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Best Natural Clay Masks For Hair Problems With Benefits

Over time, environmental factors such as pollution and hard water can lead to a buildup of toxins in the hair and scalp, which would cause it to become weighed down, flat and lifeless. The excess toxins could also leave your strands feeling drier and more brittle, which we all know can lead to damage. Luckily we have a great natural solution to solve all these problems.

best clay hair mask

Natural Clay is a fantastic way to eliminate this buildup of excess minerals and toxins without using chemicals. It does this by attaching itself to the hair and drawing out the toxins from deep within it while re-depositing good minerals our hair needs to flourish, such as calcium, iron, potassium, and silica. Let's discuss the top clay hair masks that help you attain stronger and happier hair.

Top 7 Clay Hair Masks

Clay hair masks protect and treat damaged hair, prevent breakage, and help you achieve shiny and healthy hair. Clay hair mask contains all the powerful ingredients essential for healthy hair. Here is a list of the top seven clay hair masks with their characteristics.

Bentonite Clay - Bentonite clay is anti-microbial, which helps with irritation and itchy scalps. It contains a mixture of natural minerals beneficial to your hair and can encourage hair growth. It works as a clarifier and detoxifier for the products that build up on the hair and scalp. Its anionic property also makes bentonite clay effective at drawing out toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities. This Clay mask not only conditions and reduces frizz but also gives definition and shine to hair.

bentonite clay

Rhassoul Clay - Rhassoul clay mask is a natural mineral clay that is found in Morocco. It has been used for centuries and is known for its extraordinary ability to draw out impurities from the hair. Rhassoul clay has been used as a shampoo, soap, and hair conditioner and is known for its therapeutic properties. It removes toxins and gives your hair a glossy sheen and volume.

rhassoul red clay

Moroccan Red Clay - Moroccan clay mask is known to detoxify the hair through its healing properties. It contains magnesium and other minerals known to remove toxins from the hair. This clay mask removes excess oil from the scalp and acts as a conditioner by adding shine, strength, and softness to the hair. Its tendency to readily cleanse, exfoliate, absorb impurities and detoxify the skin, combined with its ability to improve shine and softness, makes it worth it.

moroccan clay

Dead Sea Mud - Dead sea mud mask is known to give your hair a relaxing and soothing feel. The magnesium in the dead sea clay mask improves the scalp's functionality, giving shine and volume to the hair. This mask is also known to boost collagen production and improves blood circulation. This mask detoxifies the hair and makes it smooth and silky.

dead sea mud

French Green Clay - This clay mask acts as an antibacterial and lifts off dirt and debris from the hair and scalp. It detoxifies by removing toxins and cleanses your scalp, improving hair elasticity.

french green clay powder

Multani Mitti - Multani mitti has been used for ages. It is known to cure most skin problems. Multani mitti clay mask is packed with ingredients that act as a natural conditioner for the hair, thereby giving hair volume and shine.

multani mitti

Kaolin Clay - The kaolin clay mask is one of the powerhouse masks packed with ingredients that exfoliate, cleanse and balance the oil production in the scalp. This clay mask is lightweight, making it easy to use with shampoo. kaolin clay also balances the scalp's PH level, leaving your hair soft and bouncy. This clay mask is proven to absorb the excess oil giving more volume and fullness to the hair.

white kaolin clay

Who Should Use Clay Mask And What Are The Benefits?

We have discussed the different natural clay masks, so it's time you start using them in your haircare routine. Clay masks can be used by anyone who wants to detoxify and cleanse your scalp and hair at home naturally. It should be used once a week for good results. Let's discuss a few benefits of clay masks in detail.

Prevents And Treats Damages - Clay penetrates and seals the cuticle of the hair to give your hair a protective barrier. This kind of barrier prevents breakage and helps you achieve shiny, healthy hair.

Keeps Hair Hydrated - Hair needs to absorb water. Clay is just like a sponge in a house, it absorbs water like a sponge, and that's how it keeps the hair hydrated.

Prevents Bacterial Build Up - Clay with the kind of cleansing capability is very good at removing the oil and dirt that is responsible for buildup. Clay prevents the buildup, which gives you that clean look and prevents odor.

Clay Is Humectant - Hair is naturally dry. It's always dehydrated, and the hair's main job is retaining moisture. Clay acts as a natural moisturizer for the hair without making hair frizzy.

Clay Is Mineral Supplement - Clay contains an abundant number of minerals that are essential for healthy and voluminous hair. They are the source of nourishment and natural moisturizer for your hair.


So, in the end, we can say it's time to play with Clay, especially if you wish to enjoy healthy and strong hair. Give yourself a favor and try these amazing clay masks. Your hair will feel extremely soft and lightweight because this age-old haircare regime could help you attain the hair you always wanted. Get affordable natural clay masks for your hair at affordable prices from Veda Oils and attain that bouncy and beautiful hair.

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