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Indigo Powder Hair Benefits - How To Use Indigo Powder

Made from the leaves of Indigo plant, Indigo Powder is preferred for hair dyeing, premature greying and treating baldness. However, people don’t know that it possesses many other properties that make it beneficial for hair treatments. You can include indigo powder to your hair routine and in DIY hair care recipes.

indigo powder benefits for hair

Indigo Powder keeps your scalp healthy and prevents infections related to hair and scalp. However, ensure that you get natural indigo powder only from trusted sources as various low-quality and fake Indigo Powder variants are also available in the market. Chemical-free Indigo Powder is suitable for both dyeing and hair care purposes.

What is Indigo Powder?

Indigo is a herb that belongs to bean family. It is also referred to as true Indigo and acts as a natural dye for coloring hair. As it gives a dark bluish tint to your hair after dyeing, many people mix it with Henna Powder. However, they should use Indigo Powder after Henna Powder to get a dark hue for hair. People prefer Indigo Powder for dyeing hair as it does not contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals that hair dyes contain.

What is Indigo Powder?

However, the effectiveness of indigo powder for hair benefits is not just limited to dyeing. It boosts hair growth and tackles issues like hair baldness and dandruff. Before using it for hair care purposes, Indigo Powder was also used to color fabrics like jeans. People cultivate it on a large scale for benefitting from its medicinal properties as well.

Indigo Powder v/s Henna Powder

Henna Powder is obtained from the leaves of henna plant whereas Indigo Powder is retrieved from leaves of Indigo plant. Both these powders are herbal, chemical-free, and better alternatives than cosmetic dyeing solutions. Henna Powder gives an orangish-brown to reddish tint to your hair whereas Indigo Powder gives a dark bluish tint to your tresses.

Indigo powder hair benefits

People prefer to use both powders one after another to get a dark brown or black color to their hair. Both of them soothes scalp and have hair conditioning properties. Henna Powder strengthens hair and repairs damaged hair whereas Indigo Powder curbs premature hair greying. Indigo powder can be used for healing scalp infections whereas Henna Powder reduces hair fall.

Indigo powder for hair benefits is lesser known as compared to Henna Powder as it is not easily available in market. However, these days people are becoming aware of natural powders that can heal skin and hair. Therefore, let's see the benefits of indigo powder for hair in detail.

Indigo Powder Hair Care Benefits

Using Indigo Powder for hair benefits is a good idea because it is completely natural. Therefore, it does not harm hair in any way. Hair conditioners and shampoos available in shops are harmful to scalp as they consist of chemical compounds, artificial colors and fragrances. However, Indigo Powder proves to be healthy for scalp and minimizes issues like scalp itching and dandruff. Some of the main benefits of Indigo Powder are highlighted below:

Indigo Powder hair benefits

1. Indigo Powder for Black Hair: Applying Indigo Powder will give a bluish dark tint to hair which is close to black color. However, if you want to reduce bluish tint, you can treat your hair with Henna Powder and apply Indigo a day after that. It will give darker brownish-black shade that looks more natural and subtle. Also, you will not feel any discomfort or itchiness as you feel with synthetic dyes.

2. Indigo Powder for Dandruff: Indigo Powder cleanses your scalp and enhances blood flow which ensures necessary nutrients reach your hair roots and scalp. This eliminates chance of dandruff formation and provides long-term relief from scalp itching and dandruff. If you have sensitive skin you can perform a patch test on your elbow before applying it to your scalp.

3. Indigo Powder for Dyeing: Indigo Powder is a perfect alternative to chemical-based hair dyes. It does not affect natural properties of your hair and only covers exterior part of hair follicles. Therefore, it only enhances color of hair and does not alter the natural properties of your hair. It restores moisture of your scalp and colors hair follicles without damaging or altering their thickness.

Indigo Powder for Dyeing

4. Indigo Powder for Grey Hair: You can use Indigo Powder for hair benefits like darkening of hair strands. Apart from darkening grey hair, it also prevents premature greying of hair by improving health of your scalp and hair. Indigo Powder can be mixed with other natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Brahmi, etc. for darkening hair. It sustains color of hair for long term as compared to artificial dyes. 

5. Indigo Powder for Hair Growth: It supplies the essential nutrients to hair roots and scalp and promotes hair growth. It also prevents hair fall to a great extent. People with dry and listless hair can also apply Indigo Powder paste on their hair for adding a natural shine to it. It also conditions your hair and prevents it from thinning which further enhances hair growth.

6. Indigo Powder for Hair Fall: It provides necessary nutrition to your hair roots by promoting the circulation of blood in the scalp region. By strengthening your hair follicles, Indigo Powder also enhances their thickness and growth.  Indigo Powder is known for protecting your hair follicles from external factors like sunlight, heat, wind, dust, and dirt.

7. Indigo Powder for Damaged Hair: Indigo Powder reverse damage caused due to pollution, dirt, and other environmental factors. It makes your hair soft and smooth by restoring natural texture and health of your hair. It rejuvenates hair follicles and detangles frizzy, dry, and damaged hair. It does so by providing complete nutrition to your hair strands.

Indigo Powder for Damaged Hair

8. Indigo Powder for Hair Loss: By strengthening your hair shafts, Indigo Powder prevents hair loss to some extent. It prevents treats scalp infection. As a result, it stops hair from falling and prevents issues like balding. Amla Powder, Bhringraj Oil, Brahmi Oil, and Neem Powder are some ingredients that work perfectly with Indigo powder. It boosts hair growth and stops hair fall.

9. Indigo Powder for Dry Hair: Indigo Powder is an excellent moisturizer for dry and brittle hair. It is observed that dry and brittle hair comes off easily and also contributes to rapid hair loss. Use Indigo Powder for making hair masks. By providing the essential nutrients to your hair roots, it keeps them hydrated for a long time. Keeping Indigo Powder hair mask for an hour will be enough to treat dry and damaged hair.

10. Indigo Powder for Hair Color Protection: The color of your hair sustains for a long time if you have used Indigo Powder for dyeing. Natural dark pigment of Indigo Powder will protect hair color. Indigo Powder protects hair color by preventing them from coming off. They also act as a natural emollient and help the color to remain there for a long time.

How To Apply Indigo Powder on Hair?

Though Indigo Powder is beneficial for your hair, following the correct way of application is essential to get faster results. Also, the quantity of the powder can vary according to your hair volume. To understand the appropriate method of applying Indigo Powder on hair, please follow the below steps:

how to apply indigo powder

Step 1: Take Indigo Powder as per the length of your and soak it in water (slightly warm) to make it a fine paste. Add water little by little so that the mixture does not become too watery. You can use a spatula to mix the contents properly.

Step 2: Let the powder soak in water for 30 minutes and blend it once more before applying. Ensure that the powder has not formed any lumps inside before applying. Use gloves or a clean hair coloring brush for applying the mixture neatly.

Step 3: Before applying the mixture on your hair, make sure that consistency is right. Don’t apply if mixture is too thick or too loose. Cover all the hair strands completely and leave them for up to 45 minutes after application. If you want to get a deep black color, you may leave it for up to 1 hour.

Step 4: Now, you can rinse your hair with water. Prefer lukewarm water over warm or cold water as you should feel comfortable while removing mixture from hair completely. Don't shampoo your hair immediately after washing. Ideally, you should shampoo your hair next day after application.

After following these steps, your hair would feel much better, light, and dark! Your hair will get natural black and brownish black tones with a tint of blue. Don’t worry about tint as it would subside after couple of days. For natural brown and orangish-brown shades, apply henna a day before using Indigo powder.


Indigo Powder is perfect for dyeing hair and it also proves to be useful for tackling other hair issues. However, use only natural herbal Indigo Powder for hair care purposes. Avoid the powder that is infused with chemicals and get only organic Indigo Powder. You may use conditioners and shampoos that are made from natural ingredients. Explore Indigo Powder benefits for hair and make your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Indigo Powder For Hair!

Q: What does Indigo Powder do to hair?

A: Indigo Powder darkens your hair naturally by adding a dark blue tint to it. It also repairs damaged hair and adds volume to hair. Benefits like hair fall prevention, hair loss treatment, etc. can also be availed by incorporating it in your hair care recipes.

Q: Does Indigo Powder make hair black?

A: It does not black color your hair but adds a bluish tint to it. However, the tint is dark enough to make it look black especially if you have brown hair naturally or after dyeing it with henna powder.

Q: What are the side effects of Indigo Powder on hair?

A: Indigo Powder does not have any such side effects but if you are using it for the first time, apply it over a small patch of hair to see if it gives the intended color or not. Also, you may rub a small amount on your elbow to check if it causes any irritation or not.

Q: Can Indigo Powder cause hair loss?

A: No, Indigo Powder will make your hair strong and prevent hair loss.

Q: Can I apply for Indigo without Henna?

A: Yes, you can apply Indigo Powder without treating your hair with Henna during, after, or before treating it with Indigo Powder.

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