrated. Let's study in detail the usage of Cyclomethicone for hair products.

Cyclomethicone Use in Cosmetics

Cyclomethicone is a mixture of cyclic dimethylpolysiloxane compounds that are used primarily as an emollient and solvent in cosmetic formulations. It is significantly not absorbed through the skin but is primarily trusted as a spreading or wetting agent. This is the reason why it is one prominent ingredient in many hair products like shampoos, soaps and conditioners.

Due to its highly viscous nature, it is used to deposit or spread active ingredients and can provide light lubrication to hair. However, just like any other silicone compound Food and Drug Administration indicated that Cyclomethicone was used in different product formulations.

Cyclomethicone Use in Cosmetics

Products that particularly contain Cyclomethicone are applied to all areas of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. It is also used in face makeup, manicuring preparations, skin creams, oils, sprays, and other personal care products. It is also used as a skin protectant and helps the skin resist irritation.

In addition to that, the low vapour pressure of the chemical also makes it very useful to use in odour and cologne cosmetic products. Another reason why Cyclomethicone is used in cosmetic products is because of its unique sensory benefits and long-lasting effect, especially in lipsticks.

Benefits of Cyclomethicone for Hair

Cyclomethicone is a mixture of low molecular weight volatile cyclic siloxanes. It provides excellent stability and is an ideal carrier for hair products and cosmetics. It has loads of benefits for hair; let's study it in detail.

1.) Fills in Gaps of Porous Hair

Fills in Gaps of Porous Hair

High hair porosity is one of the main causes of your hair's tendency to get frizzy and develop split ends. Due to the holes in porosity hair's ability to retain moisture, cuticle damage and dryness result. That's where Cyclomethicone fills in gaps in the porous hair and helps retain moisture to it.

2.) Deeply Conditions Hair

Deeply Conditions Hair

In essence, silicone hair treatments are deep conditioning procedures that transform coarse, unruly hair into soft, brushable tresses. Cyclomethicone viscous properties provide hair moisturisation in the form of lubrication and deeply condition them. As a result, detangling hair also becomes very easy.

3.) Makes Hair Surface Softer

Makes Hair Surface Softer

Your post-treatment hair won't get completely wet when washed since silicones have the ability to repel water, and it has a slick sensation. The surface of your hair is smooth and soft to the touch since this permits the hair shaft to keep closed cuticles. So, in short, it makes your hair surface softer than before.

4.) Brings Shine In Dull Hair

Brings Shine In Dull Hair

Cyclomethicone has a special ability to reflect light. This is the reason they help your hair shine much better. Your hair tends to shine under strong natural and artificial lights when you use them to treat it. Also, they bring lustre to your hair which makes them look healthy and strong too.

5.) Keeps Hair Protected From External Factors

Consider this: Your hair will be somewhat protected from environmental factors like humidity, pollution, and even sun damage if it has a moisture-protective covering on it at all times. So, trusting Cyclomethicone for your hair can be a great decision to protect their overall health.


On a final note, we can say everything comes with advantages and disadvantages, and the same is the case for silicones like Cyclomethicone, which we often find in many hair products. However, this particular silicone comes with a plethora of advantages we can't deny, and the best we can do is trust it for the best.

So, yes, Cyclomethicone for hair is not entirely a bad thing until it is used in the right and limited amount. Just keep in mind to keep nourishing your hair with other natural haircare treatments as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Cyclomethicone in Hair Products!

Q: Are silicone treatments or hair products safe for the scalp?

A. Yes, they are completely safe for the scalp. A layer of Cyclomethicone or other silicones can help avoid roots and hair from getting tangled. In addition to that, they also help eliminate dryness or any rough texture from your hair.

Q: Does Cyclomethicone retain the natural curls of our hair?

A. Unlike other hair treatments, Cyclomethicone is a silicone that does not disturb your hair's natural curl pattern and maintains it very well. It, in fact, deeply nourishes your curly hair by filling in the gaps and coats the hair shaft to avoid any moisture loss.

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