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Soap Fragrance Oil Brands in India 2024

You might have wondered how your favourite perfumes or soaps have the same scent of a specific ingredient. The reason behind that is the presence of fragrance oils. Nowadays, almost every soap manufacturer uses fragrance oils in their products to add fragrance. These fragrance oils are said to have both natural and synthetic components to achieve the desired scent.

Soap Fragrance Oil

With the demand for scented products rising, the need for fragrance oils has also increased. Many brands have great collections of natural fragrance oils. Wish to know more about them? Here are the best soap fragrance oil brands in India.

  • VedaOils

Vedaoils is one of the most prominent and reliable brands in India when it comes to fragrance oils. The brand specializes in providing a plethora of fragrance oil collections specifically for soaps. From royal rose, coffee, and jasmine to every natural thing you can imagine, you get it all here when it comes to fragrance. Moreover, Veda Oils offers different custom packages at wholesale prices for soap making. All these factors truly make this brand the best pick to buy fragrance oils. 

  • Moksha


Moksha is another lifestyle product brand and wholesale supplier of pure natural fragrance oils. It produces its own products with the help of sources from ethical producers available worldwide. The fragrance oils by Moksha contain the natural essence of plants and are IFRA amendment compliant. They are ideal to be used in soaps, candles, aromatherapy and home fragrance products. 

  • Soapy Twist

Soapy Twist provides a wide range of fragrance oils and packs at great prices. Whether you wish to go for a sandalwood fragrance oil, vanilla or lavender, the collection has almost every plant fragrance featured. All these fragrance oils are ideal to be added to soaps or any other bathing product for an appealing fragrance. You can also contact soapy Twist for bulk orders of fragrance oils.

  • AromaKrafts

Another brand that is serving customers with fine quality fragrance oils is AromaKrafts. All fragrance oils at Aromarafts are made from natural essential oils, plant extracts and resins blended with organic compounds. With our fragrance oils, you can indulge in the bliss of nature with every bottle by your side. Every fragrance oil bottle comes with a unique and wonderful aroma that is pure and diluted for your soaps/ 

  • Ekam

EKam is one of the oldest foundations that serve customers with premium quality fragrance oils. The brand has its own myriad of series when it comes to fragrance oil collections. So you can choose from the amazing series ranging from classic, fruity to mandala fragrances. They provide both bulk and small packages of fragrance oils as per the individual or manufacturer's requirements. All fragrance oils are manufactured and packed in India only. 

  • Purenso

In the top fragrance oils providers list, we must not forget Purenso. Here you can shop top quality fragrance oils for soaps as well as for cosmetics. It is one of the leading manufacturers of soap fragrance oils in bulk quantity at wholesale prices. All the products from Purenso are 100% safe and do not contain any harsh chemicals. The brand uses the highest standards of quality and packaging to deliver fragrance oils to its users. 

  • The Art Connect

You can find a wide range of natural fragrance oils and water soluble fragrances in India for your soaps at great prices from The Art Connect. The brand has been in the fragrance oils industry for years and has many fragrance oils. The supplied fragrance oils from the brand are of premium quality. They are also available in oil soluble and water soluble variants as per the customer's need.  

  • House of Aroma

Another unique Indian brand providing the best quality fragrance oils for soaps is House of Aroma. The company boasts a fantastic collection of natural fragrance oils that are ideal to be used in soaps, candles and cosmetic products too. The oils come with a promise of a long-lasting aroma, and the raw materials are ethically sourced and completely cruelty-free. One great brand to trust to buy fragrance oils for your bulk requirements. 

  • Bramble Berry

Bramble Berry is also one of the leading manufacturers of fragrance oils for soaps and cosmetic products. Here you can find a high-end selection of quality fragrance oils for bulk orders at great prices. The fragrance oils featured in their collection are tested by experts and ensure a great scent or smell if used in soaps, bath bombs and many more products.


So, all the above-mentioned brands are the best 10 best soap fragrance oil brands in India. You can rely on them to buy your choice of fragrance oils without worrying about the quality. However, you might have to judge which brand can fulfil your requirements in the most budget-friendly manner without compromising on the product's quality. Go check out these brands and find the one you can trust for your requirements.

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