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Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes | Longer & Darker Lash Growth Oil

Long eyelashes can impress anyone and make anybody’s eye look beautiful. While eye products like mascara, eyelash pencil, or fake eyelashes can easily do that, naturally, long eyelashes can do it without makeup.

Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes

Aside from castor oil, beauty bloggers and celebrities swear to vitamin E oil for eyelashes. This is because it easily speeds up our hair growth process through the nutrients it supplies to the follicles.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Eyelashes?

Vitamin E oil can strengthen and grow our lashes. Apply vitamin E oil at night and wash your eyelashes in the morning time.

Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Eyelashes?

You can apply this regularly, as it has no side effects and is according to your individual needs. You can also mix vitamin E oil with coconut oil and apply it to your lashes for their thicker growth and more strength.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits For Eyelashes

Apart from longer and fuller eyelashes, vitamin E oil has anti-aging and skin conditioning properties. However, it’s best to first test out a small sample of vitamin E oil on your skin before placing it on your eyelashes, as you can have allergies to it. Visit a local dermatologist to see if it’s safe for you to put it on your eyelashes.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits For Eyelashes

UV lights and sun radiation exposure slowly damages the eyelash hair. People apply vitamin E oil topically makes it very beneficial for your hair regeneration and protection from UV lights and sun radiation. And also the reason you can find various cosmetic products fortified with vitamin E oil.

Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes: Before and After Results

Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes Before After

Before: If your lashes have become less or even there are no eyelashes over your eyelids and it gives you low confidence, you can use vitamin e oil most conveniently and risk-free. Alternatively, you should also take care that you don't have any eye makeup left.

After: You must consistently put vitamin E oil at least three to four times a week. One missed week can completely slow down and hinder the results. So, when you do it accordingly, you’ll see the results, i.e., grown eyelashes. Vitamin E has been linked to hair thickness thanks to its antioxidant and conditioning properties, which support the healthy growth of your eyelashes.

How To Use Vitamin E Oil For Eyelash Growth - DIY Lash Serum Recipes

Dermatologists approve the use of vitamin e oil as eyelash growth serum for topical use with a few warnings like using it carefully, majorly during your free time, or using it 3-4 times a week for best results.

Conscious application of your homemade DIY eyelash growth serum is also key to its safety. While hoping for a great result, applying with a great awareness of the consequences is quite essential. Following are some Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes recipes below:

Recipe 1: Castor Oil And Vitamin E Oil For Eyelash Growth

Castor oil and vitamin e help you in the strengthful growth of eyelashes. Following is the recipe for making it:

vitamin e and castor oil



Step 1: Mix equal quantities (or drops) of vitamin E oil and castor oil in a bottle.

Step 2: Shake well and apply this mixture to the base of your eyelashes every night.

Step 3: Do this religiously, and you will see the difference in the length and density of your lashes in 1 or 2 weeks.

Recipe 2: Virgin Coconut Oil And Vitamin E Oil For Eyelash Growth

Virgin coconut oil and vitamin E oil are a great mixture for making a recipe for more thick and stronger lashes. Following is the recipe for it:

Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil



Step 1: People know that this potion works like magic in growing out eyelashes longer and thicker.

Step 2: Try it for yourself by mixing in equal quantities of all the above ingredients and storing it in a tube, and applying it on your lashes with a clean and dry wand.

Step 3: You will see a clear good result in a few applications only.


Vitamin E has long been used by many celebrities and beauty bloggers. VedaOils vitamin E is pure vitamin E containing numerous components that can be beneficial for your lashes like d-alpha tocopherol, natural mixtures of beta, gamma, and delta tocopherols. Vitamin E Oil For Eyelashes helps reduce the oxidative damage that contributes to hair loss. VedaOils vitamin e oil has the ingredient that can moisturize and strengthen the eyelashes. Not to mention that this oil is very affordable and can be used for both your hair and skin good health.

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