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Essential Oils For Open Pores | Large Pores Essential Oil

The challenge faced by individuals with oily or combination skin lies in the issue of enlarged pores, a concern that can significantly impact one's appearance and mood. These microscopic openings on our skin, designed for breathing, sweat elimination, and various other functions, are normally inconspicuous to the naked eye. However, under certain conditions, they can become a breeding ground for blackheads and acne, compromising the overall look and feel of the skin.

best essential oils for open pores

Dealing with enlarged pores goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's crucial to prevent bacterial intrusion, which can lead to inflammation and more severe skin issues. Addressing pore size is, therefore, a pivotal step towards achieving both attractive and healthy skin. Fortunately, there's a natural and effective solution at your disposal - essential oils. In our exploration of the best essential oils for open pores, we'll delve into the causes behind enlarged pores to better understand how these potent oils can provide a holistic and all-natural remedy.

Essential Oil

Causes of Open and Large Pores

The sebaceous glands (oil glands) immediately beneath the skins surface release sebum regularly, which clings to dead cells, debris, pollution, and other pollutants within the pores and forces them out. These contaminants can sometimes produce blockages in the pores, resulting in blocked pores and infection, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

essential oil for open pores on face

Impurities can accumulate on the skin due to a multitude of factors, including not washing your face, sleeping with make-up on, and being exposed to excessive pollution in the environment, to name a few. In addition, internal causes such as hormone fluctuations and consuming too much fatty junk food can also create clogged pores.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Shrinking Open Pores

Essential oils with cleaning, purifying, and detoxifying characteristics can help cleanse clogged and enlarged pores. Below are the top 10 essential oils that will help you naturally decongest your skin! However, remember that while most of the oils described below can help temporarily minimise the appearance of big pores, a lasting cure would require long-term usage of essential oils and loads of patience.

1. Rosemary Essential Oil for Open Pores

Rosemary essential oil is effective in treating congestion, especially skin congestion. It gently purifies congested skin deep into the pores, removing stale sebum, dead cells, dirt, filth, pollution, bacteria, and other pollutants.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Open Pores

Owing to its skin-decongesting characteristics, its a good essential oil for preventing blackheads and whiteheads (caused by debris, excess oils, and dead skin cells) from clogging pores. It also works as an astringent, reducing skin oiliness and minimizing big pores, which release more sebum and clog pores.

2. Lemon Essential Oil for Large Pores

Lemon essential oil is used in skincare to help regulate oil production and decrease big pores. It reduces blackhead production by blotting excess sebum and reducing the pores, and it eases out blackheads due to its skin tightening capabilities.

Lemon Essential Oil for Large Pores

It aids lymphatic drainage, which might be a contributing factor in the appearance of big pores on the face. So if your pore size is linked to lymphatic drainage, this might be a good place to start.

3. Geranium Essential Oil for Large Pores

Geranium has an immensely balancing effect on the skin. This balance aids in regulating excess oil, which may block pores and lead to breakouts. Geranium essential oil is a go-to oil for cleaning up skin because of this. In addition, Antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects are all present in it.

Geranium Essential Oil for Large Pores

Geranium also can heal wounds and minimise scars, which is beneficial for acne and outbreaks. So if youve picked at a few areas on your face, Geranium will help your skin recover rapidly and without leaving scars.

4. Tea Tree Essential Oil for Open Pores

Tea Tree essential oils help large pores by entering deep into the skin and unclogging the pores and sebaceous gland.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Open Pores

Tea tree oil is an excellent treatment for oily, acne-prone skin because the greasy, dead skin cell plugs repel water but not oil, which is why it is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin. It will also kill the acne-causing bacteria inside the hair follicles, lowering the chances of breakouts.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil for Large Pores

Frankincense essential oil is a wonderful natural astringent that helps control sebum and keeps your skin from looking greasy by eliminating excess oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil for Large Pores

In addition, the astringent qualities of frankincense assist in tightening skin, which is excellent news if you have huge pores. Frankincense also soothes and reduces inflammation, and the boswellic acids it contains, which are capable of removing acne-causing bacteria, can help prevent acne from developing.

Essential Oil

6. Rosehip Seed Oil for Large Pores

Rosehip seed oil has antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing, analgesic, fungicidal, and antidepressant properties. In addition, it cleanses and tightens pores, as well as smoothing out any craters in the skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil for Large Pores

Its best to dab it on the afflicted region for acne and other inflammatory conditions. It fights bacterial and viral rashes, activates the lymphatic system, and eliminates toxins thanks to its cleaning characteristics. It can also help get rid of oily hair, scalp, and skin.

7. Virgin Olive Oil for Open Pores

If you have acne, using virgin olive oil can help. It aids in the treatment of acne by killing the bacteria that cause it. Virgin olive oil is also recognized for hydrating and moisturising your skin. In addition, Virgin olive oil aids in moisture retention.

Virgin Olive Oil for Open Pores

It doesn't hydrate your skin on its own, but it aids in the absorption of water or moisturiser. This helps in declogging of pores. Olive oil also includes a lot of antioxidants, which may help prevent early indications of ageing.

8. Sweet Almond Oil for Open Pores

One of the most amazing benefits of sweet almond oil is that it completely cleanses pores without blocking them. And this is enormous! You dont want a product that cleans your pores but then exposes you to the elements!

Sweet Almond Oil for Open Pores

Almond oil helps cleanse your pores and balance your skin, allowing you to perform at your best. Your pores will remain open, and your skin will retain moisture! It absorbs rapidly and does not leave an oily behind like other oils.

9. Golden Jojoba Oil for Open Pores

Germs are always seeking new ways to get into your skin, and a lack of moisture and wide, open pores leave your skin more vulnerable. This is especially true for skin that is dry and inflamed.

Golden Jojoba Oil for Open Pores

You're protecting your skin from the outdoors and helping to lock in your natural moisture by hydrating it, especially your face skin. Thats why many individuals use jojoba oil products every time they wash their faces and at night to allow it to work its magic.

10. Virgin Coconut Oil for Open Pores

One of the most beneficial essential oils for oily and troubled skin is virgin coconut oil. The citric acid in this oil can control sebum production. It also aids in the circulation of blood.

Virgin Coconut Oil for Open Pores

Its an excellent antibacterial that keeps acne and pimples at bay. This oil is great for decreasing wrinkles, tightening pores, and removing acne scars. Virgin coconut oil is an excellent foundation oil.

Essential Oil Recipe For Minimizing Large Pores

To begin, you'll need to decide which essential oils you want to use. Its advisable to pick one from the list above when using essential oils for the face. After that, you may use the oils on their own or mix them to make a unique combination just for you.

Essential Oil Recipe For Minimizing Large Pores


  • Grapeseed Oil - 1 Tbsp
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - 1 Drop
  • Geranium Essential Oil - 1 Drop


  • Take 1 tsp grapeseed oil in the palm of your hand.
  • Add 1 drop of tea tree and geranium each of the essential oils
  • Apply this on your face and neck after rubbing your hands together.
  • Do this after washing your face and before applying makeup. It also works as a moisturiser.
  • Any excess oil can be massaged into other portions of the bodys skin.


Dont let your wide, open pores deter your self confidence! They are only a blip on the radar. To avoid pores becoming blocked and enlarging, its essential to take proper skin care. Make essential oils a part of your skin care regimen, and youll see a reduction in the size of your pores in no time. Get radiant skin with VedaOils' best Essential Oils For Open Pores. 

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