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Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair: Benefits And Uses

There is only one solution for complex hair issues like a greasy scalp and dry hair strands—a clay hair mask. If you forgo shampooing, you will get dry hair strands and an oily, greasy scalp. A clay mask will save your day in this situation.

natural clay for hair

Natural clay masks are fantastic for your scalp and hair. It removes toxins that have built up on the scalp and dead skin cells. They simultaneously cleanse the scalp of excess oil, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. Scroll down to see a list of the top clay masks if you believe this is your hair needs.

How & Why We Use Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair?

A clay mask is created using several kinds of clay and other organic substances with nourishing and healing effects. Some types of clay can help your hair grow longer and stronger by drawing out toxins and impurities from the hair and scalp when combined with water. Let's check out the benefits of clay hair masks for natural hair.

1. Clay Hair Mask for Detox Hair

Clay masks purify the scalp, remove fungus, absorb extra sebum, and reduce flaking and dandruff. Detoxification eliminates harmful substances and heavy metals from the body, including, in this case, hair.

2. Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair Wash

Clarifying shampoos can be substituted with clay masks. The clay will expand when water is applied, drawing debris, oil, and buildup from your hair. The clay retains the accumulation as it dries and will be removed from your strands after you rinse.

3. Clay Hair Mask for Hair Dandruff

An overabundance of the bacterium Malassezia results in dandruff. First, clay contains antibacterial properties, which help to get rid of the bacteria that initially cause dandruff. Second, clay absorbs the surplus oil that the bacteria feeds on, reducing the amount of dandruff.

5 Best Natural Clay Masks For Hair

There are many clay powders on the market, and most are excellent in detoxifying the skin and scalp, but now we've compiled a list of the top 5 natural clay masks for hair.

1. Kaolin Clay

Kaolinite-rich kaolin clay is good for nourishing the scalp and hair. Stronger hair follicles result from improved blood circulation to the scalp caused by Kaolin Clay powder. Additionally, it cleans the skin and scalp of pollution, such as dust.

clay mask for hair
  • Because it can absorb dirt, oils, and other pollutants, kaolin clay works great as a natural shampoo.
  • Kaolin clay has purifying properties and draws pollutants like grime, dirt, pollution, and germs from the pores and hair follicles.
  • Kaolin Clay powder can be used to cleanse the scalp without drying it out, balance scalp sebum, and lessen scalp oiliness.

2. Bentonite Clay

Due to its capacity to generate an "electrical charge" when hydrated, Bentonite Clay powder is a special type of clay. Its electrical components alter as it touches liquids, enabling it to absorb toxins. The potential of bentonite clay powder to absorb and eliminate toxins, heavy metals, pollutants, and even chemicals from your scalp is well documented.

clay mask for hair wash
  • You can use bentonite clay to make a hair mask that cleans your scalp and hair of all the dead skin cells, extra oils, grime, and toxins.
  • Bentonite clay can provide the hair and scalp with intense hydration. Water absorption by hair follicles can lead to the development of thicker, healthier hair.
  • Bentonite clay minerals provide strengthened hair and stop hair loss.

3. Dead Sea Mud Clay

Grainy silt collected from the Dead Sea's shoreline is known as Dead Sea Mud. It contains a wealth of minerals, including calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and others, that improve the health of the hair and scalp, lessen hair loss, increase blood circulation, and clear out the follicles of debris or sebum.

hair detox clay mask
  • Dead sea mud clay is used to cleanse deep and hydrate the scalp, increase blood circulation, eliminate dangerous germs, and repair hair damage.
  • The scalp can clean germs, fungi, chemical toxins, and free radicals with dead sea mud powder.
  • Through the removal of sweat and oil from the pores, dead sea mud thoroughly cleans the scalp. It also promotes hair development and removes extra sebum from the scalp.

4. Multani Mitti / Fuller Earth

Fuller's Earth, also called Multani Mitti, is clay that offers to purify properties for the skin and hair. Its naturally absorbent qualities make it possible to thoroughly clean your hair of oil, grime, and dandruff while being kind to your scalp. To clean and condition your hair, you can turn it into a mask.

hair detox clay mask
  • The use of Multani Mitti powder, which completely cleanses the hair, aids in the removal of damaging pollutants.
  • Fuller Earth eliminates bad odors and fixes broken locks. The blood supply to hair follicles was also boosted.
  • The powder called Multani Mitti makes hair lustrous and silky. It conditions the hair and provides it with a smooth texture.

5. Cambrian Blue Clay

It resolves problems like hair fall, dandruff, greasy scalp, and even fungal scalp infections thanks to the minerals in the Cambrian blue clay powder, which have natural healing capabilities that help nourish the scalp and constructively mend hair follicles to generate newer, healthier hair.

Cambrian blue clay
  • It has purifying, detoxifying, and supporting benefits when applied to the scalp.
  • The roots of the hair are strengthened with Cambrian blue clay, which prevents hair loss.
  • All hair types can benefit from Cambrian blue clay. However, those with dandruff, eczema, seborrhea, or scalp infections would benefit the most.

DIY Hair Clay Mask & How To Use

This recipe is well-liked in the neighborhood because it works well, is simple to prepare, and only needs a few common ingredients. First, let's examine the preparation and application of a bentonite clay hair mask.

Ingredients For Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair:

  • Clay Powder Of Your Choice - 1/2 Cup
  • Water - As Required
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - 6 Tablespoons
  • Sweet Almond Oil - 3 Tablespoons

How to Make Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair:

Step 1: Fill the basin with the clay after measuring it.

Step 2: You can use more than one oil in this recipe, but only 3 tablespoons should be added. Add sweet almond oil to your powder and combine.

Step 3: Mix in some apple cider vinegar.

Step 4: Give the mixture 10 to 15 seconds to aerate.

Step 5: Add the required amount of water to turn your hair mask into a paste.

Step 6: Stir constantly until the mixture resembles yogurt in consistency.

How To Use Clay Hair Mask for Natural Hair:

Step 1: Do a hair wash.

Step 2: Section your hair and blot off the excess water with a towel.

Step 3: Apply the mask with your fingertips, paying special attention to the hair and scalp.

Step 4: Wrap a heated cloth around your hair.

Step 5: Allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes or until nearly dry.

Step 6: Rinse well with normal water.


The secret element for cleaning and detoxifying scalp and hair is clay. They successfully eliminate bacteria and fungi in addition to cleaning out the follicle of filth, sweat, excess sebum, and grime. They also promote hair development. Vedaoils offers excellent clay power to its customers to improve their health at reasonable prices. Visit and get your clay powder with discounts. Choosing the appropriate clay is crucial for healthier hair and scalp.

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