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Essential Oils For Prayer - How To Use Oils For Worship

Many of us were drawn to essential oils for health and wellness reasons, and now that they've proven to be effective, people are beginning to explore other common uses for them, such as prayer and meditation. Essential oils for prayer are a wonderful way to brighten up and complement your time with God.

Best Essential Oils for Prayer

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways while praying, including candle diffusers, scent diffusers, agarbatti or incense sticks, dhoopbatti, etc. Essential oils' grounding and calming scents help you stay connected to God rather than distracted. Let's go over a list of some of the best essential oils for praying.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Holy Prayer

Essential Oils have a distinct aroma that improves focus, clarity, and devotion in your prayer routine. The following is a list of different Essential Oils For Prayer.

1. Frankincense Essential Oil for Prayer

Frankincense is the most well-known essential oil in terms of being mentioned in the Bible. It can be costly, but many people swear by it for a variety of reasons.

Frankincense Essential Oil for Prayer

For your daily prayers, frankincense has antidepressant and mindfulness-inducing properties that can help you open up spiritually and achieve mental clarity. For centuries, the fragrance of frankincense essential oil has been known to help people relax into a more "spiritual" and "uplifted" state of mind.

2. Lavender Essential Oil for Prayer

Lavender is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and India. Lavender is one of the most famous botanicals in the world, valued for its sweet scent and wide range of medicinal, culinary, and aromatherapy applications.

Lavender Essential Oil for Prayer

Christians used to protect themselves by hanging a lavender cross over their doorway. The scent of lavender essential oil is light and floral, with a perfect balance of relaxing and uplifting qualities. Lavender is great for relieving stress and calming the mind while also uplifting the spirit, which improves your praying routine.

3. Rose Essential Oil for Prayer

Roses are widely grown for their beauty and fragrance and are considered the quintessential symbol of love and trust. Rose essential oil is a "heart opener" that promotes happiness and contentment.

Rose Essential Oil for Prayer

It helps in processing grief, enhancing the feeling of grounding, improving clarity, and promoting focus, which makes it one of the best essential oils for prayer. Rose essential oil also helps bring balance and harmony to all of the body's cells.

4. Myrrh Essential Oil for Prayer

Myrrh is a fragrant gum resin produced by a small, thorny tree native to the Arabian Peninsula and northeast Africa. The Egyptians referred to it as "Tears of Horus," and the Ancient Hebrews referred to it as "Holy Oil," It was said to be more valuable than gold at the time.

Myrrh Essential Oil for Prayer

Myrrh has been used ceremonially in Catholic, Orthodox, and Episcopalian churches for centuries as a perfume, incense, and medicine. Myrrh essential oil is widely used in Ayurvedic, Unani, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has anti-infectious and antiviral properties, as well as immune-supporting properties.

5. Sandalwood Essential Oil for Prayer

The sandalwood tree is native to South India and has a fragrant wood; steam distillation yields valuable essential oil. Sandalwood is widely considered sacred and is used for mind and spirit healing all over the world.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Prayer

Sandalwood essential oil has long been associated with prayer, meditation, and worship. It soothes a racing mind, relieves anxiety or worries, and aids in releasing the mind/ego, making room for God's presence, especially when applied to the forehead.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Prayer

The essential oil recipe provides a higher harmonic frequency, allowing better communication with God and others. To make your DIY recipe, follow the Essential Oils For Prayer steps outlined below:

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Prayer



  • Combine the given essential oils in a clean glass bottle to create a master diffuser blend.
  • Add an appropriate amount of water to the bottle.
  • Diffuse as per the instructions for your diffuser.

How to Use Essential Oils for Prayer?

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways while praying, including:

How to Use Essential Oils for Prayer?
  • Topical Application: Keeping essential oils on hand while praying may be beneficial if your focus and concentration power is low. Mix a few drops of essential oil with your favourite carrier oil, and lightly massage the mixture on your pulse points.
  • Diffuser: Most people will use a diffuser to diffuse the aroma of essential oils while praying. Essential oils are slowly released into the air at room temperature, allowing people in the room to inhale them.
  • Incense Sticks: Incense sticks or aggarbatti are the most common aromatherapy method used while praying. You need to dip the unfragranced incense sticks in a mixture of essential oil and carrier oil and light it in your praying room.


When you unwind your body, you settle down your mind as well! By inhaling comforting and grounding essential oils, you can prepare your mind to be grateful, positive, and imaginative! Explore, experiment, and try the VedaOils essential oils that motivate, stimulate, and assist your soul in finding serenity as you pray and meditate.

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