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Apricot Oil Brands In India - Choose The Right One!

Numerous benefits of apricot seed oil for skin treatment include moisturizing, calming, and protecting. Apricot oil penetrates quickly into the skin and is a great emollient. It promotes cell renewal and is an ingredient in eye ointment. It has antioxidant effects and is comparable to skin nutrition.

Apricot Oil Brands in India

Using the cold-pressing technique, fresh and natural apricot seed oil is obtained from the dry apricot kernel. A carrier oil maintains the skin and hair's freshness, health, and moisture. Apricot oil is used in a wide range of cosmetic items. It can be found in cosmetics and hair care items. We offer India's best and Most Reliable Apricot Seed Oil Exporters, Suppliers, and manufacturers.

List of Top 9 Apricot Oil Brands

Due to its incredible skin and hair care benefits, apricot oil is growing in popularity. The best nine apricot oil brands in India are listed below.

1. VedaOils Apricot Seed Oil

VedaOils' offer 100% pure cold-pressed apricot oil for personal and cosmetic use. This oil enhances the appearance of the skin, as well as its suppleness and shine. Your psyche becomes calm from this oil's aroma. The apricot oil from VedaOils is suitable for all hair and skin kinds and is high in vitamins A and E.

Vedaoil's Apricot Oil Brands in India

Our oil is frequently used in perfume production and has a faintly sweet and nutty scent. Because apricot oil is anti-inflammatory, it can treat skin conditions and lessen infections. Because VedaOils are homogeneous, they can create products for various industries, including lip care, massage oils, candles, soap, hair products, and skincare.

2. Caraway's Apricot Seed Oil

Caraway provides 100% pure, cold-pressed apricot oil for curly hair and dried skin. Caraway apricot oil is beneficial for aging or prematurely aging individuals and is appropriate for sensitive and mature skin. This oil is non-greasy, leaves no trace of residue, and is very light. Caraway apricot oil can be combined with any essential oil due to its thin and airy consistency.

Caraway's Apricot Oil

3. Blend It Raw's Apricot Seed Oil

The fine texture of the apricot oil from Blend it Raw makes it easily absorbed by the epidermis. This apricot oil helps sore or chapped skin recover quickly and nourishes it without leaving a greasy residue. Combine Oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids, skin-friendly lipids that prevent dryness, inflammation, and acne and are abundant in raw oil.

Blend It Raw's Apricot Oil

4. Nualoha's Apricot Seed Oil

Nualaha is a natural skin moisturizer. They provide apricot kernel oil, which spreads quickly and can saturate the epidermis deeply. It calms and nourishes your epidermis, detangles your hair, and heals split ends. It stimulates new hair development because it is nutrient-rich and contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins E, B1, B2, and B6.

Nualoha's Apricot Oil

5. Deve Herbes's Apricot Seed Oil

Deve herbal sells 50 ml of unadulterated apricot kernel oil, Prunus Armeniaca. This company provides therapeutic-grade, inexpensive cold-pressed peach oil. Cold-pressed extraction obtains this oil, which is abundant in fatty amino acids, vitamins e and b, and Deva Herbs. Making DIY skin and hair care products using this oil is acceptable.

Deve Herbs's Apricot Oil.jpg

6. La Flora Organics's Apricot Seed Oil

La Flora Organic's apricot oil adds vibrancy and sheen to hair while effectively nourishing dry scalp. Moreover, it offers vitamin E and omega fatty acids and aids in the detangling process. La Flora Organics is renowned for providing an effective emollient that promotes softness and flexibility and is readily absorbed into the skin.

La Flora Organics's Apricot Oil

7. Young Chemist's Apricot Seed Oil

Young Chemist's Apricot oil is made from apricot kernels and is frequently referred to as Khubani oil and Gutti ka tel. It has a light, somewhat nutty aroma, and a soft yellow color. It works wonders for all of your skin and hair problems. It is a good source of critical skin nutrients such as proteins, vitamins A and E, and other minerals.

Young Chemist's Apricot Oil

8. Herbtoniq's Apricot Seed Oil

Herbtoniq provides 100 % pure, natural apricot oil to its consumer. You can make face scrubs with this oil. Damaged, dry, or chapped skin is deeply nourished with apricot oil. In addition to being a base for various skin and hair care therapies, this vitamin- and mineral-rich oil can be used directly to stop hair loss.

Herbtoniq's Apricot Oil

9. Vilasa's Apricot Seed Oil

Vilasa's organic apricot oil for the face encourages all-natural goods. All skin types can benefit from this cold-pressed oil's vitamin E and A content. The light, nourishing, 100% Pure, Single Origin Oil is made from cold-pressed apricot seeds harvested in the Himalayan wilderness and revitalizes your skin from the inside out.

Vilasa's Apricot Oil


In conclusion, apricot oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and successfully treats hair and skin conditions. The top 9 apricot oil brands in India are displayed on the list stated above. All the oils on this list were claimed to be 100% unadulterated and cold-pressed. Get the best apricot oil in India by visiting VedaOils.com, where you can also save money on your initial buy.

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