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Caustic Soda for Cleaning & Unblocking Pipes | How to use Sodium Hydroxide

Also known as sodium hydroxide, Caustic Soda is one of the most prominent versatile substances popularly used for manufacturing and cleaning purposes. Nowadays, more people are looking for cleaning hacks that leave their homes sparkling clean and fresh. And that's what caustic soda helps people enjoy very quickly.

caustic soda

Depending on the needs of the individuals, this substance neutralizes acid and cleans and sanitizes the specific area. This is one of the reasons why you may find caustic soda in many household cleaning products. Now, let's discuss this cleaning substance and how to use it to clean or unblock different areas.

How to Use Caustic Soda for Cleaning 

Caustic soda leads cause a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with organic materials like food, hair, and dirt. It can also be easily dissolved in water, which helps it work against the cleaning needs. Here's how you can use caustic soda for cleaning different areas. 

  • Caustic Soda for Cleaning Tiles

One of the best ways to clean tiles is by degreasing them. This process helps in removing oil and slippery materials from the tiles. In addition, using a detergent rich in caustic soda and other solving agents helps eliminate oil coverup from the tiles.

Use a rotating cleaning machine and ensure the rotation speed should not exceed 450 spins/ per minute. In addition, the cleaning brushes should be flexible enough and not work for extended periods in the same place.  

  • Caustic Soda for Unblocking Pipes

Most pipe cleaning products contain caustic soda to help in keeping the pipes flowing freely. Make a solution of caustic soda and pour this solution straight down to the block pipes. Let it sit undisturbed for 30 minutes. 

After this, boil about 4 liters of water and use it to flush through the pipes. If the block persists, you can repeat this procedure a couple of times. Also, remember to buy caustic sodas with the right concentration for cleaning.

  • Caustic Soda for Cleaning Chimney

One of the first steps to follow in cleaning the kitchen chimney is cleaning the mesh and baffle flyers. Next, remove all the filters and clean filters using caustic soda. Next, take the filters into the tub and 2-3 tablespoons of caustic soda, vinegar, and salt. Let it soak for 1 - 2 hours.

Ensure you wear your hand gloves while removing the filters from the tray. After that, wash the filters with clean water and let them dry. Once done, you will have to replace it in the chimney hood. However, it is a recommended technique, especially if your filters are too greasy. 

  • Caustic Soda for Cleaning RO Membrane

When it comes to cleaning RO membranes, inspection is the first step. First, fill the cleaning tank with RO permeate. Then, slowly add caustic soda cleaning product to the cleaning tank and allow it to mix thoroughly. 

Check the pH of the solution, which should be less than 12, as the manufacturer recommends. Now, circulate the solution through one stage at a time in the feed flow direction for about 30 minutes. There should be enough pressure so that minimal permeate is produced during cleaning. Finally, rinse the RO permeate before returning the system to the service. 

Precautions While Cleaning with Caustic Soda

  • Always store caustic soda in its original and correctly labeled, secured container away from the reach of children. 
  • Never leave the caustic soda mixture unattended. 
  • Always use cold water when preparing caustic soda. 
  • Work in a well-ventilated area and protect your eyes from splashes by wearing protective goggles. 
  • Wear long sleeves, protective clothing, gloves, and closed shoes to protect your skin from cleaning liquid splashes. 
  • Always measure oils and caustic soda by weight, not by volume. 
  • Caustic soda is a highly corrosive substance and thus should be handled with great care. Before carrying out any hazardous tasks with caustic soda, a thorough evaluation of all the risks should be conducted. 
  • Always work with caustic soda while cleaning, wearing a mask and PPE kit.


So, now you know how caustic soda is one of the best cleaning substances and how it helps clean many complex areas. Whether it's about cleaning the kitchen chimney or your bathroom tiles, caustic soda for cleaning is the ultimate solution to give it a sparkling and fresh finish. So, it's time you incorporate caustic soda into your cleaning schedules.

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