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Essential Oils For Nightmares & Bad Dream

Nightmares are unsettling and frightful dreams that can keep you awake and disturb your sleep. Those nightmares are frighteningly real and might cause your heart to race. Most frequently, nightmares occur during the REM phase of sleep. In the stage of sleep, the dreamer may feel intense fear and worry.

essential oils for bad dreams

They could also wake up with a start. The negative impacts of nightmares can include emotions of rage and powerlessness. Fortunately, some essential oils may enable you to cope with nightmares. Learn about the best essential oils for nightmares in the next sections to help you unwind. Some can even promote sound sleep.

Top 5 Essential Oils To Help With Nightmares

Instead of suffering from nightmares and ruining your goodnight sleep, why not try some of the top essential oils? In this section, we have listed the top 5 essential oil for nightmares you can use now.

1. Lavender Essential Oil For Nightmares

Lavender essential oil is well known for its relaxing qualities and capacity to relieve sleeplessness. This essential oil can improve your sleep and lower tension and anxiety. However, the essential oil can encourage restful sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil For Nightmares

Lavender essential oil is quite beneficial when treating any headaches or brain discomfort. It can assist infants in overcoming their anxiety about the dark or sleeping alone. Consequently, utilizing this essential oil may lower your risk of experiencing nightmares.

2. Cedarwood Essential Oil For Nightmares

Both calming and healing qualities may be found in Cedarwood essential oil. It enhances sleep quality and helps with sadness and anxiety. They include an active substance that promotes emotional stability.

Cedarwood Essential Oil For Nightmares

Sesquiterpenes can be found in Cedarwood. To relax and soothe your loved one after a terrifying experience, massage the bottom of their feet with a few drops of Cedarwood essential oil diluted with Sweet Almond carrier oil.

3. Sandalwood Essential Oil For Nightmares

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant, and astringent qualities can be found in pure sandalwood essential oil. This essential oil can aid in calming the muscles throughout the body, relieving mental stress, and promoting general wellness.

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Nightmares

The majority of people use it on their young children to stop nightmares. Sandalwood's scent is great for soothing the mind and preserving inner peace since it is sweet but woodsy. Sandalwood essential oil is frequently utilized in the practice of meditation and prayer.

4. Chamomile Essential Oil For Nightmares

Owing to its calming qualities, chamomile essential oil can help you avoid being startled awake by unpleasant nightmares. The hypnotic properties of the essential oil can encourage sound slumber.

Chamomile Essential Oil For Nightmares

This essential oil can help you relax and set the mood for sleeping. There are relaxing and soothing effects of chamomile essential oil. As a result, it can lessen the tension and anxiety that may trigger dreams. If you've had a nightmare and are exhausted, the essential oil can help.

5. Frankincense Essential Oil For Nightmares

Frankincense essential oil's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and wound-healing effects are well established. Because of the essential oil, you won't have any nightmares while you sleep. This essential oil works especially well for children.

Frankincense Essential Oil For Nightmares

This essential oil can prevent a nightmare by reducing tension, worry, and anxiety. It has been demonstrated that frankincense essential oil can make you sleep better. The less likely you will experience a nightmare, the deeper your sleep will be.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Nightmares

Essential oils for nightmares can be used in a variety of ways - topical, using diffusers and also for inhaling. The quantity of essential oils required will depend on the method of application. Following is an oil blend that can help your nightmares go away.


  • Sweet Almond Oil - 10 ml
  • Lavender Essential Oil - 4 Drops
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil - 4 Drops
  • Frankincense Essential Oil - 4 Drops


As per your method of application and use, create a blend of these oils and use them per the directions mentioned below.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe For Nightmares

How To Use Essential Oils for Nightmares?

Essential oils are known for their freedom in use, which can confuse some. But don’t worry, as we have mentioned how to use essential oil for nightmares in this section. Keep reading.

  • Topical: Your body can be calmed, tensions released, and sleep can be induced by using essential oils behind the ears. Aromatherapy can be used to treat headaches and other sleeping disorders that are known to contribute to nightmares. Before applying the essential oil to the skin, dilute it.
  • Diffuser: Install a diffuser in your room to prevent nightmare episodes. Try diffusing any of the essential oils from the list above at night. Aromatherapy using diffusers is a natural home remedy that can assist you in overcoming nightmares and getting a good night's sleep.
How To Use Essential Oils for Nightmares?
  • Inhalation: To help stop night terrors and nightmares, put 2 to 3 drops of your favourite essential oil on a cotton pad and lay it under their pillow. Plenty of individuals have utilised this simple technique to offer themselves peace of mind!


There you have it! As usual, essential oils have come to solve another problem. These best essential oils for nightmares can be used effectively using diffusers, inhalation techniques, and even topically. They are bound to increase your sleep quality and also reduce and even eliminate nightmares. You can get the best quality of essential oils for nightmares right here at VedaOils! Check it out now.

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